More Soup Because Winter Is Hanging On

March 23, 2015   13 Comments

March is one of those months that I wish would hurry up. This year has been awful!

Kale and Sausage Soup

I live in Massachusetts and the snow seems like it will never leave. I am tired of putting on my snow boots, gloves, and hat. I am also tired of shivering.

What to do? Make more soup. The great thing about soup is that there are so many types to try. I love vegetable soups, cream soups, bean soups and when a reader shared this recipe – I had to try it.

This soup features kale. I have been working with kale for years now and I used to hate it. In fact, a section of my book is devoted to kale (I’m sure this fact will ensure that people buy multiple copies).

I must say that I have not enjoyed kale in a soup before I tried this one. I think it is because of the sausage – it balances the leafiness with meatiness. I used chicken sausage because it is lower in calories than pork sausage. You can find it next to the pork sausage in the butcher section of your supermarket.

It is filling (3 cups per serving) and the vitamins are off the charts (13% your daily value of iron, 102% of your daily value of vitamin A).

Don’t eat it because it is good for you – eat it because it tastes good. I love this soup.

What is your favorite soup?

Chicken Sausage, Kale, & Potato Soup Recipe

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Makes 4 servings, 3 cups per serving

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1 pound chicken sausage (uncooked version), casing removed
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
6 cups chicken broth (low sodium)
1 pound potatoes (about 3 medium sized), cubed
1 large bunch kale, thick stem removed, chopped


Heat a large saucepan on medium high and add chicken sausage. Cooked until no longer pink and remove from pan with a slotted spoon.

Add olive oil, garlic, and onion and sauté until softened (about 3 minutes). If you find that the onion is sticking, use ¼ cup of water to loosen it.

After onion and garlic are cooked, add broth and potatoes. Bring to a boil and then lower to a simmer for 10 minutes. Add kale and cooked chicken sausage and simmer until potato and kale are tender. Serve hot.

Nutrition Facts

3 cups is 203 calories, 5.6 g fat, 1.2 g saturated fat, 26.1 g carbohydrates, 3.2 g sugar, 13.0 g protein, 5.0 g fiber, 328 mg sodium, 5 Points+

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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my fave soup definitely is pizza soup! not ure exactly how healthy it is i have it maybe twice a year because of this. if i knew how to mak it healither i would 4sure have it way more often

I have done a similar kale soup, but use the precooked chicken sausage (there are different brands and flavors) - and you can just slice it thin & add it - no need to brown it first. I actually usually only 1 or two sausage links for a whole pot of soup - the flavor is enough. Mine also has white (canellini) beans instead of the potatoes. I'm in MA too - sick of the snow!

I'm in New York State and it was snowing when I left for work on this fine Monday morn. Happy Spring! Anyway, I tried a cold kale salad from the grocery store that looked beautiful until I ate it. Maybe this soup recipe will change my mind about kale.

I almost always add chopped carrots and celery to my soups. Give it better flavor and can never have too many veggies in a soup imho! I love soups! Here is my current fave. Had the chicken sausage in it too. It's very flavorful and heathy w beans and lentils.…

I love soup as it helps to feel me up.. This soup sounds good and healthy.. Will make it over the weekend.

Is the serving size of 3 cups correct? Seems like more than usual servings for soup.

Great recipe, I love this. Lots of nutrition. Kale releases more nutrition upon being cooked rather than eating it raw. Thanks for a great recipe! : )

I love soup, pretty much any kind and all year long, and in the crock pot. Thanks Erika, that soup looks great! This is one of my favorites from…

I tried your quick and easy tomato soup recipe last night, and it was delicious!

Robin: I am going to try and make that slow cooker Sausage Gnocchi Soup because it looks delicious, do you think it would be with whole wheat gnocci? Thank you :)

Great timing! Loved this idea, tweaked it a bit based on what was in my cupboard and yummy. Hot, creamy plus healthy. Thanks Snack Girl!

@Madeline, I think I probably used whole wheat gnocci. I ended up cutting "one serving" into halves - don't really remember how much that was, but it was plenty. I think the package had three servings in it. Enjoy!

Hi Snack Girl! Thank you for this great soup recipe! I made it yesterday for dinner. It turned out FANTASTIC! I added carrots and cannelloni beans to bulk up the veggies and add more protein. It was my first time cooking with kale, I'm so glad I finally tried it! I really like how the kale still had a nice texture to it. It will make for some very yummy leftovers tonight!

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