Cut Your Soda Consumption By Half In One Easy Step

May 17, 2010   10 Comments

After posting Shawn's Story, I have been hearing from people who want to quit soda - both diet and regular. Not everyone can be strong like Shawn and kick it by going cold turkey.

Cut Soda Consumption in Half

Actually, cold turkey (a complete stoppage of the bad habit) is REALLY hard. Think of all the times a day, you get confronted with a soda advertisement or a cooler with the stuff looking at you (DRINK ME!).

What do you do? My suggestion is to try watering it down with club soda (AKA seltzer and sparkling mineral water).

Just try this once and you will be amazed at how much it tastes like the full strength Soda.

1. Pour soda (diet or regular) half-way up glass.
2. Pour sparkling water the rest of the way.
3. Taste!

There is SO much sugar in regular soda that it STILL tastes like the original. And the sucralose soda manufacturers use in diet soda is 200 times more sweet than sugar!

You will cut your calories in half and you will get a treat! What do you have to lose? Buy some sparkling water and bring a cup with you on the road. Add your ice and drink up!

Then, slowly, start adding more sparkling water and less soda. Keep going until all you drink is bubbly water and viola! no more soda habit!!

You can try this with that evil Monster Assault and Mountain Dew drink too.

Anyone try mixing in sparkling water to kick the soda habit? Please give this a try and let me know how it goes.

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This is such a great idea - I wonder now if I can get The Husband's soda consumption in half with this trick ;)

my hubby's been doing this for a year now. he can't stand drinking soda straight now. first he tried mixing the soda with club soda, but that has a lot of sodium in it. then he switched to Seltzer water with no sodium.

thanks to snack girl, we just purchased a SodaStream and can't wait to try it!

I had a horrific soda habit (and not the diet stuff either) and knew I had to kick it to lose weight. I needed to find a substitute I could really live with and not feel tortured, and finally found Vitamin Water. It's half the calories and no sodium - a nice livable compromise. I have a super sweet tooth and hyper sensitive palette so water doesn't appeal as an alternative. I've been able to stick to the Vitamin Water for the most part tho - and lost almost 60 pounds and have kept it off for over a year. (And no, I'm not affiliated with them in any way!) I still start my day with a Dr. Pepper so I get my morning caffeine and then try to make sure I switch to the Vitamin Water for the rest of the day.

i have done this with juice. Like white grape juice , put about 1/2 glass of juice and then 1/2 of white grape flavored sparkling water.

Like Nancy, I used to have a bad soda habit (couldn't stand the diet stuff) and drinking water was not appealing to me. I'm now drinking one soda (some days it's been 2 and some I've had none), and the rest of the day is either tea, vitamin water or propel. I have to avoid some citrus drinks, juices, and milk products, so it can be tough for me, but I manage to stay away from soda for the most part.

Aside from actually prefering seltzer water over soda myself (funnily enough, if you give me a choice of cold bottled seltzer water vs a cold bottle of dr. pepper, i'd go for the seltzer), I actually used seltzer water when I was drinking Orange Juice as well. A while back I was feeling like I'm starting to get sick, so off I go with OJ! But i just couldn't stand how sweet it was, so I ended up mixing about 2/3rd oj and 1/3rd seltzer water just to tone it down (too watery doesn't taste good though). I also took your tip on adding in Pom juice. So it was about a little more than 1/3rd oj, a little less than 1/3rd pom, and 1/3rd seltzer. it was perfect. :D

To the ladies drinking Vitamin water instead of soda, be careful! I tried that when I was attempting to kick the Dr. Pepper habit and ended up with kidney stones. I'm sure one or two a day would be fine, but be sure to drink plain water as much as possible.

I quit soda cold turkey, too. Been over 2 weeks without one.....with one exception of Friday I had a work for hospital week we were served a free lunch. I didn't see bottled water so I got a pepsi. I don't do anything diet....yuck! I really love the cranberry raspberry snapple...and, has anyone tried the soda stream? I hear they are neat and you can flavor your own water. I really want one, but haven't heard if the water turns out carbonated like soda or the taste of seltzer water (I don't like the taste of seltzer.) Anyone know?

I was drinking 2 - 16.9 oz diet mt dew caffeine free sodas everyday and I started taking 2 16.9 Aquafina waters and putting half dew and half water. It tastes about the same and Im sure its better for me.

I've been mixing regular soda (Coke, Pepsi, Ginger Ale etc.) with seltzer water for a couple years now. 12 ounces of each a big mason jar. It's amazing! Very drinkable. No additional calories. It's the carbonation in the seltzer water that makes the whole thing work. Just adding tap water won't work at all.

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