A 130 Calorie Donut

February 26, 2010   13 Comments

Can you reduce a donut by half its calories and retain something that tastes good?

Half Donut

Sure! All you have to do is cut the donut in half. Simply put, a Doughnut is 260 calories. So, now you are looking at a "cookie" portion of a doughnut.

Getting in the habit of slicing a donut in half - and either leaving the other half for someone else - or just tossing it in the trash immediately isn't easy.

Doughnuts are delicious and ubiquitous. How many meetings have you been to with Doughnuts? Do you have a drive-thru Doughnut store minutes from your house?

My kids think the drive-thru Doughnut store is magic, but I think it is evil. You don't have to even walk to get your Doughnut? Is that cruel or what?

So, you need a strategy when confronting these delicious junk-food concoctions. Don't decide you can't have them, because then they loom in your mind. Denying yourself pleasure is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do.

My advice - slice it in half and toss. If you do it every time, you will enjoy what you ate - have a treat - and add less to your waist-line.

What is your strategy when faced with a plate of doughnuts? Please share below.

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My solution.... skip the donuts at the office and wait until I get home. If I am still wanting a donut, I indulge in a Holey Donut! My husband and I keep them stocked in our freezer. They are delicious and you can eat the whole thing without feeling bad.

The only way I could eat a half a donut is to buy a Texas sized one!

i find that suggestion very irresponsible. if you can "afford" to eat just half thats ok BUT TOSSING THE REST OUT is wasteful and wrong.

Maybe it's because donuts are not my fave, but I recently had a bite of one lately and it looked so much better than it tasted... too greasy.

If I'm craving one, I go for a couple of chocolate munchkins/donut holes instead (I believe 5 munchkins = 1 donut. (Now, chocolate - that is my fave!)

All a half a donut is going to do is make me want to eat the other half and crave more. Let's eat something filling and nutritious. Donuts don't qualify in either of thos categories.

I agree with the poster "banana." Throwing out half a donut is wasteful. Splitting it with someone is a better idea, but I don't like to waste food.

I love Holey Donuts.I rarely need a fix of when I order them they last in the freezer.Check em out.Google it.

I wouldn't fret over the "waste" of a half a doughnut. If you knew how much healthy, nutritious food gets thrown out every day by stores and restaurants, you would cry.

If I want a donut, I'll just eat the whole thing. 130 extra calories one day won't make much difference in the scheme of things. It just if you have 2 or 3 *every* day.

Our daily morning meetings always display a fresh warm platter of assorted donuts. Thanks to my high fiber high protein breakfast of either oatmeal and fruit, or a slice of ww toast w peanut butter and an apple/banana and a cup of coffee, I am usually still satisfied and don't even consider a donut.

I just eat the whole donut... I only eat the one, and it's only an occasional treat. I just make sure that's my only treat for the day. The other half isn't going to kill you.

I'm with Sonia, I don't think I've ever considered a doughnut after my high fiber high protein breakfasts that are exactly what Sonia has with one more variation...some mornings I have a hard boiled egg, one rye toast and coffee.

I usually opt for one or two doughnut holes! They come in a few flavors at the bakery by my house :)

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