Guess Where I Found This Healthy Food?

September 27, 2011   14 Comments

Do you ever feel surrounded by hamburgers and french fries? What about donuts or soda?

Healthy Food in Your Pharmacy

We make over 200 food choices per day (mostly choosing not to eat something) and it can be exhausting to keep turning down junk food.

And, when we are out of the house and didn't pack a lunch, many of us eat fast food because that is the food we can find (and it is cheap).

But, healthy food is popping up in some interesting places. For example, McDonald's has been making money selling salads and apple slices.

When I saw the above cooler of fresh food, I just HAD to take a photo. Where was I? A supermarket? no. An airport? no.

I was in a PHARMACY! That is right, people. The place where you can pick up your prescription for heart medication is also the place where you can pick up a salad, orange, and apple.

Why would a pharmacy be selling fresh, healthy food? Well, I think it is because fresh food is the new drug to cure us from our ailments.

Can you imagine the pharmacy of the future? In the anti-cancer aisle we find blueberries, strawberries, and walnuts. Want healthier looking skin? Try these fresh apricots and oranges. Erectile dysfunction? Here is a meditation tape and some celery.

Depressed? Try some ice cream (just kidding :)

Would Pfizer be happy with my pharmacy of the future? Noooooo.

But, Walgreens doesn't care what it sells as long as people want to buy it. Many medications that we spend oodles of money on are just a wee bit better than a placebo.

A change in your diet toward healthier foods is a much more powerful way to treat your health problems. And the side effects are good for you! You could lose weight, sleep better, and feel happier.

So, next time you are in your pharmacy - try their NEW drug - an apple.

Have you seen healthier food in surprising places? Please share.

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Trouble I always have is that at Starbucks, McDonald's, etc., the healthy food options are much more expensive than the junk food. It's cheaper to buy a bagel or oatmeal cookie (rationalization--it's got fiber!) than oatmeal, not to mention Starbucks' oatmeal is awful. How much did the drugstore charge for the salads? was it more than a deli would have? If they charge the same, then this is a good move.

Wow! Those are such great options! :) I Love finding fresh food different places!

That's crazy! Having that at a pharmacy doesn't really make any sense, but at the same time it totally makes sense! Lol. I've always been a junkfood addict. For the past few months I have successfully quenched my cravings, I'm a total health junkie now. Even the burgers I eat are all homemade and totally healthy! :)

This is neat to see. I guess if I was in a tight spot with no way to get to a grocery store (to get a prepared salad there) I would go for it. I know it sounds strange but I would trust a grocery store or Starbucks for a quick healthy lunch option more than Walgreens. I'm just not sure about their quality control and their care over the fresh food.

I absolutely believe that food (the right food) is the best medicine. Since I switched to whole, organic foods about a year and a half ago, I have not been sick AT ALL!

I used to get seasonal allergies in the spring and fall; I haven't had them. I used to get a cold twice a year; I haven't had a cold. I used to get urinary tract infections and yeast infections ALL THE TIME; I haven't had one since.

My health is the only proof I need that everything I put into my body matters.

THANK YOU for pointing out the pharma issue. It is frustrating, as a scientist that is well-versed in statistics, to look at some of the research papers and wonder whether people understand that the side-effects of a drug occur at a higher rate than reduction of symptoms. The only area that I don't quibble on stats is when the drug is directed to a terminal illness. No way would I want stats to interfere if that drug cured or extended the quality of life for 5 people out of 100 over the alternative. And now off soap box :)

Very cool! Hopefully we will start seeing this in pharmacies across North America.

You may be interested in a great article entitled "Is Junk Food Really Cheaper" - great read.…

I was recently on a jeep tour in Sedona. Our tour guide made a very interesting point as she was explaining all the various uses of the plants around us, like Juniper, etc...She said something like "nature has had years to perfect its medicines while the pharmaceutical companies are pretty new at the game." I couldn't agree more that eating healthy is the way to go in getting healthy and staying there!

But I must say, a 'little' ice cream does seem to help the blues now and again. Hehehe. Excellent post! I'm definitely passing it along to my FB page and Twitter. :) Thanks for sharing.

Nice to see healthy food showing up in more places! I was certainly glad to see the fast food chains adding salads and fresh fruit to their menu. I was even more impressed to see my 10 year old making those healthy choices. Yet another benefit of me making a healthy life change. (down 94 lbs and working my way to 100!)

I'm impressed! I thought for sure it was a Trader Joe's. I think it's a great idea to have healthier food choices available in more places.

Wow! I live in the UK and I'm really interested in what I'm starting to see as the 'false economy' of bad nutrition. I love visiting the US, but there are so many 'junk' food traps to fall into. Same in many parts of Europe. Have you seem the documentary Food Matters? Sooo interesting. Thanks for your awesome posts on easy, tasty nutrition. You are changing lives! Hugs & health from Oxford, England.

I love seeing the healthy food options pop up in unexpected places! My Gold Star award would have to go to the Hess Express. There's one right outside my workplace, and next to a Chick Fil A, so you can imagine the daily temptation (if you like it as much as I do). I went in Hess the other morning for a banana, and was amazed at their new Good to Go section!! Lots of fresh cut fruits, veggies, healthy whole grain sandwiches. Easy to make good choices! Finally a *few* are starting to get it right!

i work in a gift shop and a cafeteria on a ferry. in the gift shop people can buy chips and chocolate bars for $1.75. In the cafeteria an apple or banana costs the same. People buy the junk and don't bat an eye, but they 'flip out' and refuse to pay that price for a piece of fruit. i'm just always surprised by people's values. and how cheap they want their food to be and how little they care about what they put in their bodies!

great link to the article in the new york times (from an earlier comment)

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