This Year, Get What You REALLY Want!

December 28, 2012   67 Comments

It is New Year’s Eve. Do you know what you really want?

New Years Resolution

A glass of champagne, a big kiss, a, that isn’t what I mean!

Yes, it is time for that self reflection that comes when we are faced with a shift in the calendar. 2013 starts tomorrow and many of us are thinking about how we will be different in the new year.

Isn’t it fun to think of starting fresh? I’m guessing that if you read this blog, you are thinking hard about how to be healthier. I’m also thinking that the last couple of weeks have made you feel like a Christmas cookie (okay, maybe it is just me that feels like a Christmas cookie).

What I want you to do is to type in your resolution in the comment section below. Hey, you are already reading this, so you might as well take a minute and tell the world what you REALLY want out of yourself this year.

I will go first:

  • Do a serious workout twice a week at my new gym (got a membership in December).
  • Eat more fruits/vegetables at breakfast (I only eat toast).
  • Feel good about what I got done instead of lousy about what I didn’t.
  • Be nicer to my husband (especially when tired).

This is what I want to work on for the year. I tried to make them all positive. For example, I could have written “Stop being such a jerk when tired”.

Every year I write down some resolutions and I am always amazed that some of them actually happen. I will leave this post up and then you can look at what you wrote December 31st, 2013.

I can’t wait to see what you guys write. I am sure you will inspire me.

How about you? Please type your New Year’s resolutions in the comment section.

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Be nicer to hubs when I've had a rough day

Drink water with every meal

Maintain my weight on Ww

1. Focus more on delayed gratification
2. Keep all my relationships strong
3. Continue practicing Yoga every week
4. Quit smoking
5. Read a little every day

Try not to worry so much about things I can't change.

Making myself a priority
Drink more water
Working out at least 3-4 times per week
Get back to my healthy eating habits

Be kinder to myself :-)

Drink more water.
Make a meal plan and follow it.
Get more sleep.

Make quality time every day to play with my son or just talk/snuggle.

Exercise and eat better (I am hypoglycemic)

Make personal days for myself and playdates with MY friends each week.

Be more romantic/flirty with my husband and make him feel desired.

Bake and cook new recipes.

Try to RELAX more and not feel so anxious and stressed

Oh boy I actually made a list of 10 things to change for 2013! # 1 is exercising more, eat more clean, save money and look at 2013 with a positive attitude!

Oh, I meant to tell you Happy New Years!!

Focus on non-food ways to reward myself.

Find the positive to working out instead of whining to myself that I don't want to do it.

Learn to cook.

Be more understanding and less judgemental of others.

Eat good food in the amounts my body needs/burns, not just because it's time or others are eating.

Daily activity - if it's not a day I full out exercise, spend 5 minutes taking a walk or strength training to keep from injury on other days.

Keep sweets from being a distraction/obsession by snacking on healthy fresh foods instead.

Feed my spirit/soul daily.

(thanks Snack Girl, you just helped my check off my first goal before the new year even started - Sort the hundreds of things going around in my head to a few simple goals. Now I'll stat working on ONE of them today)

1. Feed my family cleaner (even if they complain)

2. Run more (with goal to run Air Force Half Marathon in September)

3. Trying Vegetarianism on for size this year

4. Live more simply

1. Have a stronger, more fruitful faith. Trusting in God fully.

2. Continue to lose weight- doing Crossfit is my goal!

3. Reduce my stress level

Eat more of what is really good for me, instead of what I think I want.

Break up reading/computer time with more movement and stretches.

Continue aqua-aerobics and tai chi, add more walking.

1. Make taking care of myself a priority
2. Continue my weight loss journey (WW)
3. Drink more water

4. Activity and/or Yoga (at least 3 times weekly)

5. Show my husband I love him on a daily basis

6. Save more and spend less

Relax (I'm type A)

Run a 10k - I'm up to 3 miles... 3 more to go!!

Enjoy my life and my family - it goes by quick!

Continue to exercise and eat heathy and to keep off the

43 lbs I lost this year.....

1. Read bible in a year

2. Journal and write a letter often

3. Exercise when i don't feel like it

4. Drink a glass of water before a meal

5. Eat fruit and vegetables

6. Play often with my husband and children

I'm inspired by your note of eating veggies at breakfast. Why not? I like this. If we start earlier in the day than we will get more in!!! Brilliant. I know adding this to my regime will help me keep off my large weight loss. Thanks.

Become more committed to Bible study and prayer

Either walk or do treadmill 5 days/week
Decrease the sugars and carbs in my diet
Drink more water.

1. Exercise/walking a minimum of 3 times per week

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

3. Don't over-react to situations at work

Off the top of my head...
Be easier on myself.
Read a book a month.
Sleep more.
Live in TODAY.

I love all of these great resolutions, so focused on healthier living! In addition I want to continue eating organic whenever possible, more plant-based, less animal-based foods. Most of all I want to try to make a positive difference to the ones I love, my neighbors, my community and my country, however small these changes/contributions may be. I want to critique my core beliefs and bias', question my consumerism, fix things instead of replace things, limit my use of plastics, boycott Walmart, buy locally whenever possible, preserve more food, support causes that are special to me with donations [labeling laws, farm bills, diabetes research, etc.]. I want to practice more patience and like Barbara said above, try not to worry about things I can't change. And try to live more in the present than the past or future! Happy New Year to all!

I want to continue to work out 5x per week, but mainly, I want to lose about 10 lbs. of the weight I've gained since I stopped doing WW...I know it's emotional eating that has pushed me to gain the weight, so maybe dealing with stress in a better way should be a resolution!

1. Maintain the new food regime I have learned this past year, and the 30-lb weight loss.

2. Get involved with dog agility activities immediately.

3.Choose a new workout mode/walk every day.Involve my teenage daughter in this...collaborate with her.

4.Find a new church/faith family.

1. Lose weight by moving more, eating less and finding other ways to deal with stress besides eating.

2. Control spending and pay down some debt.

3. Take better care of me!

4. Keep my family healthy both physically & mentally, and help them continue to grow as people.

1. Be more positive.

2. Watch less television.

3. Eat more healthy and follow ww for weight loss.

4. Exercise 4-5 times a week.

5. Take up a hobby to keep me busy, ie reading, painting, gardening.

*be more patient with people/things(my husband tells me I am the most impatient person he knows and he's right)

*drink more water
*eat less sweets
*relax more

*don't obsess over not being able to accomplish something,it's not the end of the world!

*travel more when my money and schedule permits

*keep in touch more with friends and family.

Mine is related to your #3. My mantra is going to be, "Don't let perfect be the enemy of good." So I am going to embrace those baby steps and focus on incremental change instead of being demoralized by how far I still have to go. I will be cheering for us all!

I actually lost a few pounds during the holidays this year so I'm starting the new year with the knowledge that I CAN get to my desired weight.

1. Eat when I am physically hungry.

2. Stop eating before I feel completely full.

3. Move more - got new DVD routines to check out.

4. Celebrate life & loved ones more often.

Buy a house that is MINE and I can decorate as I please.

Drink less alcohol, use meditation & exercise instead to manage stress

Make new and strengthen existing friendships

Bring yoga back into my life
Obtain my happy weight
Have more fun!

Yes, my friends.... that ugly superwoman snare is lurking about for New Year's Eve. Expectations are what kill our joy in life. Because we can't depend on them to pan out-ever. I think we can instead "invite" and nurture the things which we need and admire and desire. Practice patience for all of these things, allow them to show you the timing and process they require, and then be the follower, not the master. ( This may just be the secret to peace.)

1. Continue to work towards my TOPS goal weight (down about 35 lbs so far, 13 to go)

2. Remember "mindful eating" and avoid out of control binges

3. Maybe feel good enough about myself to dip my toe back in the dating pool

- Eat healthier and exercise

- Have a healthy baby (8 weeks pregnant!)

- Always say please & thank you

Find something to be thankful for everyday, write it down and place it in the jar I made for this resolution. On December 31, 2013, I'll take all the 365 pieces of paper out and read what happened on each day that I was thankful for.

- Support my friend recovering from an eating disorder (she is doing GREAT so far)

-Transition to a vegan diet (this isn't really part of my resolution but it is something that I have decided to do after extensive research)

- Try not to be as defensive as I have been lately

I don't really believe in resolutions because they end up making me feel worse. I think for some people, they pick something too general, rather than measurable.

I told myself that I need to make more real time with my pooch. Yes, I see her everyday and feed and pet her, but I want to make a measurable effort to make sure to get in cuddle time at least and playtime at least once in every single day... just so that I'm more aware that I'm giving her the love and attention she deserves.

Here's a good way to get some veges/fruits in for the breakfast meal...blend a banana, a cup of blueberries (frozen is fine), a big handfull of kale or spinach (about a cup), and 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed. Add 1 cup non-fat milk and 1 cup of water. Not only is it very tasty but you have gotten 4 servings of fruits and veges. If you are a Weight Watchers you can add a packet of WW Vanilla Calcium drink powder. The total with milk would be 6 Pointsplus. You also can check off both milk servings required for your daily health checks. (Both the WW powder and milk combined = 4 points and two milk servings. Why the flax seed you ask? Well it does add 2 Points plus but I experimented with it and it keeps me way fuller throughout the morning. By lunchtime at 12 I am barely hungry. Without the flax seed I am hungry at about 11.

It makes A LOT of shake but go ahead and drink it. It's great for you.

Start the day with prayer and a few minutes to center myself before forging ahead with the days activities.

1. Leave the house if I want to start picking at food.

2. Focus more on my twin boys than most anything else.

3. More walks with the dogs.

4. Keep eating well and focus more on the good than the bad.

Thank you Snack Girl for the whole year of insights. I have used many of your recipes and contemplated other things I wouldn't have had you not put it out there.

Have a great New Year!

Start lifting weights
Continue exercise classes
Cook more often

Well, since doing the No Processed food challenge in October then finding your site..I want to keep up the momentum of not giving in to processed is hard! The other day I was feeling weak and was going to buy a processed bread but then I walked away. I want it to be automatic that I don't want to buy the chemical filled stuff.

Water is always...for past 5 years!

Excercise a little every day

No more wine during the week

Be more affectionate with my hubby, even if i am tired

Drink more water, Pray daily, Be Mindful of emotional eating triggers and Laugh more

I'm going to borrow Barb's idea...

I want to be more committed to Bible study and prayer.

I want to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I want to get off as many of my meds as possible.

Get in some sort of physical activity 6 days a week! Whether it's the gym or park with my daughter, walking the dog etc.

Complete the Whole 30!

I will have more patience with my husband and 4 year old!

1. Get back to exercising
2. Drink my water
3. Play with my kids more
4. Be nice my husband

1. Eat more raw foods.
2. Pay off car this year.
3. De-Clutter.
4. Do more reading.
5. Stop procrastinating!
6. Start writing my book.
7. Entertain more in my home.

8. Change up my work-out routine and activities.

9. Take care of my needs first.

10. Take educational & artistic courses/workshops.

I have two goals and both are fitness related!

1. Run a half marathon each quarter of the year (and sign up with at least one girlfriend so we can train together and grow our friendship)

2. Achieve my goal of no more than 18% body fat

I'm excited for 2013!

New year's goals

1. practice weight watchers instead of just paying them money for nothing.

2. Work out at least as much as I did in 2012. It was a great improvement over previous years.

3. Talk about things that are bothering me instead of holding them in. It's only hurting me.

My resolutions are to get back into yoga, my favorite kind of exercise, to get back on track regarding healthy eating, make sure my boyfriend knows how much I love and appreciate him everyday!

To get back to tracking(weight watcher junkie)

Work out more
Drink more water
Try at least one new food a week

Try to simplify my life in all ways.

Remember what's really important and concentrate on those things first and foremost.

1) eat out once a week TOPS
2) drink more water
3) get my house organized (haha)

No more negative self talk, especially in front of my daughters. Set an example for them, of how to be happy with who I am, and what I look like. Show them how to live a healthy lifestyle. It all starts with me, I want to put an end to low self-esteem in my girls.

Stop eating so much fast food an cook more of my own meals.

Exercise 5 days a week 30 mins. A day and have fun doing it

Open Diva Gift Basket business Feb. 1 2013

Spend more quality time with my good friends

Donate 4 Food baskets to hungry families every month

#1 Make health & wellness a priority - eat more whole grains, fruits, vegetables; meditate; workout 2-3 times a week!

I haven't made resolutions in so long and usually they are so broad that I never accomplish it. So here are top priority areas I want to improve:

Connect more with people outside of work
Find something positive in each day
Appreciate what I have
Be kinder to myself
Worry less

1. Avoid the temptation of potato chips

2. Introduce Fruit & Veggies to every meal

3. Stay positive through the things I can't change

Accept myself unconditionally, right now!

Be positive (speak positively)

Get rid of things that are weighing me down in life

(Weight, debt, clutter, negativity, criticism)

Seek to be closer to God everyday

Will be active WITH my kids at least 1 day a week.

Will follow PT orders so I can exercise full tilt again!

1. Start planning the wedding! (It'll be March 2014.)

2. Try new ways to exercise

3. Continue to have success on Weight Watchers/eat healthy

4. Stick to my awesome new budget and tax plan

1. Eat more veggies & fruit

2. Exercise at least twice a week (but really try for 3)

3. Read more
4. Quilt more
5. Find something good in each day

2. love myself, love people.
3 be healthy and eat healthier! :)

I know I'm posting late but I had to think long and hard about a resolution that would encourage my weight loss goals. It hit me last night when is spent most of the evening cleaning. My resolution is to wear my sneakers in the house. Whenever I do this I find myself constantly on the move, and better yet I am not in front of the tv with a bag of chips. This is the itty bitty lifestyle change I am committing to in 2013, one that I hope will encourage me to be a little less lazy, move a whole lot more, and snack a little less.

cook more homemade meal and bring them for lunch at work, instead of eating at the cafeteria every day!

May I just say that Snack Girl ROX!!

And to all the ladies that posted here: you're an inspiration and a community, and I wish all of you a gorgeous, progressive, and peaceful Happy 2013. I resolve to create the right space and maintain the right attitude to Do Ma Thang.



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