How to Make an Apple Last 2 Years

August 6, 2009   1 Comment

Bear Fruit Bars do not occur in nature, but they are made of natural ingredients. They are made by a small, family run company called Mountain Organic Foods. Bear Fruit Bars are an answer to all the Fruit Snacks of the world.

Bear Fruit Bar

How do they make an apple last 2 years? They use a patented process developed by the USDA to take a whole apple, dry it down into a flake, and add the pure organic concentrate. The moisture content is so low that they are able to create a shelf-stable product without the use of preservatives.

The bars are made with an entire organic apple, including the skin, and other organic juice concentrates. Compared to actual Apples, you are not losing much nutrition or adding too many calories. A regular sized apple has 80 calories, and the Bear Fruit Bar has 100 calories.

How do they taste? Well, they taste like the inside of a fig newton. They have a crunchy texture because the bars include the peel - and they are soft. They look like the inside of a fig newton too.

Parents are always looking for a way to give a child a "treat" and still have it be healthy. Almost anything in a shiny wrapper is considered a treat. Human beings are just naturally drawn to shiny things (think gold).

These retail for about $1.70 each so they cost more than a Snickers, but your child might think they are getting candy.

I gave my kids these bars with the hope that they would love them. They thought they were "okay" but didn't demand more. I was hoping for a more enthusiastic response. Oh well.

If you can't find them in your town, you can buy them on their website:

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What about freeze-dried fruit?

Just 100% fruit

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