More Sweet Low SmartPoints Snacks

February 17, 2016   5 Comments

A little bit of chocolate goes a long way.

Low SmartPoints Sweet Snacks

Instead of eating my chocolate straight – I like to dip things in it – like figs to stretch the flavor and calories of this decadent treat.

I am continuing to get all of my favorite recipes update to reflect the new SmartPoints program.

I hope these will help you enjoy a sweet no-guilt treat that will help you along your journey.

1. Apple Chip Recipe – 1 SmartPts


Get the recipe here: Apple Chip Recipe

2. No Bake Brownie Balls – 2 SmartPts


Get the recipe here: No Bake Brownie Balls

3. Chocolate Banana Cake Mug – 2 SmartPts

Chocolate Banana Cake Mug

4. Chocolate Dipped Fig – 3 SmartPts


Get the recipe here: Chocolate-Dipped-Fig

5. Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods – 3 SmartPts


Get the recipe here: Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

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This is exactly the ideas I needed for my Weight Watcher journey- low points, chocolate and real sugar. I can't use any of the fake sugar substitutes that seem to be in so many dessert recipes with low points.

Snack Girl, you are the best blogger, ever !

These all look terrific. Thank you Lisa.

Perfect! Will print out the recipes and keep posted on fridge.


I love your cookbook and appreciate these recipes with the updated smart points values. Thank you!

I've been dipping pretzels, pretzel sticks and pretzel rods in chocolate for a long time! I love the combination of the saltiness and sweetness. WARNiNG! Don't do up a whole bunch of these. They're just too moreish! For me, they are the perfect "reward" snack!

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