Top Ten Healthy Halloween Tips

October 4, 2012   14 Comments

Halloween is almost here and Snack Girl continues on her mission to convince herself that a healthy Halloween is possible.

Healthy Halloween Tips

Mostly, I try to limit the damage. For example, last year I found my daughter’s candy bag in her bed! Was she munching all night? Man, that kid is crafty.

I have tried all sorts of things to convince my children that eating their entire bag of candy in one sitting is a bad idea (including letting them eat a ton of candy in the hopes that they would get a stomach ache).

Ahh well.

I do try to take off my “Snack Girl” cape and just let them enjoy it. I focus on teaching them to savor the treats instead of swallowing them all whole.

Here are 10 tips that I have compiled over the last few years to lead you into having both a fun AND healthy Halloween:

1. Wait and buy your candy the week of Halloween. I know it is tough with all those sales at the front of the store, but you might start munching now (and we have a few weeks before Halloween).

2. Don't Toss These Out! pumpkinseedsb - try roasting your pumpkin seeds for a delicious healthy snack.

3. Try A Healthy Halloween Snack bananaghostb - make SCARY snacks with fruits and vegetables for some serious fun!

4. Get your house "toilet papered" with this suggestion: Healthy Halloween Candy. Also, try handing out oranges, apples, juice boxes, and boxes of raisins.

5. Don't give out candy at all! Hand out stickers, glow sticks, creepy spider rings, Play-Doh, or any type of small toy.

6. Try these suggestions for a "candy-lite" solution to the TOO much candy problem: Healthy Halloween Candy: Take Two

7. If your children are young, tell them about the CANDY FAIRY. My six year old bought the idea that she could put her candy out and a fairy would replace it with a toy. She is truly excited about giving away her candy - magic, no?

8. If your children are old enough to understand, try making a care package of candy for a soldier in Afghanistan. There are a bunch of different organizations that can help you find a way to cheer up a soldier and they always seem to want snacks. One example is Any Soldier.

9. Don't give out the "stick to your teeth" candy! The Skittles, Starburst, and Taffy of the world is extremely difficult to clean off teeth. The sugar will adhere to the tooth enamel and cause cavities easily. Choose one of the non-sticky options like chocolate, lollipops, or Smarties.

10. Don't set yourself on fire! Actually, that's a tip for EVERY day (I couldn't think of 10 Healthy Halloween Tips :).

Please share this list with your friends or family that have children.

Got some more ideas I should have added? Please comment.

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Thanks for the tips Snack Girl! I have a tip to add...I buy bags of candy that I don't like. That way the candy isn't that tempting. I won't want to eat it if I buy something I don't like.

The last 5 years I have been giving out juice boxes and the kids seem to love them. Some open them up as they are walking away. Any left over, I give to my husband to take into work for a co-worker who has kids. Ours are grown.

I hate to say it, but fruit for Trick-or-Treaters might magically turn to eggs on your front door. Go with the glow sticks instead.

Awesome tips! I can't believe it's almost Halloween already! That is crazy!!!

I was never allowed to trick or treat, but I would have MUCH preferred little knick-knacks as a child than candy :) I think it's a fabulous idea!

Don't know the full details but there is a dentist in Pt Charlotte Fl. That buys your kid's candy $$ per pound and an organization sends it to our troops. Kids can then purchase a toy.

I used to allow my kids to have a couple of pieces to eat, then I said they could 'play' with the rest if they liked. (Of course they opened things up, and got them all icky and threw them out.) But one brilliant idea I wish I had thought of, was to make wicked witch houses with the booty. (We had always been waiting for Christmas to do that... why not do it earlier with the Halloween candy??)

Great idea, Sue, with the juice boxes! My son was so thirsty one year that we had to ask someone on the trick or treat route for a glass of water! I also like it when my kids get packaged snacks they can add to their lunch later - small bags of pretzels, even chips or Doritos - at least it ends up being part of a lunch! Good luck!

mini popcorn-got it at Sam's 40 pack for 8.00-if any left we won't be eating candy

I live near a Wendy's (fast food hamburger place)that offers booklets containing coupons (10 per pack)for little 6oz Frosty's. This is a milk shake-like frozen treat. I tend to buy 5 or 6 packs ($1 each pack)and pass out 1 coupon per trick-or-treater. The kids must like this because we get more trick-or-treaters each year and the parents don't have to worry about anything harmful being added to the treat.

Love the witch house idea, Maria. Thanks! When my kids were young my philosophy was just to let 'em eat the stuff till it was gone - only took two or three days. Then we were done with it, no arguing, no negotiating and no more candy in the house!

Sue, the juice boxes are a great idea! A few years ago we were trick or treating and one of the houses gave them out. It was a life saver as one of the kids in our group was about to have a meltdown from wanting a drink!

Nikki - I do that with other things as well. I buy things for my kids lunch boxes that I know wont tempt me or if they really want to order pizza and I dont want to be tempted I will have them order from one of the chains that I don't care for. Purely phsychological but it works for me!

Some fabulous ideas here. My kids are big now, but we used to draw scary faces on tangerines, like mini pumpkins. A batch of home-baked muffins or cookies can be healthier than candy - and just as much of a treat.

Thanks for these ideas! I love Halloween - except for the sugar pushing to kids. I like the idea of passing out toys, glow sticks, etc and the candy fairy. Many dentists will also trade cash for candy, which is another way to get it out of the house!

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