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December 16, 2010   14 Comments

Out of fresh fruit? Can't make it to the store?

Raisins Are Healthy

Hopefully, you grabbed some of these Sun-Maid raisins when you last visited the supermarket.

These mini boxes of raisins are considered a treat in my house. My kids adore getting these little red boxes in their lunch boxes.

When I was a kid, I loved getting them, too. Seems that Sun-Maid has been selling these cute boxes of raisins since 1915!

They can be found in the dried fruit section of the supermarket. I have wondered why they aren't on the snack aisle next to the Fruit Snacks. As opposed to fruit snacks, which are fruit juice and sugar, raisins are actually fruit!

It seems the Egyptians ate raisins 2000 years ago (I wonder if they ate fruit snacks :)

Back in my article on DIY Packaging Tricks For Healthy Snacks, I talked about the power of marketing. When I passed these raisins in the supermarket, my children saw the strategically placed picture of Shrek on the bag.

Am I going to give in to their desire to have a 45 calorie box of raisins in their lunch box? And look like SUPER MOM for getting them what they want?

You betcha!

I know there are parents out there who don't like the amount of sugar in raisins. But, remember, this isn't candy.

Raisins feature fiber, iron, and anti-oxidants while candy has zero nutritional value. I adore that my kids love these and consider them a treat.

These are great for adults, too. No reason you can't toss a few boxes in your purse, briefcase or backpack for a sweet snack. Perhaps you will reach for them instead of a cookie!

45 calories, 0 g fat, 11 g carbohydrates, 0 g protein, 1 g fiber, 0 mg sodium

Do you love Sun-Maid raisin snacks?

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I think raisins are a good complement to a healthy snack for kids. But they shouldn't be considered "THE" healthy snack for kids. And if you do by raisins, you can and should be wary of added sugar! We buy just raisins. Just raisins with no added anything. Many brands add a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles to raisins, particularly sugar. (I don't know about sun-maid as i haven't bought them in years...I think there is a cross contamination issue for peanut allergic kids)

My niece was carrying around some princess box of raisins that had added sugar and cinnamon. I really don't get why parents think that they're kids need added sugar to what's already a sweet treat.

Nope, the Sun-Maid little boxes do not have added anything. The ingredients list just states California Seedless Raisins. I would assume that if they did add sugar, they would have to put that in the ingredients list? My kids like them sometimes, so I keep them in the house for just that time I am out of fresh fruit for their lunch boxes. Between Raisins and applesauce, I am good until I can get more fresh fruit ;)

We love these in our house! These are a favorite for snack time esp for long trips/drives. I keep a small box in my purse often for "Just In Case" times.

Pair them with a 100 calorie pack of almonds and you have a healthy snack that will sustain you or your kids for hours!

My daughter loves eating these, too! In fact, she had some today. I like how you mentioned the sugar aspect of raisins. It really bothers me when people talk about limiting the amount of fruit they give to children due to the amount of sugar in the fruit. Fruit is natural - it was created to have sugar in it! It also has TONS of health benefits and keeps kids from eating all of the processed sugar snacks out there. Raisins are a wonderful compliment to a healthy diet!

Raisins are good, but I hate paying so much for the packaging. Instead I buy in bulk when I do buy raisins.

Yes! Almonds and raisins together are the best snack!

I love raisins and have some almost daily in my oatmeal (along with a bit of honey cinnamon, a teaspoon of coconut oil & flaxseeds). I get my raisins at Sam's Club for about $7.00 for two 32 oz. bags. The raisins helped me find a healthier substitute in place of the large amount of sugar & brown sugar I used to overdose on in my oatmeal

I just wanted to add some information to a previous comment about raisins being additive free. They don't contain added sugar but they do have undeclared additive ingredients, meaning they are not required by the FDA to list them on the ingredient label.

1)Residual pesticides are of concern as grapes have some of the highest levels of pesticide usage. The Soil&Health Assoc. tested grapes and raisins and found 27 residual pesticides.

2) Raisins, particularly the dark variety, have added sulfites as a preservative. Raisins are actually classified as "very high" for sulfites meaning greater than 100ppm. So if you are looking to limit your intake of sulfites (sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, potassium bisulfite, potassium metabisulfitea or sulfur dioxide gas) consider limiting your intake of raisins.

I'm not saying don't eat raisins. There are obviously far worse snacks out there. But just be aware that commercial raisins aren't additive free. Or buy organic ones. :)

There's nothing wrong with raisins, but you're going to get a lot more calories eating a box of raisins than an equivalent amount of grapes and probably not feel as full. Any dried fruit is good, but you can get more calories than you bargained for if you're not careful.

Raisins have Sulphur Dioxide added anyone notice or care to mention that fact ? Of course not, just like hormones and antibiotics in our milk.Shame on you

I turned 84 this month and was "raised on these raisins" which remain my favorite nutritious "candy".

Thanks for all you do for us ...

Raisins are delcious but are little sugar pills. If you are diabetic, watch for glucose spikes.

Sun Maid Raisins the dark variety do not have sulfur added to them. They do add it to their Golden Raisins to maintain color. However, the type discussed here are sulfur free!

They would have pesticides, but you can buy organic to avoid those.

Great snack!

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