The BEST Post Workout Snack

April 20, 2011   18 Comments

Whether you do yoga, walk, spin, bike, run, or swim, you usually get hungry after activity. Many people reach for energy bars such as PowerBar, but with a little creativity, you can do a WHOLE lot better.

Banana Quesadilla

I love sweet things so for me a banana is a great choice. But, what if I am really hungry? Adding peanut butter is my favorite way to get more healthy calories and replace that cookie that I am always craving in the late afternoon.

You use whole grain tortillas that you can find in the refrigerated section of your supermarket or you can make your own see: Homemade Whole Wheat Tortillas - So Ridiculously Easy. You mash the banana and spread peanut butter (or any other nut butter) on your tortilla.

And, THEN, the best part. You heat it up. This renders the banana all mushy and the tastes collide into an orbit of deliciousness. I am serious. You will never eat a PowerBar again if you try this.

Of course, you are going to need a kitchen or access to a microwave (can't shove this in your gym bag - yuck!).

This snack will take you less than 2 minutes to make. If you have a potato masher, the whole process is sped up (but a fork is fine).

Kids will love making this and it is a great after school snack. They can mix other things into the quesadilla such as raisins, shredded coconut, nuts or other yummy things to make it their own.

And then there is breakfast! Wouldn't this make a fantastic breakfast (the entire quesadilla)? You get your serving of fruit, healthy protein, and whole grain to start the day (and it is warm). Give it a try!

What is your favorite banana combo?

Banana Quesadilla

(serves 2)

2 whole grain tortillas
1 ripe banana
1 tablespoon peanut butter
a few chocolate chips (optional)

Mash banana in bowl with potato masher. Spread peanut butter and banana on tortilla, add chocolate chips, and top with other tortilla. Warm in microwave for 20 seconds (depending on your microwave).

For 1/2 quesadilla = 230 calories, 6.7 g fat, 37 g carbohydrates, 6.6 g protein, 6.0 g fiber, 367 mg sodium, 4 Points+

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I love dipping the tortillas in salsa as a great snack after I get back from walking my dog!

Studies show that fat free chocolate milk refuels muscles after a workout better than "bad for you" sports drinks! It's easy, portable and thirst quenching! Read here:…

Sounds tasty, I'll try it, but I'm even more excited to find the link on making my own whole wheat tortillas! By the way, you have quite a knack at describing food in such a lovely way: "collide into an orbit of deliciousness"


I love the idea of the tortilla, but I'm not a fan of either bananas or peanut butter. I guess cheese would defeat the point? Or is there something else I could put on it, like a low fat butter spread or something?

Hi, I love the idea of this as a post workout (& anytime) snack! I have one question, other than bananas, what else do you think I can eat with the tortilla & PB? I unfortunately can't eat bananas. Thank you!

@ Kristy - a serving of cheese is good for you! Especially if it's organic. It's full of protein and calcium. I like dipping my tortillas into homemade salsa con queso, so you get the cheese and a little big of vegetables! :)

@C 21 - this is a tough question to answer because nothing much comes to mind. Maybe sliced apple or pear? anyone else have an idea?

I love this idea! A little like a healthy version of an "Elvis" sandwich. I usually throw frozen bananas in a blender with peanut butter and almond milk, but this is even quicker. Thanks for the tip!

i just figured the ww points using my calculator, and i come up with 6 points , not 4. and im using the new PPV...just fyi.

Using sliced apples sounds very good too. I especially like honey crisp apples with peanut butter!!

@Debbie - I ran this one on the WW recipe builder - 1 whole wheat tortilla, 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter - and the banana is zero - and that is how I got 4. did you include the banana? Thanks!

yes i counted the banana and the peanut butter. i know were supposed to use "0" for them, but i count them just like before. thanks for the YUMMY sounding recipe. cant wait to try it along w/the homemade tortillas. love your tips. thanks

Someone commented on my blog asking for my recipe for homemade salsa con queso, but I don't have a way to e-mail them, so I hope it's okay if I write this here. I don't have a real 'recipe' for salsa con queso, although I should probably write it down and post it someday! Anyways, I just shred some cheese (I used white cheddar) Melt on the stove over low heat and keep whisking so it doesn't burn. Add a little milk, enough so it gets creamy but not too much that it gets to thin. Then I just add whatever peppers I can get and a little diced tomato. If you're making a big batch, you could just throw in an entire can of a Rotel-like product. It's yummy!

Just wanted to point out that if you're "working out" you will burn this off--but if you're taking a short walk, even briskly, you will need to walk AT LEAST AN HOUR if you're a petite woman or 45 minutes if not, to "earn" this snack!!!

Remember, calories in, calories out...

I have had this many times since I first saw the recipe. Love it! I have also started putting PB and banana in my oatmeal with a touch of raw honey. If you mash the banana, it's much sweeter so I'll have to try w/o the honey.

I looove bananas and pb- but I have them for breakfast every morning, so I try not to repeat it with a snack.

Nice idea! Will try it... Thanks!

If you goal is to improve your endurance, strength or tone up those not so firm legs and butt then there is a few key points to remember.

1. Timing your refuelling, they use to recommend to have your post workout snack within 20 minutes of your workout.

However, newer research has shown that optimal recovery is seen when subjects ate their post workout snack immediately after their workout. When delayed the strength gains and other positives were not even comparable.

THe other important factor is what you choose. The most needed nutrients are all essential amino acids which are found in protein shake. Chicken and rice or other whole foods do not provid the same results. lastly the good news the muscles need these nutrients quickly so you can add something sweet to raise your blood sugar to deliver that protein to your hungry muscles. I also know lots of other trainers that use chocolate milk for a quick post recovery drink. If you are working hard and not getting results start journalling your food intake. If you want fast effective home workouts check out

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