Pizza is better for you than a candy bar

March 5, 2009

If you had to choose between a Snickers and a slice of pizza, which should you eat? Go with the pizza, you get some nutrients and you will probably be more satisfied after eating it.


Remember a Snickers has 270 calories, so you may actually be doing better eating a slice of pizza for a snack.

What is the size of a slice of pizza? It can really vary. I use a measure from Domino's because, while I don't like their pizza, I think we all know what a Domino's pizza looks like.

So, picture a large pizza (14 inches in diameter) cut into 8 pieces. One of those pieces is approximately 250 calories. But, be honest with yourself, I bet your slice is bigger than the one photographed here.

While Domino's is not my favorite pizza, they have done something with their website that all fast food chains should copy. They have included a calorie counter that will enable you to find out how many calories is in your favorite pizza.

Just plug in your favorite crust and toppings and you know what you are eating. Here is the link to their calorie counter:

I remember an advertisement for Domino's that featured the boast that their pizza's had 3/4 pound of cheese. Wow! That is a ton! When I make my own pizza (which is really fun with kids), I use about 1/4 pound and it still tastes great.

I think Domino's knows that if they add more cheese it will taste better, and people will buy more.

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