Slices of heaven

February 2, 2009

Biting into a fresh nectarine is like tasting a summer's day. So many flavors play over your tongue as you taste one. I simply love nectarines but I wait for the summer here in the United States before I buy them.


At only 60 calories for 1 cup of slices, you can eat them all day without having to loosen your belt. Be aware that the nectarines that you see at the grocery store in the winter are from South America, and because of all the travel, etc. probably won't taste as good as a summer nectarine grown close to you.

Did you know that nectarines grow on the same trees as peaches? They are exactly the same as peaches except that their skin isn't fuzzy. If you prefer nectarines it is probably because you don't like the texture of the fuzzy outside of a peach - but you still like the flavor.

Nectarines are great in a fruit salad with fresh or frozen blueberries, sliced bananas, and apples. Just squeeze a little lemon juice on top and it will all stay looking fresh (and not turn that ugly brown).

If you are serving these to children, you want to avoid nectarines that are not organic because they are heavily sprayed and soak up pesticides. Choose organic nectarines whenever possible. And remember to remove the pits for the baby and toddler set.

Don't like nectarines?

How about: Apples, Raspberries, Orange

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