A Zero Calorie Drink With A Twist

April 15, 2010   9 Comments

Drink manufacturers know that Soda is harming many people. They want to help you end your Soda addiction with a bunch of new flavored and low calorie alternatives.

Herbal Water

While I have never been addicted to soda, I do LOVE beer. When I was pregnant with my first baby, Ruby, I decided to give up beer (hey, have you read the label on the side of the can? yikes!) It is one of my all time favorite drinks and I was having a tough time.

My solution was to drink Pelligrino. Why? Because, the bubbles and the lovely green bottle made me feel pampered. I found cheap cases of it at Costco and sipped away at my sparkling spring water with a squeeze of lemon.

What I learned was that you can replace a bad habit with a better one relatively easily IF you give yourself a treat. Herbal Water is designed to be a treat. It costs $1.49 -$1.69 a bottle and it has a very distinct flavor.

They have designed flavors with organic herbs such as lavender, mint, and geranium. Some of the waters have a very floral taste, not unlike a floral white wine.

From Herbal Water:
Culinary herbs have been prized for centuries, for their calming, stimulating and aphrodisiac qualities, and are the natural way to flavor and enhance any food or drink. You’ll find Ayala’s Herbal Water a delightfully refreshing, mellow yet complex aromatic drink. Enjoy our taste of the garden, with fresh spring breezes in every sip.

My favorite is the cloves, cardamon, and cinnamon. Herbal Water combined the extracts of the herbs to sweeten the water! So, no calories, and a sweet taste and nothing artificial and the herbs are USDA certified organic.

Now, I know that there are some eco-groovies that read this website. And I just wanted to say that I don't agree with drinking a lot of bottled water. From

If you imagine that every bottle of water you drink is about three-quarters water and one-quarter oil, you’ll have a pretty accurate picture of how much energy it takes to put that bottle of water in your hand.

So, when you need a drink, want to give up soda, and forgot your water bottle, Herbal Water is an excellent choice.

I gave up bottled water and use a soda stream to make my water fizzy. Check out my post here: A zero calorie alternative to soda

And, check out Herbal Water for store locations and ordering information.

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

What is your favorite brand of water?

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I love the new (at least in my area) Deer Park Sparkling Water in BerryLime flavor. Very good! My husband and I got a case of it at BJ's. I also like the Wegman's brand of sparkling water.

Love these, I love lavender and also like hint waters and vintage seltzer. I do mostly filtered water in reusable bottle and add fresh mint or cucumber slices to that. Good post- hard to balance healthy, weight-friendly and green all the time.

I've never been a fan of soda either but this sounds really good! Can't wait to try it!

I'd like to give this a try! Soda is my downfall,er,one of them:)

I found these at Wegman's today. The Cinnamon/Orange Peel is chilling in my fridge right now. Can't wait to try it!

I usually put fruit in the bottom of a bottle or pitcher and put boiled water over it. Then I let it chill. It's especially good with berries. I avoid soda whenever I can.

They do sound tasty, but I feel I must point out that you could save a lot of money (and save on the glass/plastic used to make the bottles) by making your own iced herbal teas. I bet you could just pour hot water over some spices and citrus peel and let it steep for 3-5 minutes, then chill. You can buy food-grade lavender buds at grocery stores and tea shops. Just mix with mint leaves (or store-bought mint tea bags) to get lavender mint tea. Pour it into a fancy glass with lots of ice cubes and a sprig of mint, and it'll feel like a splurge without actually being one. :)

I love soda and beer as well, and like you, i have found alternative via sparkling water. I tend to like big bubbles tho (ala soda), so my dad ended up getting me addicted (inadvertently) to Safeway's Seltzer Water. Seltzer Water has bigger bubbles than Pelligrino or other sparkling mineral waters, and is more similar to Soda's bubble size I feel like. Furthermore, Seltzer water doesn't have any sodium! Club Soda has sodium, but Seltzer water doesn't. I can't seem to find similar stuff elsewhere (or I never tried to look), but Safeway's Seltzer water is something i practically live on. They used to have $.99/bottle sales, but lately I find that they're around $1.15/bottle. oh well, it's better than drinking soda anyway. :P I find drinking this cold completely kills any urge of buying soda for me.

drinking lemon, verbena, geranium as we speak and LOVE them. Love their sparkling/glass bottle options too. In NYC there's the seltzer man which is a great, old-fashioned non-soda option.

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