BPA-Free Lunch Box - a Green Giveaway for Back to School

August 11, 2010   111 Comments

Kids driving you up a wall? Don't worry they will start school soon and then they get to drive their teachers nuts!

BPA-Free Lunch Box

They probably need a bunch of new stuff to start the school year. A backpack, paper, pens, and a lunch box. And, since you are reading Snack Girl, you probably want to make sure they have healthy choices with them at school.

Kids lunch boxes are packed with different containers and bags. An Easy lunch box looks like this:


Doesn't that look lovely? BPA free, easy to use and wash, and GREEN these lunch boxes rock. Anything that is cute and encourages healthy eating is wonderful, in my opinion.

For the people without kids on the site, these are a great way to keep organized and bring your lunch to work (instead of go out to lunch). Hopefully, owning a lunch box like this will motivate you to pack a lunch.

Snack Girl is giving away one Easy Lunch Box to a random entry. (see rules below)

Or BUY one here:


Snack Girl has an affiliate relationship with Easy Lunch Boxes. A percentage of the click through sales from the above small advertisement does go to Snack Girl.

What will I win?
A container set and one lunch bag (winner can choose color) from Easy Lunch Boxes Retail value ($21.90)

How do I enter?
Go to Easy Lunch Boxes and tell me which lunch bag color is your favorite and your favorite snack to put in it. Go to the product page on the site to view colors.

Additional Ways To Enter:

  1. Follow Snack-Girl on FaceBook.
  2. Comment on our wall about about your favorite lunch bag color.
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Snack-Girl can follow and count all the additional entries using magical website tools.

Am I eligible to enter?
This giveaway is offered to US & Canadian residents only. Please do not enter this giveaway if you have won or received free product from EasyLunchboxes within the past 3 months.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The winner will be announced on August 18th, 2010. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize. -

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Whoa, these lunch boxes look great! I would take purple, hands down.

Already following you on twitter (EllieFunt) & Facebook. Posted on your FB - love purple!

I'm off to tweet about this!

My favorite color is blue and I would fill it with Snikiddy Snacks

Love the purple as well!

these are great! purple would be my 5 yrs old fave colour! and she loves blueberries!

my favorite color is the blue! Right now our favorite lunch box snack is homemade zucchini-blueberry muffins! made with yogurt whey and applesauce - no oil. a preschooler snack that includes a veg and fruit.

LOVE the Blue!! I would use it for me tho, not the kids!1heehee

I'd definitely choose the purple one and fill it with cherries and blueberries. We love our fruit!

Purple, definitely, for my lupus and I would put fresh cut fruit and sushi rolls in there!

I love the blue and I would have to add Kale chips to go with my wrap :)

Diggin the purple!

I would love the blue, and I would fill it with cheese, crackers, and grapes!

I love the green! would be great for all the fixins of a fresh tomato salad. YUM!

Love it! I'll have 3 kids in school this fall as my son heads off to kindergarten! Green would be my choice as it is the only color all the kids would agree on.

My favorite snack to put in there - carrot chips.

I'm already following you on FB & Twitter! :D

I love the purple and I would fill it with frozen green grapes! D'lish!

I'm having a hard time choosing between the green or purple! I would fill it with blueberries and/or carrot chips with hummus. :D

What a great lunchbox set! I like the red one! And I would pack a turkey and swiss on whole wheat, some strawberries or blueberries, and some little baby carrots.

We would choose aqua (our favorite isn't there Orange) for my oldest. He loves "sauce" (ranch dressing or alfredo sauce) so our snack would have sauce and something to dip in it (chicken or veggie straws) with cheese and I would also sneak in some fruit in hopes that one day he will eat it!

Love you Snack Girl! I follow you on Twitter and Facebook! I love the green. I will fill it with fresh fruit.

I love the purple of course! These would be great to pack lunhces for my daughter who doesn't like sandwiches!

Love the blue for my boy! We love carrots and light ranch to take to school.

I'd choose the red/purple. A perfect container for hummus and veggies.

I like the purple one! A great little kit! I would fill it with the fresh fruits and vegetables I munch on every day. Medication for neuropathy leaves me hungry all the time, so it is imperative that I have healthy snacks available.

Already bought 3 of these for my kids. I'd love an aqua one for myself.

Just "liked" you on facebook!

I love the GREEN lunchbox and would fill the handy BPA-free containers with a healthy sandwich, fruit and cheese! Thanks, Snackgirl.

Just tweeted about the contest!

Oh, I love purple, but---the kiddo would be using this most often, so green it is!

My son's favorite color is Green!

I love the green colored one! Something about that shade of light green makes me think of dewey grass and sweet spring rain or something lol. It's just very relaxing, and it's just so pretty! When i visited Europe I remember seeing that shade of green of grass at Switzerland, and it really stayed with me XD.

and i would put, hmm, stirfried or cold mixed noodle (which would have lots of veggies such as multi colored bell peppers, cooked mushroom, some kinda meat (like spam, but hopefully something less fattening...) and hot sauce/black pepper) in the big compartment. In the side compartment, I would put stuff like Japanese seaweed salad and korean seasoned black bean or something. Or kimchi. mmm, or any number of asian side dishes that are perfect for those little side compartments :D~~~~~

Commented on the Snack-Girl Facebook wall by the way. :D

I love the olive color. I would pack fresh crabsalad in the big space, some grapes and some veggie sticks. Might also include a package of greek yogurt and a bottle of water.

Red - and I'd put sandwiches and fruit in it!

I like red the best, and my oldest son's favorite color is red. :) My kids LOVE fruit, so that would definitely be in there! Sandwiches would fit nicely in the large section of the lunchbox.

Love the purple, and I'd fill it with hummus, whole grain crackers and baby carrots!

I'm boring but I like the black one! I'd put hummus and baby carrots and small pita rounds in it.

RED all the way! I would fill the small compartment with homemade raw zucchini hummus, and the large one with baby carrots, grape tomatoes, slices of French breakfast radish and yellow pepper and English cucumber, and my favorite -- crunchy-sweet jicama! I'd fill the medium compartment with sliced nectarines and fresh blackberries -- MMMMMM!

I would love to have the purple one! That's one of dd's favorite colors. The big compartment would be for her sandwich and the smallers ones for fruits and veggies like grapes/blueberries and carrots.

I am loving the Aqua cooler Bag and I would pack Smoked Salmon on pumpernickel bread, sliced Apples and Nutella mixed with ground sunflower seeds (really really good mix).

BTW, loving the use of "Magical Website tools" lol

At last! My dishwasher will be so happy! It's such a pain getting the containers to fit properly - I end up stacking containers on top of one another. No more. I'm going to buy the EasyLunchbox Divided Food Containers and fill them with hummus, veggies, pretzels - the list goes on. Thank you!

Oops. I love all of the lunch box colors, but I'd choose...the blue! And fill it again with nuts, whole wheat linguine with broccoli, carrots and sauce.

Olive is my favorite color lunchbox. I would pack a hummus and cucumber sandwich on whole wheat bread w/ a side of grapes and baby carrots.

Seems that purple is popular! Seeing that there is no pink, I would select purple also! I am excited about the new school year and the prospect of providing healthier lunches and choice for my kids!

Following on FB and Twitter...

I would choose the red bag and I'd put my daughter's favorite snacks in it: bananas, goldfish, and carrot sticks.

I also love the purple. I would fill it with rice and beans, homemade corn tortillas, and grapes.

We love the aqua! We would pack yogurt, granola and fresh fruit!

Love the dark red bag. I would fill it with Greek yogurt, granola, and blueberries.

i tweeted this!

Basic black for me, and I would start bringing my lunch to work! Packed with lettuce, toms, strawberries and dressing on the side!

Love purple!!!

i would pack a fresh salad with lots of fresh veggies

I'd love a black one. I'd put leftovers in it the night before so I can grab and go in the morning without having to think twice. I use these containers already in Ziploc's version, and they're falling apart and warping. I'm SO EXCITED to finally find one that's more sturdy and a bag to put it in so it doesn't tip sideways like mine do now in my current lunch bag. Thanks for finding these for us!! I'm also going to refer it to our pre-k as a fundraiser (as suggested on the website) since we all have to pack their lunches every day at our school... what a great idea!!

I like green and I would fill it with wraps, fruit salad and veggies! I have three kids so these are perfect for boycotting school lunch!lol

I love the olive green one! And I would fill it with healthy alternatives like carrots and hummus or celery and pb.

Got my eye on that dark red one!

I tweeted this:)

We always love green in our house!!!!

the sage green is nice but my daughter would prefer purple! I'd put some weelicious zucchini coins in with edamame and beet chips in there alongside some thing in the line of a turkey cream cheese wrap with avocado.

I REALLY want a black one! :)

My favorite color is blue, so that would be my fave. ;) As for snacks to pack, I was thinking it would be perfect for a salad or hummus, pita and veggies. MMM MMM!!!

Commented on your wall on FB.

Wow! What a great product! I would choose the purple and fill them with cottage cheese,tomatoes & avocado,and fresh fruit. Yum!

What a great idea! I love the <i>purple</i> one!

I think it would be the perfect container for my favorite lunch salad: Chickpeas, cucumbers, green onions & tomatoes with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Throw some Wasa crisps on the side, and mmmm mmmm!!

Love the purple because thats what dear daughter would LOVE!! I love the container sets too and will be purchasing one pronto! As to what I would put in it......our famous ham and jam sandwiches .....also new request for this year flavored cream cheese!

Thanks for the contest and gr8 useful products!

Distinctive Specialties
on Twitter @distspec

my favorite color is the olive and I would fill it with.............OLIVES! Just kidding, I'm not a big olive fan. Whatev was for lunch is what I would put into it. It varies from day to day. Everyone else's lunches sound yummy.

This is a great giveaway! I like the olive lunch bag, and I really do like to snack on olives, haha!

I love the color blue and I would pack it with a leafy salad and sides of hard boiled eggs and sliced apples.

I love the orange container and would put fruit, hummus, and pita in it!

I like the black best, filled with fresh fruit.

My favorite is green, as it would remind me to protect our environment (also, I just like that color :).


We love the red and purple lunch boxes and fill them with carrot/celery sticks, berries and a healthy sandwich!

I've actually seen these before and didn't have any money at the time to buy them! They look so awesome. I like the olive color. & I would probably put a myriad amount of fruits in it for my 2 year old.

Following you on FB.

Following you on Twitter

oh my - i like all the colors. I think I'd buy the red. What would I put in it? A turkey and spinach sandwich on Arnold's Dark German Wheat bread (love that bread!), some Oikos plain non-fat yogurt with fresh fruit (blueberries right now but the fruit changes with the seasons), and probably some raw almonds.

I like the purple one! I would pack a turkey sandwich, carrot sticks, and sliced strawberries in the cute box. Yum!

I would love the green one! We homeschool but this year we are adding a membership to the YMCA for PE and I will need a lunch set - these are cute! I love packing a lunch because we use up leftovers that way!

I would love to try these lunch packs, and to carry them in that cute olive bag.

I like the red lunch bag! My favourite snacks are usually seasonal fruits like berries, grapes, etc. And I pack lunch to work everyday!! :D

retweeted this post!

I love the green for promoting GREEN living - and snacking! Will follow you on FB and post!

The green with assorted berries to accompany! :)

Oh I'd put organic, veggie snacks in to keep what I'm putting in my body healthy and pure!

We love the aqua and the purple! It would be filled with Bento!!

I'd probably go with blue and fill it with turkey sandwiches carrot sticks and blueberries!

Purple for the girl, Green for the boy. My daughter loves carrots and celery with ranch dip.

I Liked Snack-Girl on FB.

I commented on your wall.

I follow you on Twitter.

I re-tweeted your post on twitter.

My my daughter is obsessed with purple, so she would want a purple one filled with purple grapes!

I would love the black so that even my husband might use it! I'd fill it with my daughter's favorite sandwich: cheese and freezer jam. Of course, she'd want some fruit and pita chips, too!

I would want the purple bag and would probably fill it with my greek yogurt, blackberries, and flax seed oil...and some grapes.

I apology, I didn't see the extra entries at first, so here all of those are:

1.Follow Snack-Girl on FaceBook as Mare Sp****

2.Comment on our wall about about your favorite lunch bag color as Mare Sp****

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4.Tweet this -

Green, definitely! Fresh veggies and fruits!

I really like the purple, but the blue would match the smock I wear at work. I carry my lunch to work every day. Besides my sandwich or salad, I carry baby carrots, fruit, and a trail mix bar or mini rice cakes. I could really use the lunch box. Such a great-looking organizer!!!!

Thanks for all the good tips and give-aways!

The aqua lunch bag would be great for my boys. (But my favorite is purple!)It would be filled with watermelon, carrot sticks and a turkey sandwich with mustard. Yum!

My favourites are the olive green and the dark red. I love that there are companies out there taking issues like BPA into account!

I bet the bag would fit well in my bike basket to take to work. I also would probably use the container for the boyfriend when I make lunch for him, hehe.

I would LOVE the green one - and I'd put black olives with feta in it. Yummy!

LOVE these. I've been looking for something less wasteful and that will inspire my little ones to eat their lunches. With picky eaters and a preschool that requires dairy and nut-free lunches, packing the midday meal is a challenge enough. Anything that is reduces the number of plastic baggies used and gets them eating I'd like to try. Color? All of them!

Oh, and the snack? Whole wheat tortilla with cream cheese and lox, rolled and sliced like sushi. A favorite of my girls.

I like the green one and I would put grapes and goldfish crackers in it!

following snack girl on fb as

Purple! Would fill it with hardboiled egg whites, carrots, fresh fruit, guiltless gourmet cornchips and fresh salsa.

love it! I'd use red for hubby or my lunch - fill it with carrots, eggs, tuna salad, fruit, or nuts.

The purple is so pretty! I'm into cold chicken, watermelon and yummy cheese!

I like the Olive color. Looks pretty!

I like the black one, and I'd put carrots and cucumber slices in it.

My son would love the blue and his favorite snack is grapes--red of course!


I like all 3 colors! I found the ones by glad, but we keep cracking them.

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