A Rare Find: A Packaged Food that is Healthy and Delicious!

April 1, 2010   25 Comments

Given the state of manufactured food in this country (think Twinkies), it can be difficult to trust that you can find something healthy and packaged. Snack-Girl is ALWAYS on the lookout for food that makes life easier and is good for you.


Hummus fits the description. Made with just chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), lemon juice, garlic, and salt, it is delicious out of the package and it is really healthy. How can you go wrong? Beans, nut butter, and flavorings!

I know that some of you will not agree with me because you make your own hummus. But, I like lifting it into my cart in its cute tub. The latest flavors are amazing. I tried this jalapeno hummus and fell in love.

Jalapeno hummus seems kinda crazy. Hummus is from the Mediterranean and Jalapenos hail from Mexico - but it works! Same with the chipotle flavored hummus - it tastes pretty good.

What can you do with hummus? First of all it is a great makeover for mayonnaise. Hummus is 27 calories a tablespoon, while mayonnaise is 90. Try spreading hummus on your sandwich and you might even like it more than mayonnaise.

Hummus will also increase your protein intake when you eat something like carrot sticks (or dare I say it? Tostitos). Basically, you are just adding beans to your meal, and beans are really good for you.

Kids love it because they love dipping their food. My kids will dip crackers and chips in it and munch away.

I will feature a hummus recipe soon, because I know it is super easy to make. (I'm just really lazy).

Please share your favorite hummus recipe or flavor.

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I LOVE this stuff! Addictive love!

I love, love, live Hummus!

I tried Sabra hummus with pine nuts. Wasn't crazy about the texture, it was too smooth. I used to to buy the Tribe brand, but Costco stopped selling it. Jalapeno sounds wonderful!

Sabra is my favorite hummus brand! The red pepper is really good too... but I'll have to try the jalepeno. It is nice to bring to a party because it is in a cute little tub & they put some pretty ingredients on top. Try it with honey wheat pretzel sticks (Rold Gold I think). YUM! gotta go have lunch!

I was skeptical to see a post entitled "healthy prepacked food." I laughed when I saw the picture. Not only do I buy hummus (yep, haven't made it myself -- yet!), but I served this very brand at my book book launch / health fair party last weekend. Yum! Love the leftovers.

Keep the good word coming!

I LOVE Sabra Hummus! It is the creamiest, tastiest packaged hummus in my opinion. My favorites are the Luscious Lemon and Pine Nut versions. Tastes GREAT on a chicken burger or turkey wrap!

I adore hummus! And you're right, it's one of those packaged foods that often has only good ingredients in it. I like mine on sandwiches, in salads (instead of dressing), with baked pita chips, and for dipping veggies. I do make my own, but mostly because it's cheaper (although my recipe IS super delicious). If I find that I've got a bit of extra cash in my pocket, Tribe hummus is what I'll splurge on. I wouldn't say it's necessarily BETTER tasting than my homemade stuff, but it's a DIFFERENT kind of hummus, and I like that bit of variety!

I am all ways looking for something to add flavor to chicken that will also work as "glue" to hold panko breadcrumbs. This week I used Sabra Red Roasted Hummus, it worked great and gave the chicken a little kick.

Oooh, I just love Sabra Hummus! The only one I like is their roasted garlic flavor! & my 2 year old will actually eat it by the spoonful!

Hi - I love hummus with a little Feta cheese crumbled with chopped cucumber - then dip carrots or whatever. This is my little "guilty" pleasure - but just be careful how much feta you use... a little goes a long way

But what about sesame seeds that are not organic containing high amounts of benzene a carcinogen? I dont eat hummus unless its organic sesame seeds. And of course that is overpriced and harder to find.

couldnt agree more! this stuff is delish.

I heard "Athenos" hummus was lower in calories. Is it better for you than Sabra? I like the taste of Sabra better.

Roasted red pepper hummus, kalamata olives coarsely chopped and blended in the hummus, are all great choices. Or even artichoke hearts chopped and mixed in might be nice. I have tried blending in some cooked soy beans once when I wanted to finish some that was in my fridge and the hummus tasted extra creamy. But nothing to beat a simple and straightforward creamy hummus with a drizzle of EVOO. No need to embellish it further.

I have to agree that Sabra is a wonderful tasting hummus, my favorite commercial brand...I like the super creaminess of it, which is more authentic to its Middle Eastern origins than the thick or chunky stuff sometimes found in health food stores. HOWEVER - please be aware that this company is a big supporter of the Israeli military and the settlements that are used to occupy Palestinian land and people. As a Jewish American who believes that this occupation is unjust and has created an apartheid state that harms BOTH Israeli and Palestinian peoples, I have made a choice to no longer purchase this brand of hummus.

Hummus is a terrific nutritious food... and VERY easy to make... just find the balance of chickpeas (canned are fine), tahini, lemon and garlic you like, add a little EVOO and whatever other flavors ring your bell (I like a touch of cumin and cayenne)... blend it up in a food processor until it's the texture you like. Cheap+easy!

Of all the brands we have tried ... and any I find we try because we LOVE Hummus, I love the Trader Joe's brand. It is also the best price per ounce that we have found. I purchase the whole wheat flat bread from them too, toast it, slice it in wedges and my kids have a GREAT snack after school.

It is very easy and cheap to make your own hummus. It's just chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper. Throw everything in a food processor and whiz like crazy. Add a couple of tablespoons of water if needed. You don't need added oil, which most commercial brands contain. The key to really creamy hummus is to use hot chickpeas. This also cooks the garlic a bit, making it milder. Change it up with jarred roasted peppers if you like.

I love this hummus too, it's excellent :)

Oh, and to "Otter" - Go spread your hate-filled propaganda elsewhere...

Rad! I just recently found Sabra Hummus at the local WalMart (I know they're an evil corporation, I don't have Whole Foods or Trader Joe's or anything around this place).

Anyhow, I tried the spinach and artichoke, I liked it except all the oil (sesame, I guess). I bought some low sodium canned chickpeas, and plan to create my own homemade hummus (sans tahini).

Perhaps I'll make it avocado hummus, yum!

I love hummus!! Have you heard of Athenos hummus before?

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