Fiber One Bars: Good? Bad? or Ugly?

November 6, 2012   79 Comments

Many readers have asked me what I think of Fiber One products. Until now, I have remained silent.

Fiber One Review


Do you know that phrase, “If you have nothing nice to say then keep your big mouth shut.”? Yeah, something like that.

I have picked up a package with the intention of reviewing them and then I get a look at this:

Wow! That is a long list of stuff. The first ingredient here “chicory root extract” really makes my taste buds water. Chicory root extract is a form of tasteless fiber which allows food manufacturers to increase the fiber amount of the product. Obviously, if General Mills calls these bars “Fiber One”, fiber is going to be important.

This brownie has 5 grams of fiber or 20% of your daily value in just one little brownie. It also has 8 grams of sugar (about 1.5 teaspoons) and the whole thing is only 25 grams. It is pretty small.

My problem with Fiber One products is the taste. If you want a brownie, how is chicory root extract and partially defatted peanut flour going to fulfill your craving? I haven’t had a brownie in a while, but I know that these completely miss the mark.

They taste really cloyingly sweet and lack the sensual chocolately goeyness that is a true brownie.

If you have decided that you can no longer eat brownies, why not try 90 calories of chocolate? Next to my desk I keep some dark chocolate pieces and I can have FOUR of them for 90 calories (and they taste yummy). Would they solve my brownie craving? Probably.

Now, if you are eating these for the fiber part, why not just eat an apple? A medium apple is 95 calories and you get 4.4 grams of fiber. Wouldn’t that taste a lot better?

My review is that there has to be a better solution to a brownie problem or a fiber issue than these strange tasting bars. I think they are expensive ($4 a box) and there is too much packaging (cardboard box and plastic wrappers).

To be completely honest, there are very few bars that I like. At the top of my list are KIND bars because they taste good (but they are expensive).

What do you think of Fiber One? Have their products helped you?

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IMHO Lara bars are delicious! the base is cashew and dates , no added junk.

As you said most bars are really sweet and not wholesome.

Any recipes for homemade bars would be much appreciated!

Besides the awful taste of these bars, the laundry list of alien ingredients is enough to turn me off. I am not a bar lover and would much prefer to eat real food.

oh I am hooked on these brownies! Yes they're not the same as the real thing but they really satisfy my craving for a dessert for only 90 calories. I am a label reader and this is far from ideal. But they are really good for what they are.

Chocolate air is what these brownies taste like to me. I would rather just whip up a batch of applesauce brownies that has less ingredients but more recognizable ones: egg, cocoa, flour, baking powder, chocolate chips.

Commenting on yesterdays Brussel Sprout recipe - I'll just say one word "YUM"! My husband actually likes brussel sprouts and I am not a fan; but I like to keep trying; roasted brussel sprouts Love the smokey flavor - left them in a little long but still tasted great - try em! I'll keep roasting brussel sprouts and may try this with cauliflour....

I think I had bought a box of these...ate one and thought it was disgusting. I need to remember to look at ingredients list. Chicory root extract as the first ingredient? That should have told me everything I needed to know right there.

I am employed as a leader at Weight Watchers. After losing 65 pounds, I have learned to appreciate small little treats. I happen to love the fiber one brownie bars. I find them an excellent 2 point treat coupled with a cup of tea. Now that I require much much less to be "satisfied", the size of the bar is just enough! I often refer my members to at least try the bars. The alternative (a "real" brownie or chocolate) may not be a good option for them while working on remaining on program ;) But, that is just MY personal opinion. Thanks!!

I think the fiber in these get people to buy, but you have to look at the whole picture. Much rather bake my own or when I don't have time Lara bars or Kind bars are the best.

I love weight watchers and think they are the best way around to lose weight. BUT...the one thing I don't like is how they endorse low points food products that are full of fake ingredients. Like their plastic cheese sticks. They'd ghat be only one point, but it's fake food! It's not healthy to stuff your body with fake ingredients. So I go to my meetings and just ignore the food product advice.

I tried these and was disappointed. They taste like burnt coffee. Remind me of something in an old MRE. For a chocolate fix I like the taste of vitatop muffins better.

Melissa2 just have to say I couldn't agree with you more. It's because of these types of food people gain weight in the first place. To lose weight and keep it off you have to change your eating habits which means eating healthy foods. I know alot of people don't want to hear that, but if they try it they will feel so much better.

Just because it's low points doesn't mean it is good for you.

I like KIND bars. They do have some chicory root fiber, but its not the first ingredient. They tell you how much protein, fiber, glycemic number. They are filing and come in many different flavors. Just be careful of the ones with chocolate and yogurt.

I love your reviews of everyday products... I always pass up the "breakfast and healthy bars" in my grocery isle. My idea of a fast breakfast on the run is to grab fruit. Otherwise its multi-grain oats! Yum!

I am curious about there Fiber One cereals though.

These are not the real thing by any means. I would rather induldge in a 1" square of brownie with real ingredients that my liver does not have to figure out how to process than consume these. As for fiber one cereal. I love it and it works well for me in various aspects of health. It does contain aspartame but I haven't found a fiber loaded cereal that I enjoy the taste of as much, so I suck it up and put my liver through turmoil every morning.

Seems like it fits the old saying (which I find very helpful): "100 calories of junk is still junk" - or something to that effect...

Fran if you have a Trader Joe's by you try their Fiber cereal. I find it much better.

I don't really agree with this post. (Sorry) I absolutely LOVE my fiber one brownies, I have a ton of them. Although they do have sugar, there is just something about them... I can have just a bite, and not want anymore. I LOVE IT!

I just love all fiber one products!

Have tried and felt sick after....

I agree with you regarding the "cardboard" taste of many of these fiber or granola type bars. I feel that the only redeeming value that these bars could have is having protein along with fiber.

I do like these brownies, although I don't eat them often. Sure, they aren't as good as real brownies, but having a whole pan of brownies in my house makes it way too easy to overeat (I'm a food addict/emotional eater so I struggle with control a lot.) These brownies, while not ideal, are easier to control portion-wise and add fiber to my diet. I will say that I did recently discover the No-Pudge brownie mix, though. 8 ingredients total and you can add yogurt to a few tablespoons of the mix and microwave it for a single brownie serving anytime (not the same consistency either, but good!)

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