Pasta Zero: Real Pasta For 15 Calories Per Serving?

June 18, 2013   39 Comments

Here I am again, playing the guinea pig. Why me?

Pasta Zero Review

I ask you that because I don’t get to sample fine wines or chocolates to review on this website. Instead, I get to try translucent, gelatinous, Japanese noodles. Argh.

I have reviewed this type of noodle before - Guilt Free Noodles And Rice: How Miraculous Are They? – but the company that made them, “Miracle” brand, is different from Nasoya.

Unlike the “Miracle” noodles, I can buy these at my local Stop & Shop and they are made with a few different ingredients. Also, they are 15 calories per four ounce serving versus ZERO.

Here is the ingredient list:

water, potato starch, konjac flour, chickpea flour, calcium hydroxide, reduced iron, folic acid

This is a bowl of Shirataki fettuccine:

The preparation is easy. You rinse them in a colander and then heat them in the microwave. Done.

What did I think? I liked these a lot more than the Miracle noodles. Why? The Pasta Zero noodles:

1. Do not smell like fish.
2. Are easier to prepare.
3. Taste pretty good.

I ate these with nothing on them, which I do not recommend. What I discovered is that Shirataki noodles are traditional noodles from Japan. These are not a strange creation dreamed up by a company for us to lose weight like “olestra”.

These do not remind me of Italian pasta. They do remind me of rice noodles and I think they would be great in a stir-fry or an Asian inspired dish such as Pad Thai.

On the Nasoya website there is an Asian Cold Noodle Salad that would be excellent with these.

If any of you have tried the Miracle noodles and found that they did not agree with you (digestive issues), give these a shot. I believe they are different enough to not cause you a problem.

Nasoya Pasta Zero is found in the produce section next to the tofu, and costs $2 for an 8 ounce bag.

Have you tried Pasta Zero? What do you think?

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

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They don't have that fishy smell! I'm in! I tried the other noodles and the smell grosses me out! I'm going to look for these int he store next time I go! Thank you Snack Girl!!

Dreamfields pasta is very good and one of the most healthiest, I am surprised I don't see it talked about more on the internet

Never heard of konjac. I'll have to look it up.

I would be willing to try these. I think Shirataki noodles are the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever tasted! Felt and smelled like squid bait, only worse.

I also buy Dreamfields pasta and am surprised I don't see it talked about more. It tastes fantastic and WILL remind you of italian pasta - because it is!! :)

Wish we could get these where I live! The only ones we can get are the ones that are soy based - they give me the worst stomach pain in the world!!! So a note of caution to those with soy sensitivity - make sure you read the ingredients - lots of these have soy in them!

I have tried these and keep trying to remember to get more. I occasionally get a craving for pasta and whole grain pasta is fine, but it's not what I crave.

Let me tell you these were wonderful with veggie marinara sauce!! I love them. I also used the other serving with my Thai Curried Veggies. I liked them enough to search out Nasoya's website and write a review! Sorry I didn't think to talk about it here. 8(


I use House Foods shirataki noodles which I believe uses yam flour and has around 40 calories for the entire bag. you have to prep them just like tha Pasta Zero ones. They are better for Asian dishes and are a good ramen noodle replacement. I usually add them into Miso or

Asian Hot and Spice soup. Publix and my local International Farmer's market are the only places that I have seen that carry them.

i have made the pasta zero several times. I rinsed then dried them a little. I added some red sauce which I made without oil etc. sauteed onion with pam, add canned crushed tomato, salt pepper, basil cook down and it's not bad

Did not care for these. I prefer spaghetti squash. Better texture, very low in calories, and very easy to cook in the microwave, then save in the frig for sauces.

I LOVE these noodles. I make a salmon stir fry with them and it's my favorite go to meal. They take on whatever sauce for flavorings you add to them. I have to say, they do have a smell when you first open the package. Make sure you rinse them very well and the smell goes away. Also, they are very long strands. I take some scissors and cut them in little pieces.

I've tried the Shirataki noodles, but I couldn't get past the texture. The mouth feel was like slimy rubber. Here's hoping that these are better.

I've been eating these for about 3 years give or take and it is great for when you have that Spaghetti and meatball type craving. It does the trick. If I don't have that then I use a spaghetti squash.

The key with these is to DRY THEM VERY WELL! Mulitple changes of paper towels dry them well before adding sauce.... red sauce, pesto, anything you would put on regular pasta. Not bad for once in a while.

Have you reviewed the "Skinny Girl" Wines? I hear they're pretty good but haven't the nerve to try them. Would love to see a review first before buying. I mean you can get paid for trying them or maybe write them off on your taxes in the name of Snack Girl. Just looking out for you so you are always stuck tasting pasta. LOL…

Both these and the miracle noodles I think are fine in Asian type dishes. I usually do a shrimp stir fry with lots of veggies and some fish sauce and rice vinegar. Curry noodles, also good and Pho-type soup. DO NOT try to make Italian with them. I prep both types of noodles by rinsing them very well in a colander, letting them drip-dry in the colander, adding them to the food a few minutes before the end of cooking. I have never tried to dry them with towels.

Just love Dreamfields. Not cheap, but wonderful, real pasta, low digestable carbs and very filling. I have given this to several diabetic friends and they all love it too.

I too tried the Shirataki and hated them. Will give these a try.

I too found the yam / shirataki noodles to be un-edible.

I then moved to Sea Tangle's Kelp noodles.. if you don't mind the crunchiness, they're great.. they have no flavor, so whatever you pair them with is what you get!

I hope I can find these to try! I just took a cooking class at a Dierbergs and they had all of the Skinny Girl cocktails available to sample. I prefered the red wine over both the Moscato and the Sangria. As far as the ready to serves I loved the SG Cosmo.

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