Snack Girl's Favorite Links

October 15, 2010   5 Comments

It is time to go behind the curtain and find out where Snack Girl gets her inspiration. Most of you think I meditate every day - drawing from the core of the earth my genius snack ideas.

Snack Girl's Favorite Links

Well, it isn't true :)

The fact is there are SO many great places to find inspiration for healthy eating and living. My list is nowhere near complete and I just felt it was time to thank the writers of my favorite sites for their insight and ideas.

These are a few I look at on a daily basis:

  • Vitamin G - Sara Jio over at Glamour writes a fun blog about snacks and other health related content. She has a way of making me giggle.
  • Well from the New York Times - Tara Parker-Pope puts together a great list of current health topics. Every Friday, there are a bunch of healthy recipes featured that are ALWAYS amazing.
  • Fooducate - Hemi writes great exposes on the state of processed foods and false marketing claims. His blog is VERY helpful for understanding food labelling.
  • Fit Sugar - This site is a compilation of different writer, sponsor, and reader content about fitness and eating. It is very positive and fun to read.

Also, I check in on my pals on my Links We Love list to see what they are writing about.

I have a couple other resources that I use frequently. I subscribe to Every Day Food from Martha Stewart for a daily recipe idea. Look over on the right for a place to enter your e-mail for the newsletter. I used to get the magazine, but I like this format better. The ideas are easy, healthy, and family friendly.

To determine how many calories are in my recipes I use Calorie Count Recipe Analyzer. It is a fantastic way to get a handle on the calories and nutrition of any recipe or food that you eat.

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful content!!!

Please share your favorite healthy living websites below.

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I use the recipe analyzer, too. Isn't it wonderful?

Love this! Thanks for the list!

I will have to check out Vitamin G, since she is the only one on the list you provide I don't check out regularly. I also really like Fooducate and Tara's Well column. Great choices!

I just started using the app Lose It so I am glad to have the calorie counter link. Thanks

Love the list and info you have here, also enjoy another site and as per your request above on fav sites:



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