Brown Rice In 10 Minutes: Does It Work?

June 14, 2012   37 Comments

A reader asked me about Minute Brown rice and I had never tried it. I had always associated it with instant oatmeal.

Brown Minute Rice

I don't like instant oatmeal at all because it lacks the texture of whole oats oatmeal so I have always avoided "Minute Rice" because I thought it was somehow different than regular rice.

Also, I have spent HOURS trying to figure out how to cook regular brown rice (see: Brown Is Beautiful: Making The Switch To Brown Rice). I was very skeptical when I picked up this box of Minute brown rice.

Brown rice in 10 minutes? What is this stuff? Radioactive?

Turns out it isn't radioactive, it is just parboiled. The kind people at Minute rice partially boil the rice and then dry it so it cooks in less time.

This processing must destroy the nutritional content, right?

When I compared the nutrients to my regular brown rice package they were exactly the same. This is one of those instances when "processing" seems to do nothing to the overall health of the food.

It tasted just like my baked brown rice. I was in a hurry on Monday (and had run out of my stash of cooked brown rice) and I grabbed this box. The crowd went wild as I served my family brown rice in 10 minutes. Actually, my crowd poured ketchup all over their rice. oh well.

There is a downside to Minute brown rice. It costs about $2.60 per pound versus the regular stuff at $1.50 per pound. You are paying a premium for the parboiling, packaging, and marketing of the rice.

But, when you are pressed for time, this is a healthy alternative to white rice and it tastes just like the regular SLOW rice. I am keeping a box for emergencies.

For 2/3 cup cooked = 150 calories, 1.5 g fat, 34 g carbohydrates, 0 g sugar, 3 g protein, 2 g fiber, 10 mg sodium, 4 Points+

Have you tried Minute Brown Rice? Please share.

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Thank You!!! I have always wondered that! Love your blog!

I wish you could get that in the UK

Haven't tried it because when I do cook brown rice (which cooks perfectly in my rice cooker) I cook too much and freeze the leftovers in sandwich bags for re-heating on the days I'm in a rush. Love your blog!

have always used the 10 minute version - Uncle Ben's is another good time saver - his works in the microwave in 90 seconds. Never had the time or inclination after working all day to wait 45 min on brown rice.

I had the same initial reaction, and generally pop my regular brown rice in the rice cooker (which works GREAT, takes about 35 minutes, but you really do have to follow the instructions including rinsing the rice). However, I always keep the quick brown rice b/c in a pinch, it makes the difference!

I use a 10 minute version all the time. There's a 90 second one that's delicious. I buy that one when I have coupons. Both come out much better than when I try to do it the long way. And I never plan enough time to cook rice.

Thank you for this. I have often wondered about it too. I love to read your blog and get so many ideas and good info. @ Personal trainer Brighton....I bet Uncle Ben's has an instant brown rice. There were just as many, if not more , convenience foods on the shelves in the UK supermarkets as in the US, I noticed when over there last.

I have used this and it is really good. They also have the individual bowls (3/4 cup) that you microwave and it is very good also. Walmart carries them.

I've used it and I'm afraid I disagree; I didn't like the texture at all. I do, however, buy the Uncle Ben's 20 min brown rice; I don't find much difference in that stuff and the regular 40 min brown rice.

Another great product that is even faster than the Minute Rice is Trader Joe's frozen brown rice. It's done in less than five minutes and it has that nutty bite to it that I think the Minute Rice lacks. It's not practical for a crowd, though.

Wow! I would have NEVER even picked it up-thank you!!! I buy the success boil in bag rice a lot for convenience and speed-10 min in bowl of water in micro. I printed out a recipe on this site I think, for how to bake brown rice in the oven but have yet to try it. It NEVER occured to me to make a big batch of rice and freeze it in bags! DUH!!!!!!! I do it with everything else. I feel so stupid now. Def going to do that!

Brown Rice is a great substitute for White Rice. Here's a tip when cooking Brown Rice. Combine Diced white onion,Sea Salt , 1/4 teaspoon oil in a skillet. Heat and light toast rice. Add mixture to boiling water and let simmer with a lid.

A *really* good alternative is Trader Joe's 3-minute (microwave) brown rice...they even sell an organic version....I use it constantly...and (based on labels), it looks like the same nutritional make-up.

I have tried this. It's okay, but I like the Minute microwave brown rice and brown and wild rice cups better. Surprisingly enough, the Cub Foods here in Rochester, MN doesn't carry it, but Fareway, a regional chain with fewer items on the shelves, does stock it. It's great for putting in my lunch box as the portion size is controlled.

Also, I buy brown basmati rice at the Indian market here. I use a microwave rice cooker from Pampered Chef (no affiliation except as a satisfied customer) and I have really good results.

And it's still a struggle to get my kids to eat the brown versions, even though they are adventurous eaters and have been exposed to it for years. They don't like whole-wheat pasta, either, but they will eat Dreamfields without complaint--it doesn't look like whole wheat pasta.

I'm not a BIG fan of brown rice but the MR was pretty good, as I said before. What I have found to be a very good brand is the Hytop brand (it may be local for us). Given a preference though, I would rather eat Trader Joe's whole wheat couscous. I've tried several kinds and this one is the most palatable for me.

I have used Uncle Bens brown rice in the boilable bags. I am going to try the Minute Brown Rice and see which i like better.

I love all the tips you give and happy you do all the footwork for us..LOl..

Good to know, if you need brown rice in a quick minutes, however I use Trader JOe's Organic Brown Rice and it cooks in the micriwave for 3 minutes! It's my favorite!!

I use it for my Fricassee and other soup/stew like recipes that call for cooked rice, I just add the box and the rice absorbs the juices/flavor of the recipe "hiding' the brown rice flavor from the kids...

Since brown rice has become more popular, I have noticed several grocers in my area are carrying store brand instant brown rice, which is significantly less expensive than the name brand.

Just enjoyed perfectly cooked and fluffy Tr Joes organic brown rice as many above have mentioned; when the bag puffs in my microwave, usu 3 mins, its done and yummy! Sometimes I like to toss in sauteed onions and fresh herbs, whatever is available. Its handy for quick soup additions too. I also keep on hand bulk organic br rice from my local health food market for when time allows more leisurely cooking. Leftovers for breakfast with cinnamon and honey or maple syrup--yum! Now after reading this I think I'm going to try freezing some of my own for quick-prep and save some$! Thanks for this great exchange of ideas, Snack Girl!!

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