Desperately Seeking Delicious and Healthy Yogurt

February 15, 2010   37 Comments

The yogurt choices in the supermarket seem infinite. They seem to be only surpassed by cereal with all the crazy flavors and brands. After posting Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt, Snack-Girl has been on the hunt for a great yogurt choice.


I am looking for a nationwide brand that we can all count on when anywhere in the country.

Chobani is a possibility. It is a brand of greek yogurt, which means it has a thicker consistency than regular yogurt.

The good news is that it is made with easily recognizable ingredients such as non-fat milk, sugar, and fruit. It has 20g of sugar, but what do you expect from a non-fat yogurt? Chobani needs to add sugar to make up for the lack of fat.

The price is very similar to the Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt. It was just a little more expensive. So, you can buy these to substitute for Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt, and know that you aren't eating chemicals or high fructose corn syrup.

BUT, the taste. This is just my opinion, but it had this finish that was like chalk. I really want to like this stuff and give it a great rating because it is a much better choice than many other yogurt brands.

In my scientific opinion, this stuff is just yucky. Blech.

Also, I don't think non-fat is the way to go, but they didn't have any low-fat Chobani at the store. For the few calories the fat adds to the yogurt, the taste is much improved with a little more fat.

I am sticking with my recommendation of DIY Yogurt. Mix a great brand of plain yogurt with jam or maple syrup for an excellent snack.

What is your favorite brand and flavor or yogurt? Please share, I need the help.

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DIY yogurt is my favorite too! :-) Definitely the most healthful and economical option... I love my plain yogurt with some raisins and cinnamon stirred in! :-)

Go for Fage Total 0% or 2% (I actually prefer the 0%) and add stevia and cinnamon. If I have the 0% then I sometimes add flax or almonds to get the needed fat too. sooo yummy and easier to find than chobani. Also less calories for the nonfat

Trader Joe's has some really delicious 0% vanilla flavored Greek yogurt. They do have flavors but most are full fat/full sugar so I avoid them. They carry some very interesting flavors like apricot and pomegranate.

I also use greek yogurt. The brand I like most is 'The Greek Gods'. I buy the 0% fat, plain. I add 100% fruit jam and its delicious! My kids love it too. No added sugar!

I have tried all the different kinds of Greek yogurt but my favorite is Trader Joe's 0% plain Greek yogurt. I ususally add granola or some other type of cereal to it but it's good enough to eat plain.

In my humble opinion, no yogurt can beat Fage. It's so creamy and delicious, the best yogurt of all the ones I've tried.

I agree with the above commenter. I love trader Joe's non-fat yogurt. And I agree they also have a pretty good greek yogurt as well. My husband and I also like to DIY yogurt as well to mix things up. I have found when you are watching what you eat variety is a must. I always fall of the wagon if I get too stuck in a food rut.

My favorite flavored fat free greek yogurt is Stonyfield Farms. It is organic and does not have the chalky taste of Chobani. For plain fat free greek yogurt, I prefer Fage, but it is costly. I like Fage's flavored yogurts, but cannot find them in fat free in my area (if Fage makes them fat free).

I tried the pineapple Chobani last week (also in search of a better yogurt) and feel the same way you do. The taste was disgusting and it left a strange after taste (probably because I'm not used to Greek yogurt). For now I will stick with my Yoplait Light Very Cherry and Key Lime Pit.

The high sugar content of yogurt is due to naturally occuring milk sugars and not necessarily due to added sugars.

One way to make your own greek yogurt is to drain plain yogurt over a cheese cloth for a few hours or overnight. The result - delicious, thick & creamy greek yogurt!

Am I the only one on the planet who actully enjoys Chobani?! I love it. Eat it everyday with a lil granola or Hemp Seeds! Yum!

I agree that Fage is really good. However, for people like my mom, that sort of tart flavor does not do the trick for her yogurt fix.

I recommend Axelrod fat free yogurt (cheap) and Dannon Light & Fit. Dannon Light & Fit has several flavors, all for 80 calories, and you do not have to add anything to it.

The reason I haven't bought FAGE is that it is much more expensive than other yogurts - but I will give it a try! Lisa

I eat yogurt almost everyday and nothing beats 0% or 2% fage. I add a drizzle of honey, a tablespoon of chopped walnuts or sliced almonds and chopped seasonal fresh fruit such as berries, apples, peaches, etc. And 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds adds great fiber and doesn't change the taste at all. You can also add a bit of low fat granola. Hmm, making myself hungry. Think I'll head to kitchen for a yogurt snack.

I like Liberte Mediterranee but I confess I don't know what the sugar content is. It's also more expensive. I can't stand Dannon Light & Fit - all I can taste is the fake sugar.

I like Yoplait. I don't eat it very often due to being allergic to milk products (not lactose intolerant). What I have looked at Yoplait is the healthiest and best tasting.

I actually love Greek yogurt with honey, though not the Chobani brand. I think Fage has the dreamiest, creamiest Greek yogurt there is.

nancy's soy yogurt! its made in oregon so i dont know if u can get it everywhere, but they also make dairy yogurt from organic milk and their soy yogurt has all the cultures and probiotics of the regular kind

i would say look in you healthfood store, and klook for one that focuses on probiotics and animal welfare

Plain yogurt (I buy the jumbo carton of Mountain High from CostCo- it's only $3.89 for a gallon and it's ingrediants are real food! Just milk and cultures!) is scrummy delicious when mixed with vanilla bean paste or a fruit compote. I freeze my fruit compotes (cooked berries, some sugar and lemon juice) in ice cube trays and just pop one on the top of the scoop of yogurt I'm packing for lunch. Keeps the yogurt cold and is just like the fruit on top yogurts.

But seriously, try the vanilla bean paste. YUMMO!

I know this is kinda taboo for "natural" people, but I love Publix's (it's a Supermarket, I know not everyone has one, but I thought I'd share anyway) fat free light yogurt. I know it has aspartame in it so most people will frown on it, but until I find something "natural" that tastes as good, its my go to yogurt.

I just tried Chobani peach non-fat yogurt tonight and I thought it was really good. However, I do have to agree the Fage is probably better. "The Greek Gods" yogurt is good as well.

I like the Trader Joe's organic European style yogurt. Really creamy whether you get the low fat or whole milk. Tend to buy the whole milk one for my toddler and mix in frozen/fresh pureed fruit. My kid eats it all the time for breakfast.

I have to agree with the others about Fage as well. It is expensive if you buy the little individual servings, but not if you get the big tub. I buy the 0% in the 17? 18? ounce tub and it is only a couple bucks and usually TJ's has it. In fact I used it last week to make the 'dip that won't kill you' that is on here and it was amazing! I did add some crushed garlic though to mine. Also, make it ahead a couple hours if you can, it gets even better after the flavors meld some!

Also, I am sure someone will probably 'flame me' for this, but... You really should stay away from aspartame (Nutrisweet is one of the commercial brands of it) as it is really close in composition to glutamate (prevalent excitatory neurotransmitter in our brains) when it breaks down. Too much glutamate can cause neurotoxicity. No one knows if consuming a lot of aspartame can cause brain damage, but it logically has the potential to do so. I got this straight from a lecture on 'Neurological Origins' I am in the middle of listening to (seriously, earlier this evening) given by a professor at Stanford (Dr. Robert Sapolsky, prof. of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Stanford) it is in lecture 4 entitled 'learning and synaptic plasticity'. Although I was never a fan of artificial sweetners. I definitely am not going to eat it now.

no flaming....I agree.

I'm in love with Cascade Fresh yogurt - it cultures in the container and had 8 active cultures and no artificial sweeteners, just fruit and fruit juice!

I have tried Chobani yogurt and think it is the among the best. It doesn't have a "chalky" taste at all. It's creamy and the fruit flavors are fresh. I love the pomegranate and peach. To me, Dannon and Yoplait taste really sugary and fake tasting.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chobani. There is nothing better.

I totally agree to stay away from the Light & Fit yogurts. They have both aspartame and sucralose. I just spent over a year going to neurologists and getting numerous MRIs due to experiencing multiple sclerosis-type symptoms. I ended up seeing an MS doctor who informed me that he didn't know what was wrong with me, but it wasn't multiple sclerosis. I was eating Light & Fit yogurts every day at the time. I had aspartame poisoning. I now avoid any foods which contain aspartame and all of my symptoms have gone away except for one -- double vision. All this because of aspartame. I just tried Chobani for the first time. It's pretty good.

For those that love Fage try adding a packet of ranch dip mix powder to a large container of Fage Greek Yogurt 0% use this as a dip for your veggies and on your salad. Great taste you will love without the fat of dressings and sour cream.

I really like chobani especially peach and strawberry banana, and I didn't notice any chalky aftertaste.

I LOVE Liberte Mediteranee yogourts, but don't know if they contain aspertame. And how bad is pectin? Advice?

@Marie - I took a look at Liberte yogurt and they don't have aspartame. They do have pectin -which is just fruit fiber - and is perfectly safe (and healthy). Thanks for your question!

I love Stoneyfield Farm Yogurt. I am also a fan of Chobani. I buy it plain and no fat and thoroughly blend a banana into the yogurt using a fork. I then add a couple tablespoons uncooked oatmeal (wheat germ is good, too), frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries. Blackberries and raspberries are also delicious (in season). After the frozen berries are partially thawed I stir or blend them in and I have a delicious, nutritious smoothy.

FYI, fat doesn't make you fat. Fat storage is controlled by hormones, namely, insulin. My money is on science over mythology.

Im suprized that nobody is really liking chobani. I happen to love it and eat it al the time. For a nice snack/ breakfast, i take 3/4 of a 100 calorie granola bar and a chobani(strawberry banana taste best). I crumble the granola bar into the greek yogurt and voila. You have a delicious breakfast/ snack

I always purchase Chobani yogurt,however,I'm very upset when I just realize that the Company is selling this product

with less ounces without telling their costumer.

What a way to steal?

I will now buy Yoplait

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