There Is More Than This In The Frozen Aisle

February 6, 2013   13 Comments

Snack Girl has been so bored lately she decided to make sculptures out of fish sticks.

Frozen Choices

"Fish stick sculpting" is a family art form that has been taught for generations.

Once you are done shopping for the perfect fish stick shape in the frozen aisle, check out some other foods that are healthy and taste pretty good.

Here are some of my favorites:


This is a strange photo of one of my favorite frozen foods, berries. I find that fresh berries are a bit expensive so I buy the frozen ones. I love adding these to smoothies. Freezing does not change the nutritional benefits of the berries.

Lately, I have been lucky to find mango chunks in the frozen section and my kids love these in their lunchbox.


There are some great frozen waffles out there if you take a look. These waffles boast 6 grams of fiber per serving and only 4 grams of sugar. They pass the “healthy” test for a breakfast and retail for $2.69. There are six waffles in a box.

If you live near a Whole Foods, their 365 Everyday value brand is also a good choice. Their waffles are tasty and have 6 grams of fiber and 3 grams of sugar. They retail for $2.99 for 6 in a box .

The Points+ vlaue for 2 waffles (both brands) is 4.

Finally, I shouldn’t even mention this product, but I am going to anyway. You know those Pillsbury cinnamon rolls? Well, stop eating them and start eating cinnamon rolls with real ingredients. The great thing about using the freezer for baked goods is that you don’t need to add any preservatives.

Robinhood Meetinghouse Cinnamon Rolls are made entirely with real ingredients and they taste like it. They also have 260 calories each so be sure to share with friends.

My family enjoyed these on a snow day, and they were divine. Find them in stores here: Find A Store.

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

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Darn you, Snack Girl, those Cinnamon Rolls are 46 miles away. I know they are not that hard to make from scratch, but there's just something about thumping that roll open and having the smell in the air while coffee is brewing. I'll put making the rolls from scratch on my short list.

P.S. The Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake that was in the "Other Posts" section is one of my favorite things of all time. I haven't eaten any of those in a long time because we do big cooks on the weekends, but I may need to get one for a treat.

Nice post! You have me craving waffles for breakfast!!

Great post!! I love frozen fruit, it's the best for smoothies!

Waffles for Snack! Pair it with 1/3 less fat Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream, Cream Cheese for 1 point a wedge and you get two waffles per serving. Up to you if you cut back for a snack size sweet treat :)

Good ideas! I love the Van's Waffles. I buy then at my Food Basics store. Frozen fruit is wonderful too, and I buy it at my dollar store--pineapple, mango, and berries. What a deal!

Just a word of caution about frozen baked goods. Check the trans fat content. I was surprised to find five grams of trans fat in a serving of some brands of frozen pizza. I am not a fan, but I buy it for my husband. As a dietitian, I read all labels, so I hope others do too:)

Havent tried the above cinnamon rolls but i have to mention my absolute favorite i found in my local health food store are immaculate baking brand, all real ingredients, no gmos, and rhey are the most delicious i have ever tasted. :)

Tried the Chocolate Chip cookie recipe and he Loved them. Made 4 cookies and put the rest in an ice cube tray. He said, it will never work. We had 4 last night for a treat after dinner. HE is SOLD! Thank you so much!

Thanks for the recommendations!

The berries are also awesome in some scottish oatmeal, with or without a small shot of agave! I portion them out when I buy them for smoothies - just dump in the blender with some greek yogurt, and blend! (truth be told, I occasionally throw a few dark chocolate chips in those smoothies too!)

I don't operate on the premise that just because something is organic or has pronounceable/few ingredients makes it healthy. I buy frozen berries, sometimes fresh and freeze them myself. Because of the expense I sprinkle about 6-7 berries on top of cooked oats along with nuts, flax, etc or sprinkled on applesauce to top potato pancakes, an infrequent treat. We've always thought of starting our day without flour, processed, or frozen items as the entree. I've got several veggie hash servings in my freezer now thanks to that superb beet medley you posted weeks ago. A quick warming of the cubed precooked vegs alongside an egg in the same pan makes a very easy and satisfying and energizing start. Thanks for that inspiration, Lisa!

Have you reviewed Voskos Greek yogurt? If so, what do you think of it?

I love your website!

I love the fact that frozen food is so convenient, but my concern is the sodium content. I have high blood pressure and I am trying to reduce my salt intake. So, I am staying away from frozen as much as possible. :(

I too like the Frozen food aisle but for the frozen fruit and veggies! Don't forget your vegetables guys!

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