What Would You Do if THIS Was In Your Fridge?

March 10, 2010   8 Comments

So, today, I am feeling really good that I don't have a pastry chef on staff here at the mansion. I had been thinking about hiring one but after hearing about Obama's cholesterol level, I think I will hold off.

obama cake

This story in the Los Angeles Times really caught my attention. It seems that President Obama's cholesterol level has gone up since taking office.

From the Los Angeles Times:

The White House chefs "make good desserts," Gibbs told reporters Monday. "I think he's on more than one occasion sampled more than he needed to."

Sound familiar? No matter what your politics, you have to agree that President Obama has a stressful job. And, he has a fridge stocked with artfully crafted desserts made by the loving hand of a pastry chef. Yikes!

I can imagine him waking up in the middle of the night, something stressful on his mind (2 wars, perhaps?), walking down to his humongous fridge and grabbing a slice of whatever lovely concoction is there. As he shoves it in his mouth, he calms down a bit.

Then, Michelle arrives and says, "Barack, put down the fork."

Maybe he should read my article from January: Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

Or he could skim Mike Huckabee's book, "Stop Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork". It is actually a really fun read, and I think helpful for people that hate diets and have demanding jobs.

He advocates a 12 STOP program and if you have the will to implement his changes, you would do great.

My only problem with the book is that changing your habits doesn't usually happen "cold turkey". Usually, we take steps to change our bad habits until we have good ones.

One step that I have made to stop stress eating is not to have a cake (such as the one photographed above) in my house. I know that I would gain 10 pounds instantly if I had a pastry chef. The special occasions in my house are SPECIAL (otherwise known as rare).

And, if you are wondering, I don't live in a mansion. I rent a normal sized house without staff. Actually, that isn't true - I AM the full-time cleaner-upper.

How do you deal with stress eating? Please share.

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I focus my attention elsewhere. I try to be productive doing something else to distract myself. If I'm actually stressed, I'll take a bath or work out. Something like that. If I'm just bored, then I occupy myself.

You're right about changing bad habits. First, you have to admit there's a bad habit to change. Then changing it is hard. It's really step-by-step change, not all at once.

One of the greatest food secrets on planet Earth. Try a spoonful of fresh (and it must be fresh) Almond Butter.

One of the best treats going. Do not purchase the almond butter in a's a different beast than the fresh stuff.

Ken Leebow

Feed Your Head

Heh, yes, I think if I had a couple wars going on and a country to run I'd be reaching for freshly made desserts baked by a pastry chef, too...

This book sounds pretty good. But I agree, it takes a while to implement changes that STICK.

Also, it's interesting how we all have different "triggers"... I agree with Ken that a spoonful of almond butter is one of the best treats going, but for me, if I start eating nut butter I have a REALLY tough time stopping! I can eat 1/4 jar in one sitting. I should really ban nut butter from my house or something. That would probably be the safer route. But I don't have the heart to ban something as fantastic and NATURAL as nut butter!

Wow, I could not have that in my fridge!! I am the queen of desserts, but have given them up this year because I'm turning 30 and trying to prevent diabetes. I allow myself to have them on special occassions, and for some reason, this is working for me.

My trick is to splurge on fresh fruit - berries are super expensive right now, but I'll get those once a week to 'indulge'.

Also, Trader Joes just started selling almond butter with flaxseed - it's delicious!

When I had a dog, I made her a promise that every time I got a serious ice cream craving, I would take her for a walk instead. It worked for several years. Then she passed away. Now, it's between me and the ice cream. I revert to my mantra: everything in moderation! Good luck everybody!

Still working on it....

If it was a regular cake, I'd just feel sad, pawn it off on the kids, and make myself something gluten-free. If it was a gluten-free cake, oh, boy, watch out. This is why this stuff, when I make it, regularly is given away to coworkers! LOL I allow myself treats, but I have to remove them from the house to lower temptation levels. Then, if I really have a craving, I have to find the time to make something - from scratch. Then I feel I've worked enough to deserve a piece. :)

Wow, to have a fridge full of tempting goodies, ooey, gooey cakes, and fruity, flaky pies. Sigh. The worst part is I AM a pastry chef and I will not bake anymore because tasting is harmful to my health! Darn...

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