Tis The Season For Pomegranates

December 20, 2012   25 Comments

I know what you are thinking. Why doesn’t Snack Girl feature more paintings from the Italian Renaissance?

Pomegranate snack

I found this detail of Madonna of the Pomegranate by Botticelli painted in 1487 on Wikipedia and I decided that if I posted such a beautiful work, you would all go out and buy a pomegranate.

How can you resist? What if I suggested that you throw a few pomegranate seeds in that bubbly you will be consuming on New Year’s Eve? Convinced?

Pomegranates are in season from October through February and will last in your fridge for three to four weeks unopened. Once you seed them, you should eat them within two to three days or you can freeze the seeds for later consumption.

The key is knowing how to seed them. For that I am going to turn to a friend of mine, Chef John. He is great at explaining basic cooking techniques on his site Food Wishes. Here is a very clear and fun video on seeding pomegranates:

You may have to endure a short advertisement, but it is completely worth it because it IS that easy to seed a pomegranate.

What to do with the seeds?

  • Eat them as a snack (with or without beer as Chef John suggests)
  • Toss them on a salad
  • Garnish a soup
  • Add them to bubbly (oh, I already mentioned that)

They are packed with nutrients, yummy, and festive. How can you lose?

What do you do with pomegranates? Please share.

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Here is my recipe using pomegranates that I posted just the other day:

Thank you for this tip! Happy New Year Snack Girl!

Joanie, adding the cookie recipe to my Christmas baking. When I was little and my parents bought pomegrante we were told to put a few in mouth and get out the juice and spit out seeds, guess my parents didn't know you could eat the seeds. Wasn't that long ago I found out you could eat them. :-}

I have been wanting to try pomegranates but not quite sure what you eat. Do you just eat the seeds?

I love pomegranates, especially on my yogurt!!!

Amazing! Why has it taken me more than sixty years to discover how to seed a pomegranate? because Snack Girl has only recently come on to the scene!

Thank you - there is something new to learn around every corner.

Love pomegranates! I don't really have a recipe though.. I just eat them plain, or on some mango sorbet. Yum!

I think pomegranates are one of those fruits/veggies that people get intimidated by because they don't know what to do with them. I feel that way about artichokes, rutabagas, kumquats.. (Do you just eat the whole kumquat or do you peel it?? I don't know!) I could google these things but I prefer the opinion of someone I follow, such as Snack Girl!

Here's another de-seeding method:…

While it's an admittedly more aggressive approach, I suppose it's the price that pomegranates are paying for having been so cantankerous until now. :)

Wow! I never buy pomegranate because I had no idea how to do this without a giant mess. The kids will try something new and fresh for the holidays this year. Thanks Snack Girl, and Merry Christmas everyone!

I had just recently tried pomegranate for the first time and I loved it! Here is my pomegranate chopped salad recipe:…

What a beautiful salad, great to eat any night of the week and pretty enough to serve for guests! Plus my young kids were pretty interested eating it!

Why oh why didn't I think to add them to bubbly?! (Runs out to get pomegranates now.)

Never thought of beer either. Win-win for hubby and me!

Growing up in a middle eastern home, we always had a few pomegranates on hand. I like to eat them seeds and all. My uncle used to squeeze them to death, puncture a hole in them and squeeze the juice into a glass.

I eat pomegranate on yogurt for breakfast. :-)

Hi Snack Girl....I posted about pomegranates today too with some ideas for how to use them and my own "how to" on getting out those pesky seeds. All ideas you'll find here:…

I mix them in lemon yogurt. Yum, yum.

On sale $5 for two of them at Wegman's. Nice big juicy ones too (all of their produce is lovely)

Oh, yeah! I'm going to watch this video when I get home. I have NO idea how to eat a pom! But I know they are a totally healthy thing to eat!


My two-year-old has recently discovered a passion for pomegranate. She calls them "pata-numa-numa-numa-numa", which makes me giggle. She loves the seeds sprinkled on her oatmeal in the morning.

My son and I love them. I usually chew up a small mouthful of kernels, suck the juice from it and swallow, and then when they are dried up I spit out that stuff in the middle of the kernel.

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