Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes, and Red Beans in A Triscuit?

October 8, 2013   39 Comments

Nabisco is out to make Triscuit into something new.

Brown Rice Triscuit Review

Why? I guess they want to sell more Triscuits and they think we will like them more if they say "brown rice" on the box. I happen to like regular whole wheat Triscuits because they aren’t deep fried (like potato chips) and have a nice crunch. I like that they are whole grain and I can eat 9 for 120 calories.

I saw these NEW fangled Triscuits at the end of the aisle, and since I am Snack Girl, I decided to give them a whirl. At first, I thought they were gluten-free (rice, potatoes?) but they have wheat in them. Don’t be tricked.

My thinking was that this would be a nutritional improvement on the old Triscuit. - maybe more fiber and protein, and less sodium and fat.

Guess what?

They have more fat than a regular Triscuit, less fiber, and LESS protein. How did they do that when they beans, brown rice, and sweet potatoes? There was a reduction of sodium (50 mg per serving).

Alright, but maybe they taste good. The brown rice ones are still a better choice than potato chips. I tried the “Brown Rice & Wheat Roasted Sweet Onion” that included sweet potato.

Nothing will make you run faster to the Cool Ranch Doritos than the Brown Rice/Sweet Onion Triscuit. The scientific term I will use is "yucky". The consistency was strange and the flavor was a wee bit sweet but lacking in any power. I have rarely disliked a snack more. My son, who is seven, loved these, though. Go figure.

Since these have less fiber and protein, I will stick with my old favorite – regular, boring Triscuits.

Have you tried the new Triscuits? What do you think?

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I liked them! But they are a snack food & should be enjoyed as such. Want healthy food? Eat an actual sweet potato :-)

I like the Sea Salt & Black Pepper. I have actually tried them all. I was surprised that I did not like the Roasted Red Pepper one as I love Roasted Red Peppers. I do agree with the comment about it being a "Snack Food". Everything in moderation.

The sea salt and pepper flavor was really good. I thought the other flavors were yucky. I agree that the name is deceiving if someone was going gluten free

I too tried these and wasn't a fan. It tasted to me like the flavoring was sprinkled on. They just had a fake taste to me I was very disappointed

I agree with Julie.

They are a snack. In a snack I am looking for flavour and my taste buds and brain to be fooled into thinking I am just as satisfied eating these, rather than CHIPS!! I will continue to buy them. I increase my protein by adding laughing cow.


I'm with you, Snack Girl: YUCK! Give me regular ol' Triscuits (or reduced fat Wheat Thins, which I prefer to regular Wheat Thins because I find them a bit less greasy; I know these aren't whole grain like Triscuits but I adore the flavor).

At any rate, back to the main point: the brown rice Triscuits are a big miss in my book. Blech.

I am avoiding brown rice ever since I read that most brown rice has arsenic in it. So these Triscuits are out, for me.

Never been a Triscuit fan but do like the new flavors. They are a snack, for sure, so I do not indulge often.

ARE YOU FRIGGIN' SERIOUS???? I bought these and never checked the label, which checking is a common practice for me. However, I guess I just believed the hype and picked them up :(

Is it true that brown rice has arsenic in it and is therefore not good for you?

The only Triscuit I have ever liked is the original flavor.

Why do they always have to mess with a good thing. I know, I know, money, money, money... I don't like the flavor of any of the new ones I have tried...

I haven't tried any of the brown rice ones yet. Usually rather than get the seasoned ones, I like putting my own seasoned toppings on them. The exception is the rosemary and olive oil ones -- those are my favorite to eat with hummus!

I tried the salt & pepper brown rice ones - BLECH! They weren't as crunchy, weren't as flavorful, and made my mouth feel coated with something yucky. I LOVE the olive oil and black pepper regular triscuits - my absolute favorite! I don't see what the point of these brown rice things are, since they aren't gluten free and not even healthier. Looks like just a gimmick.

Nearly all rice has organic arsenic and inorganic arsenic,which is the troublesome kind, in it. Because brown rice is less processed, it has more than white rice. You can cut exposure by cooking with organic rice and avoiding processed food with rice and rice syrup in it and eating a varied diet that doesn't rely on rice. I've read and heard on NPR several stories about it and not one person has recommended you not eat rice at all but that's a personal choice.

We tried the ones with basil; think it was Triscuit. did not compare w/ regular, but it worked in not having chips for a dinner with grown kiddos. they loved them with cheese ball and apple slices!

Arsenic collects in the hull of brown rice, therefore, white rice has less. Basmati rice has the least arsenic.

"Himalayan, (N. India, N. Pakistan, and Nepal) rice having the lowest levels of arsenic and US, EU and As-groundwater impacted Bangladesh rice having the highest."…

Here is the most recent FDA results on rice:…

The FDA site gives information on the levels of arsenic in various types of rice.

Thank you I_ Fortuna.

I have not tried any of the rice flavors but always have the original on hand. They are my favorite. I did get the rye this summer for a party and they were a big hit. If you like rye bread you would like them. Great with a slice of cheese !

Thank you Diane

Well, I spent all Summer staring at these Brown Rice Wheat Thins and just couldn't brin myself to pick up a box!! Thanks for this review Lisa! Now I know for sure I'm not missing anything! I'll stick with the original ones or Olive Oil and Black Pepper :-)

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