Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 28

February 27, 2010   5 Comments

Well, a month into this study and no changes. I have read the suggestions and next week, I will cut it open.

Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 28

This week, I used some more light - put it out in the snow - so you could really see it.

I am working on a control burger and that will be featured soon on the site. I never would have thought it was necessary - I just assumed this one would rot.

You know what happens when you assume!

Check it next week for the cut in half reveal :)

Here are the last 4 weeks of photos:

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Very interesting experiment! There are several different components here - bun, beef patty, cheese slice, condiments and packaging. Every component will behave differently in terms of aging and growth of micro-organisms (not just bacteria). Humidity and temperature are very important, and so is handling (do you wear gloves when you open the wrapper to take a picture?)

Having said that, it is interesting that you don't see any sign of mold or rotting smell. I would have expected at least the bun to mold unless the packaging kept all the moisture out.

I am intrigued!

The bun will NOT mold if it's exposed to air. It will only mold if humidity surrounds it (i.e. in a plastic bag)

ok, but what about the bugs? flys? anything? I remember the article about margarine, and will not eat it, ever. and that makes me wonder why has a cheesburger thats been sitting out like this not attracted any bugs? not saying your house is buggy, but not even a fruit fly???

I was going to say the same thing about the bun - bread left out in the open becomes rock hard, but doesn't tend to mold. Encased in a plastic bag, as most bread is, it will mold, although that takes longer than going stale in a less-humid environment.

My dad dropped a MacDs fry and a lil horde of ants swamped to it... two hours later they were all on and around the fry and dead... ALL DEAD.

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