Winter's Miracle Fruit

November 30, 2009   4 Comments

Their dazzling color and shape are too lovely to believe. Shall I buy them for Christmas? Shall I give them as a gift?

Mandarin Orange

No, dear readers, these are not rubies or diamonds in a jewelry store but Mandarin oranges in the supermarket! (Clementines are very similar)

Every Winter, they start showing up in cute wooden crates, and I think, should I buy all of those? And every time that I do, my family finishes them off in record time.

Oranges ripen in Fall and get sent around the country from warm climates starting in November. You see them all year round, but their REAL season is Winter.

They are easy to peel, portable, and tasty. You could eat 3 of them and still be under 100 calories for your snack. Isn't that incredible? And you would be doing your body a favor, especially with all that Vitamin C you will be getting for the cold and flu season.

One warning, my two year old son once ate 5 in a sitting and then he had a "bottom" burn when they exited the next day. I learned to cut him off at 4 Mandarins.

Buy them, share them, put them in your Christmas stocking, your purse, briefcase, lunchbox.... Just enjoy!

Please share your favorite Winter snacks in the comment section below.

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clementines are the best. I love these little things

Hmmm, I have never tried these. I just may have to now.

I can eat the whole box within an hour. They're goood... But I got the same problem as you do. The family finishes them off before I can even start peeling. So I try to hide them from them. Ha.

I love that these are in season now!!! So delicious, I could easily eat 5 like your son LOL

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