Bubly and AHA Sparkling Waters: Surprisingly Refreshing

August 31, 2020   13 Comments

I went on a beach vacation this year to North Carolina. We rented a house so we could social distance.

Bubly and AHA Sparkling Waters: Surprisingly Refreshing

Vacation usually means that I get some treats - fresh fish, white wine, ice cream!! For the beach, I pack a bunch of cans of sparkling water in our cooler so that we don’t get dehydrated.

Ordinarily, I get plain or lime flavored sparkling water (or you can call it seltzer). This year, the store was out of lime and plain (not kidding) so I ended up buying AHA and Bubly.

I tend to live under a rock, so I hadn’t noticed these brands. I usually buy Polar Seltzer or the store brand but all the grocery store had in stock was Bubly and AHA.

It turns out that Bubly is made my Pepsi and AHA is made by Coca-Cola. Where have these guys been when it comes to making water taste good?

I shouldn’t complain but I have been replacing soda for years with other healthier choices - and you would think that with the decrease in soda sales - Pepsi and Coke would be all over flavored sparkling water. But, Bubly premiered in 2019 and AHA in 2020.

When the marketing departments of Pepsi and Coke get ahold of a new product, they do a great job. I wish they would take a look at broccoli and asparagus. These waters are fun to look at and cool to have in your hand.

I can tell you right now that Bubly and AHA are different animals, For me, most of the fruit-flavored seltzer tasted like soap. It had a floral component that didn’t work for me.

When the biggest beverage companies in the USA take on flavored water - they bring the big guns because I loved all the flavors of these drinks that I tried. ALL OF THEM!

I found out that I only tried a fraction of what they produce. Bubly flavors include cherry, cranberry, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mango, orange, peach, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, apple, and blackberry.

I tried the strawberry, grapefruit, and orange and my favorite is the grapefruit. But, they were all great.

Bubly has cocktail recipes on their website which would be so much better than those hard alcoholic seltzers. I believe you would save money and the drink would be much tastier.

AHA’s pitch is that it has two flavors in each can. They also have added 30 mg of caffeine to two of the flavors, black cherry and coffee & citrus and green tea. Perhaps they are attempting a healthy energy drink?

I tried the black cherry and coffee - and, again, I really liked it. AHA’s other flavors include lime and watermelon, strawberry and cucumber, blueberry and pomegranate, orange and grapefruit, & apple and ginger.

My favorite is blueberry and pomegranate.

If you are looking for something fun that isn’t soda (or diet soda), I can’t think of anything better than AHA and Bubly. I wish Pepsi and Coke had come out with these years ago!!

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As a Dental Hygienist. I love water especially flavored water. The problem I am having especially now that we have to wear face mask is the fact that bubbly water and flavored water adds Citric acid . This alone changes the PH in your mouth and has caused increased risk of oral changes and infections and increase risk of carries.

Is there citric acid in plain seltzer? Do all flavored ones contain citric acid?

@Marlene - the orange Bubly in my hand does not have citric acid added. The ingredients are: carbonated water, natural flavor. I can't speak for all the flavors but I know that you can find ones without citric acid. Thanks for your question!

My fav is LaCroix Tangerine, ingredients water, pure orange essence, period. Sometimes I add mint. I've tried the rest. Right now IGA Grocers have 4/10.00 [12-12oz cans] what a deal.

Has anyone really read any of their ingredients? I gave up caffeine over 20 yrs ago (for health reasons). If a product has green tea or caffeine, I can't drink it. Several ice drinks have it. I believe Aha drink advertises on tv that they contain caffeine. Even some root beers and ginger ales have caffeine. I tend to drink flavored seltzers as a rule.

I've been drinking flavored selzter water for years - mostly lime and lime blends - and am currently on a Bubly kick. The marketing is fun. I especially like the little message on the tab, OH HI on the lime and AYYY on the raspberry. Thanks for reviewing these wonderful waters!

Thanks for the response re: citric acid. My dental hygienist said that citric acid erodes enamel . I switched to plain seltzer but the flavors are so delicious! Will check ingredients. Thanks for reviewing these brands.

I am weirdly addicted to flavored seltzer, and my dentist told me that even without citric acid, the ph of seltzer can erode enamel. :( I told him I'd try to cut back, but haven't because I enjoy it so while I'm not a good example, just wanted folks to know that there may be other dental issues besides the citric acid.

Yes, even plain selzer is more acidic than water, but not as much as soda. This reputable source has more information, including precautions to take if we love the stuff (as I do.) CSPI is Center for Science in the Public Interest.…

Love Bubly and AHA. They are easier on the throat (don't feel as rough going down). Flavors are great too. The only downside is they are more expensive than the store brand (i.e., Kroger, Safeway/Albertsons).

I am addicted to flavored water. I've tried all the brands, and my top 5 in order are: 1. Waterloo 2. Good & Gather (Target brand) 3. Bubly 4. Aha 5. La Croix

John Torrez. I’m addicted too despite the teeth issues. I appreciate the CSPI tips in the link above. Thanks for your ranking.

I ended up buying a soda stream that allows me to flavor my own, and found I could get the co2 canister for half price by shopping carefully.

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