Cheesy and cheery to make you chunky

July 13, 2009

Are Cheetos nutritious? No, the cheese part does not make them nutritious. They are filled with salt, processed cheese, and corn. Compare them to Cheese and Crackers and you will realize they are missing the nutrients you get from actual cheese.


The major thing about Cheetos is that there are 2.5 servings per bag. So, if you read carefully, you will realize that you are supposed to only eat 21 Cheetos for a serving.

Do you eat the entire bag after you open them? Most of us eat the entire bag. You have to be almost SUPERHUMAN to stop eating them. It is very very difficult to quit eating them because they are salty and cheesy. Also, our minds tell us that we should finish the bag or risk wasting food.

Human beings are programmed to not waste food, so if you want a reasonable snack out of Cheetos, buy a bag and bring along three sandwich bags. Count out your servings and pack them away in the bags, and then hide them from yourself.

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