Cucumber Cream Cheese Bites

March 22, 2016   7 Comments

I am not big on making appetizers because I try not to eat before dinner.

Cucumber Cream Cheese Bites

The reality is that I still munch before dinner, usually on the food that I am cooking. I made these for an impromptu Friday night party for my husband and found them to be quite refreshing.

We needed a party because we finally got Snack Girl to work brilliantly on mobile phones. Are you reading me on a phone right now? Well, you can thank Matt for getting it done.

These cucumber bites are light, lemony, and ridiculously easy to make. I don’t know if they look sophisticated but I rate them much more sexy than putting out a bowl of chips. I would serve them at a spring party and I bet they would be gone in a flash.

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Cucumber Cream Cheese Bites

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Makes 24 bites

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4 ounces Neufchatel cheese (lighter cream cheese), room temperature
2 tablespoons fresh dill, chopped
½ lemon, juice and zest, finely chopped
24 small slices of bread (I used baguette)
1 English cucumber, thinly sliced
salt and pepper to taste


Mix cheese, dill, lemon juice and zest in a medium bowl until blended. Spread mixture onto bread and top with cucumber slices. Add more chopped dill and salt and pepper to taste.

This can be refrigerated for about 8 hours and will not get soggy. I would eat it the same day that I prepare it.

Nutrition Facts

One bite is 27 calories, 1.3 g fat, 0.7 g saturated fat, 3.0 g carbohydrates, 0.5 g sugar, 0.9 g protein, 0 g fiber, 50 mg sodium, 1 Smart Pt

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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A small tidbit of smoked salmon would be delicious on these!

These would even be good for a light meal on those days when it is too hot to eat. Thank you, Snack Girl!

I make cucumber rounds w/ yogurt and scallions plus some lemon pepper- it's a hit each time and reminds me of this.

FYI- I voted for you, good luck!

Congrats on mobile-ness!!

I'm going to try these with plain goat cheese. For me the problem with hors d'oeuvres is that I eat too many and then ruin my appetites for supper. But these earn their keep.

I like all of the varieties mentioned plus Lisa's original version. Smoked salmon, scallions or dill and my fav--goat cheese. Very refreshing and super healthy. Lisa, are you going to bring back the option of 'older' and 'newer'? I especially liked that feature for binge-reading and often found I missed a post. Just voted for you--You are slaying it, best of luck !

Alright... you just mixed some of my favorite things into a delicious snack. yummmers!! Will try this asap!

I've been making these for years on Party Rye - little 2" square slices of thin rye bread. Delicious!

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