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December 12, 2013   22 Comments

I know what you are thinking. Why doesn’t Snack Girl feature more paintings from the Italian Renaissance?

Holiday Pomegranate

I found this detail of Madonna of the Pomegranate by Botticelli painted in 1487 on Wikipedia and I decided that if I posted such a beautiful work, you would all go out and buy a pomegranate.

How can you resist? The pomegranates were greeting me yesterday in when I entered my local Stop & Shop. I paid $2 for one.

Pomegranates are in season from October through February and will last in your fridge for three to four weeks unopened. Once you seed them, you should eat them within two to three days or you can freeze the seeds for later consumption.

The key is knowing how to seed them. For that I am going to turn to a friend of mine, Chef John. He is great at explaining basic cooking techniques on his site Food Wishes. Here is a very clear and fun video on seeding pomegranates:

You may have to endure a short advertisement, but it is completely worth it because it IS that easy to seed a pomegranate.

What to do with the seeds?

  • Eat them as a snack (with or without beer as Chef John suggests)
  • Toss them on a salad
  • Garnish a soup
  • Add them to sparkling wine

They are packed with nutrients, yummy, and festive. How can you lose?

What do you do with pomegranates? Please share.

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Nope. Pomegranates are fertility symbols and I am unnaturally afraid. Also afraid of paisley. I know they are delicious and I love them, but I can't do it.

Eat some for me!

Thank you for showing this - I'll be darn if I didn't buy a pomegranate in the store the other day - they were @ (sorry) Walmart for $1.00; my husband knows I will try anything once :), so he encouraged me to buy one. I've been looking at this for the last 4 days wondering if I had the courage to try cut into it and how. This was a wonderful video and just in time. I'm going to try my pomegranate tonight!

They make a great yogurt topping! Or ice cream, if you are feeling particularly festive :-)

I have one in my fridge too! It's been there a while, so good to know they last a few weeks, thanks. I first got one in a box from an organic fruit share, and my kids and their friends loved them! Question: Do you eat the whole seed? The kids like to just suck the juice/pulp off the seed, and spit out the seeds.

Wish I had found this video last year when I was using YouTube to figure out how to seed a pomegranate! Going to give method a try.

Here's an alternative:…

(You can skip to 1'27" if you're pressed for time.)

Love to mix pomegranate seeds, plain yogurt, teaspoon of vanilla and honey, 3 tbsp of dried milk powder, tbsp of flax seed and sprinkle some cinnamon. Yummy and I eat the whole seed (in answer to previous post).

They also look fantastic in jello and are great on a cheese plate (divine with a little chevre on a cracker)

Pomegranates have a special tie to approaching winter. In Greek mythology, Hades captures Persephone and brings her into the underworld. He tricks her into eating some seeds of a pomegranate, thus tying her to the underworld where she must return each year for three months - our winter season. She is allowed to spend the other months with the gods above ground, our growing season.

I remember my mother explaining this myth to me as a child, enforcing the specialness of the fruit.

So, tell me Snack you only eat the seeds? What does it taste like? And (more importantly), why does this fruit frighten me? ;)

They are delicious mixed in with guacamole. A very upscale Mexican Restaurant here in Phoenix serves their guacamole this way and it's to die for, of course you have to have chips to go with it....

I also found pomegranate seeds in a jar at my local grocery store (Metro in Canada) - just scoop and eat - yum!

@Teresa - I eat the whole seeds - you can also suck on them and spit out the crunchy seed part. I think pomegranates are scary because they look they are from another planet - brought here by aliens to seduce us. thanks for your question!

Have you tried the pomegranate wooden spoon trick? It's so much easier, and better yet, it's cathartic!!! Google it and you'll find it. That's how I do it, and I enjoy it so much.

They are beautiful in a fruit or green salad--shimmer like jewels! I always freeze some to save for my summer fruit salads! And I enjoy them with cottage cheese/Greek yogurt for a high protein breakfast!

I love pomegranates, but they cost $2.50 each here and that is the sale price!

When I splurge, I eat them as a fruit with dinner. I used to suck the seeds and spit them out, but read you could eat the whole thing, so do that now. I do always manage to get juice squirts on my shirt, though.

People used to be superstitiously afraid of tomatoes, too. Why are pomegranates more expensive than pomegranate juice? $2.50 more will buy the juice and no seeds. I think they very pretty for decoration but not practical as a food. I think there is more benefit to be had from the juice.

I think the "apple" from the Garden of Eden was actually a pomagranate if you take it literally. The Hebrew for apple is "malum" meaning evil and apple. Islam says the apple it was a fig or olive. Some Hebrew traditions also suggests fig because Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves, therefore, suggesting fertility. Interestingly, at least to me, it is actually a metaphor for the "fruit of the knowledge of good and evil".

Pomengranate with lime juice, tequila, triple sec or Cointreau, sweet low or agave. Shaken or on the rocks is an excellent drink. If you like substitute vodka for tequila. Enjoy!

Shaken not stirred so as not to bruise the tequila. : >) LOL Yummmmmmm

I also put them on top of my curried tofu salad on crackers. It gives a good tangy contrast.

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