Take The Devil Out Of Your Eggs

April 2, 2012   20 Comments

Egg season is approaching and, frankly, I LOVE deviled eggs. Most deviled egg recipes feature mayonnaise as a primary ingredient.

Healthier Deviled Eggs Recipe

While I absolutely love mayonnaise, it is 90 calories per tablespoon. Mayonnaise is just an emulsion of egg yolks and oil. I think I can do better.

What if you replace the mayonnaise with avocado? One cool thing about this is now you have green eggs. Everybody loves green eggs and ham (or maybe just people who love Dr. Seuss).

Adding avocado gives you a nutrient filled fat that makes these healthier and lighter. I don't know if these taste as good as the mayonnaise filled ones - but, I will say these are super delicious.

The recipe below uses Dijon mustard and lemon juice to provide flavor and creaminess. Here are some other suggestions for tasty deviled eggs:

  • Add 1 teaspoon of curry powder
  • Use cottage cheese or greek yogurt instead of the mayonnaise
  • Add chopped pickles (sweet or dill)
  • Add a dash of horseradish

If you really like eggs, it can be fun to have an "Egg Cooker" featured below. I haven't tried it personally, but it is on my "cool kitchen appliances that I must have one day when I have more space in my kitchen" list.

My librarian, Sue, gave me a great idea for peeling many hard boiled eggs. After you cook them, put them back in the pan and just shake it. The eggs get cracked evenly and it is SO easy to peel them.

My children love these as an afternoon snack and they would be hit at any party. Everyone would wonder, "How did she turn the eggs green?"

You've become both a healthy cook and the magician!!!

Please share your "angeled" eggs ideas!


Avocado Devil Eggs Recipe

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(makes 6)

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6 hard boiled eggs
1/2 ripe avocado
1/2 lemon
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
salt to taste


Cut eggs in half and remove yolks. Mash avocado and yolks in a small bowl and squeeze in the lemon half. Add salt to taste and spoon into egg whites. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

For one egg (2 halves) = 91 calories, 6.9 fat, 1.9 g carbohydrates, 6.0 g protein, 1.2 g fiber, 109 mg sodium, 1 SmartPt

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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I love deviled eggs. I was planning on making them this weekend, but I will later this week! You can make them so healthy, if you wanted to!!! Love today's post!!

So excited to try these and they are just in time for all the leftover easter eggs!!! Thanks.

I would use 1/2 light hellmans and 1/2 fat free yougart. I do this with macaroni and potatoe salad also to cut the fat.

I usually halve the mayo, (and use light mayo) and combine it with spicy mustard for a little kick. I'll have to try Avocado, though. That sounds tasty

I tried a healthy deviled eggs recipe this morning and they are DELISH! and only 2 pointsplus per 2 deviled eggs! WOOHOO!

Here's the recipe and a picture on my blog:…

I love my egg cooker. It's a unitasker but worth the minimal space it takes up. I use it a few times a week. Sure, it's not hard to make poached/soft/medium/hard boiled eggs in a pan, but the egg cooker is foolproof, easier, and safer because there's no pot on the stove to forget about. As for the recipe, I can't imagine hiding an avocado like this, they are too tasty & precious! But I'm a weirdo who thinks that deviled eggs are perfectly healthy when made the usual way.

Deviled eggs are my signature for most get togethers. I always use Hellman's light mayo AND Dijon and a little Tabasco sauce. And you have to add 1t. apple cider vinegar!! You could mix light mayo with light sour cream too - I do that for most cold pasta dishes like macaroni salad.

These look super yummy! Another way I like to make deviled eggs is to just mix the yolks with a little bit of hummus. It's super easy and delicious!

What a great idea! I can't wait to try it with avocado. I usually lighten up my deviled eggs with greek yogurt instead of mayo.

When my son was little he answered the question, "how do you want your eggs this morning with?"

"I want deviled eggs!" He loved them and I indulged. It was difficult, though when we were at friend's houses or at a restaurant!

We love deviled eggs just the way they are! I do use some mustard and some homemade sweet relish to cut the mayo but it's regular mayo all the way for us. We don't eat deviled eggs very often though.

Just a quick note, I think the recipe is missing the part where you add the Dijon Mustard. I assume it's with the yolks and avocado, but thought i would mention it. :)

I use half fat free sour cream and half Miracle whip Free, apple cider vinegar to taste along with other ingredients. This is the best in my opinion and every time I take them to a buffet, etc get so many wows on them.

Last year a friend made the devil egg recipe with advacado and it was very good, but does start to turn brownish fast, so eat up quickly !! ha When I need to use mayo I have started using, Lemonaise Light, the Ojai Cook. This is dairy free, and calories 40, fat. cal. 35. I get this at Whole Foods, Please let me know if really OK or do I need to search more.. I liked the Veganaise till I found this, I think it is healthier.

Always some mustard. My mom always used powdered mustard, but I just figure if I use a Dijon or a spiced mustard, I can use less mayo. And I don't think I have used mayo in a while - I have used some Ranch dressing. But the Greek yogurt sounds yum.

I'm just happy that deviled eggs have stood the test of time and that I have a lovely deviled egg platter that my mother used. I like sprinkle. A bit of finely chopped fresh dill on top.

Clever way to make deviled eggs. I'm going to give this a whirl. Here's my "So Simple Deviled Eggs" using light mayo which means just about 100 calories a pair.…

This looks great! I have the egg cooker and it is FABULOUS! We eat hard boiled egg whites for a protein rich snack with a little sea salt and pepper and a piece of fruit. It's so easy to use and even has an attachment for poached eggs!

Lisa, would you mind if I share this recipe with my group on iChange, i am an Herbalife Distributor and we have a free website for our clients. I am subscribed & am happy to give you credit for any recipes. Kay

Curried deviled eggs are great served with a dab of chutney on top!!!

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