How to Drink More Water

August 5, 2021   25 Comments

How do you drink more water? I know there are some water haters out there.

How to Drink More Water

It isn’t that people hate water, but it is that they know they need to drink more - but don’t really love it.

How much water do you need to consume every day to be healthy? Well, that depends on the amount of activity you do, where you live (is it hot?), and how much you weigh.

In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be about 10-20 cups of water per day.

I have found that when I drink that much water, I visit the bathroom far more often BUT I have more energy. You need water to help your body run efficiently and you can’t drink 10 cups all at once. Slowly, throughout the day, you sip it.

But, what If you only drink 4 cups of water per day? How do you drink more? Check out these two older posts for some ideas - Top Eight Tips for Tastier Water and best fruit infused water bottle.

These are my latest and favorite ways to drink more water.

The first is Key Lime Juice! Who knew you could find this next to the lemon juice at the supermarket?

A friend of mine introduced me to Nellie & Joes. He always puts a few drops of this zero calorie lime juice into his water bottle and I must say it is delicious. I love limes so this was an easy addition to my water routine.

Nuun is a hydration solution (and it is kinda expensive) but I think it makes water easier to drink.

You pop a 10 calorie tablet into your water bottle and get a nice flavor along with electrolytes. I use this after exercise instead of drinking Gatorade. Also, I drink 1/2 coconut water plus 1/2 water as a rehydration drink.

It is a bit fizzy, which also makes water easier to drink.

My favorite option for drinking more water is the most expensive option but it may be worth it. I received this Hydroflask in the mail as a sample because I am Snack Girl. I was not paid for the below endorsement. Sometimes (rarely), I get something for free and love it!

I must say that it immediately became my go to water bottle as well as my family’s first choice. This led me to buy two more so I could have one with me all day. It keeps my water COLD even when it is 90 degrees and the bottle sits in the car for 4 hours.

I have the Hydroflask and I love it - but it retails for $36 (ouch).

How do you drink more water? Can you keep up? Do you find that you feel better when you drink more?

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Having COLD water makes it so much better. There are many hydro flask knock offs available on Amazon that are just as good for a third of the price!

I have a goal to drink half my body weight in ounces every day. I am on day 7 and hanging in there. I am a traveling developmental therapist so finding a bathroom when needed isn’t always easy but I am making it work. I have been using the Water Tracker app by Grassapper. I love it! When I put my water in the app cheers and confetti is thrown on the screen. When my daily goal is met a song plays and it has been a different song each day so it is fun to see which song will be played. I have also started having 16 ounces of water before my coffee in the morning and I kee refillable 16 ounces bottles of cold water in the fridge all day.

"Who knew you could find" key lime juice with the other citrus juices? Shoppers lucky enough to live in an area with a store that carries this pricy stuff that is not on the average shopping list.

I drink bottled water. We get it when it’s $1.99 a 24 pack. I bring it with my lunch every work day. Water has been my beverage of choice since I was a kid. My mother could always get me to drink water but not milk.

I have a 40oz Hydro Flask! I love it, but I want to get one with the sport cap like yours. I’m kind of a water bottle hoarder!

Morning! Water was ansd is my biggest problem to drink. I but the bottled water and can drink 2 of them but after that I have a hard time.

I will try the trick of adding lime juice to another bottle.

Most people (including myself) definitely do not drink enough water in the course of a day, and apparently this is can be common in elderly people, especially. Yes to drinking more water! Having said that, I just want to add one note of caution for people who may overdo it...please ask a professional before embarking on ‘water-bingeing’ since, after all the “hey it’s only water, so what can happen?” mentality could occur...There are documented cases of people who, believe it or not, ODed on water...albeit most of us are not likely to have this experience with water consumption, and the first time I heard about this I also thought it was pretty unbelievable. Snack Girl has recognized what we should do more of over the course of an ENTIRE day, not to be done all at once! The body is a delicate balance and drinking way too much in too short of a time could possibly cause a potentially fatal imbalance of minerals in one’s body, especially if this is taking place during a marathon or other extreme instance. Thank you for this post, Snack Girl, since many more of us need to drink (more) water than will ever overdrink it.

I probably don't drink enough water either, but I want to say that HydroFlask bottles are the best! One of our field guys at work told me about them ... I tried one and I was hooked. I now own three in different sizes. They keep my coffee or tea hot enough to burn by tongue for 5-6 hours, and they keep my ice & water mixture cold for even longer -- even in my hot car. I've found ice still in the water after 24 hours! They're expensive but worth every penny!

Thanks for the Hydroflask tip, I can think of a couple ‘hard to buy for’ people who would love this as a gift! I usually shoot for drinking half my body weight in ounces too. [Keeping in mind that much of my daily fruit and vegs count as some water too.] Two 10oz cups of green tea [1 bag] start my day. Whenever I enjoy a coffee I make up for it with equal water. When water bores me I add TruLemon in grapefruit flavor or pop a fruity tea bag in cold water, switching up flavors. Celestial Seasons carries a variety pack I found on Amazon but I'm always trying new ones. The usual fresh citrus wedges lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit are used whenever they’re on hand. A favorite of mine, even in summer, is hot lemonade with two garden herbs: mint & basil muddled a bit first. OMG it’s so refreshing and, I believe, detoxifying as well. These herbs together make for unbelievable natural sweetness.

I use a Spark Hidrate bottle. It’s a little pricey 52$ but worth it. It lights up when you’re behind on ur water and a real light show when you hit your goal. It decides your goal daily by determining the temperature outside and humidity and your ground elevation. It’s so fun and rarely have I missed goal. I’m even on my 2nd bottle. It’s well worth the cost!!!

My son gave me a soda stream machine for Christmas and it has really helped me cut down on diet coke and drink more water. I love fizzy and the soda stream machine lets me get my fizzy hit while getting more water. I don't even bother to flavour it- just drink the carbonated water and I really am drinking more water than I ever used to.

I usually buy 0 calories favor water which adds up but makes me drink more. Going to look for that lime juice. Thanks

There's a great free Apple Watch and iOS app that reminds you to drink water without tracking water intake. It's called Pee & See, and it's based on how often you pee instead of how much water you drink.

Why is it people in this country always seem to go to extremes from drinking no water to flooding their systems with it. A little common sense will tell you if your urine is clear pale yellow you are hydrated.

10 to 20 cups a day is how many ounces? A cup is 8 ounces. That would be at least 80 ounces. I think this might be the dangerous level leading to water intoxication. Mayo clinic says "About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women"; is adequate, more depending on certain criteria.…

I try to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water, a diet program I tried recommended it. Unfortunately, the weight loss part failed. Some days it's no problem drinking that much, other days it's hard to gag down. Those days I add Jelly Bean or Stuhr sugar free flavorings that I found on Amazon. You can make it however strong you want. Other days, I add a Splenda packet to my 50 oz cup and that makes it drinkable again. I know I need more water when my eyes and nose start to dry out.

I try to drink between 32-40 oz. daily. I try to avoid bottled water so looked online for a water bottle made in USA. The choice is slim but I did find several possibilities.

Yes, I definitely feel better when I drink enough water. And, yes, I do visit the restroom more often! My trick is unflavored tea. I'd gotten cold brew tea before, but when I had some regular herbal tea that I really didn't want to drink hot, I tried it just for giggles. It turned out great even thought it wasn't cold brew. I put two teabags into a pitcher filled with water and put it in the fridge. Caffeine-free, sugar-free yummy iced tea. My favorites are Celestial Seasonings cherry, blueberry, and the like. For me they don't need any sweeteners.

I use alot of Mio, Crystal Light and Great Value water enhancers to get my water in for the day. Its not always easy. I do agree with some of the comments about too much water can be harmful. My MIL has been hospitalized twice for low sodium. Her Dr has restricted her fluid intake saying she was drinking too much water. She now records all the fluids she has in a day. I try get 64 oz a day-I usually get around 50.

The water you get from eating fruits and vegetables counts toward your daily water intake, too. Most melons are at least 90% water as are strawberries.m People who eat a lot of produce most likely don't need to drink so many extra ounces of water. Also, the Hydro Flask bottles are the best. I have left mine in the car over night and it still had ice in it the next morning. The knock offs are not nearly as good. You can also buy the sport drink tops for most of the bottles by going to their website. No need to buy a new bottle just to get the top.

The Yeti Chug Cap water bottle is awesome and not that expensive, it keeps water cold, chug cap is easy to drink from, and so easy to carry. I highly recommend it - and it comes in different ounce sizes.


I drink 128 oz a day and for the most part, no problems. I use Williams Sonoma Star Wars bottle, 16 oz. and refill from my fridge filter when I’m at home. I have a 40oz Tervis stainless thermos for when I travel.

Loved the water drinking comments, and I love water so this is easy for me, plus my fruits and vegetables,organic so I’m not knowingly eating pesticides and genetically altered foods for my body and planet Earth! Earth also needs us all to be seriously concerned about those PLASTIC BOTTLES OF WATER, we are tossing hopefully into recycling! One of those great water bottles mentioned would save money on the cost of your water, help save the Planet, and not knowingly draining Natural Springs, by buying your water in a plastic bottle💗 So, HydroFlask, and Spark Hidrate, sound like fantastic ideas paid for in a flash by not purchasing plastic filled bottles, and using these great ideas to prepare you favorite waters inside your own flask! Cheers‼️Water drinkers!

Thanks also for the reminders about over drinking water!

Mitzi Carter, Thank you, Yes, its far past time we ALL do our bit to rescue our planet from the production, use, and throwing away of plastic and other non-compostables.

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