A Ridiculously Simple and Elegant Party Snack

September 29, 2010   12 Comments

How can something be so delicious yet so utterly simple? Sometimes less is more when it comes to food.

Dried Apricot Bites Recipe

Dried apricots are yummy all on their own, but it is easy to make them luxurious. Just add a little cheese and you have something mind altering.

The sweetness of the apricot versus the salty, creamy cheesiness of the cheese makes this snack delightful. It looks great on a platter and everyone will think you are a genius for combining these ingredients.

You could have this as an after school snack or a post exercise snack. Of course, it isn't very transportable so I would stick to eating it at home. If I was a caterer, I would put these together on site.

The cheese I chose to use is feta (because it is one of my favorites), but blue cheese or gorgonzola would also work. Also, you could use any type of nut you have in your cupboard such as hazelnuts or cashews.

You can have A LOT of fun trying different taste combination to get this small bite to become EXPLOSIVE. That is a great thing about this snack. For your 30 calories, it is healthy and it is very tasty.

Packing a lot of flavor into a small bite is a great way to eat less. The more satisfying the taste, the less you will want to eat. I have a problem with bland tasting cheese because I can eat it all day. Ummm, it is not a good idea to eat cheese all day :)

Try it and let me know how it goes!

Please share your small bite snack ideas.

Apricot Bites Recipe

(makes 10)
10 dried apricots
1 small package feta cheese
slivered or sliced almonds

Press your finger down into the center of the apricot to make a fingerprint (remember to wash your hands!). Pinch some feta cheese and press it into the apricot. Place an almond slice into the cheese. Enjoy!

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I do this all the time using goat cheese mixed with some crème fraiche to make it smooth and creamy (otherwise it is a crumbly mess). Never thought to add an almond. I'll be doing that next time.

Oh yum! Goat cheese as Christina mentions above would be an excellent choice too.

YUMMY! I love dried apricots... And I have feta at home. I will have to try this for sure! Thanks Snack Girl!

A variation of this is dates with either goat or cream cheese - yum!

this sounds like something to try for sure... i like putting a whole hickory smoked almond inside a date... so lovely and simple... yum!... :)

Mmm sounds perfect!

Simple and yummy? YES! Elegant? Um, no. They look a mess, are not the neatest thing to eat and the ingredients by no means are gourmet. So nothing about this screams elegant.

Girls wine night, hanging out at home sure. Cocktail Don't embarrass yourself.

I haven't tried this yet, but I was thinking that things might stay together better if you made a slit down the center of the apricot, squished it a little -- like a baked potato -- and THEN put the cheese & almond in.

As for elegant: Yes, I think these could be elegant and not embarrassing at all if you find a way to make the toppings stay where they belong. I'd be thrilled to be presented with something this nutritious and healthy at a cocktail party.

Julie, You could stuff them by cutting in half or just the top off. They are great roasted in pork loin over wild rice too! I might try to stuff them with chopped pistachio and goat cheese. Or to give it the elegant twist if that is what you are going for it needs more, maybe chop the apricot and cheese and top on a crosti piped with a pastry bag with a almond garnish.

A friend tried them with Laughing Cow Light Cheese bites (the cube ones). So yummy!

Tried them, and their good! But I used mozzarella cheese cut into little cubes and it gave it a salty taste which I enjoyed since I think apricots are too sweet sometimes. And, if you dressed it up a bit or made them neatly, then I think these can be served at a party. Maybe not a fancy 5 star restaurant party, but for a Super Bowl party, birthday, or some other "homely" party,

My nutritionist recommends 3-4 apricots with approximately 14 whole peanuts as a midmorning or midafternoon snack. Tiny bits of apricot with a peanut is a terrific combination. Cannot do the feta or blue cheese routine because of fat content. But it sounds yummy. Dates stuffed with cream cheese are heavenly, but high in fat content, so may sabotage your calories. Party people like healthy as well. It is rare to attend a party and have a healthy option. I would welcome a snack of this type rather than having my count for the day ruined by high fat / high sugar tidbits. It's impossible to starve yourself all day in anticipation of a high calorie tidbit. Bring on the apricots w/nuts or cheese.

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