Reduce Your Muffin Top Today With This Simple Step

April 26, 2012   47 Comments

Do you think I am talking about that muffin top above? Naahhhh.

Reduce Muffin Top

I just thought that this picture was easier to look at versus a fat beer belly. It is in black and white because I don't want to encourage you to eat any muffins (we KNOW those contribute to muffin top :)

Why worry about muffin top or belly fat? Researchers have discovered that people with larger stomachs are more likely to have large amounts of deep-hidden belly fat around their organs. It could be the most dangerous kind of fat and could increase a person's risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer.

That's right, people, your belly fat will lead to disease, disease, disease.

All right, enough depressing thoughts - What can we do about our muffin top?

I believe that you already know the first solution to shrinking yourself. I can cite example after example of pals of mine who say things like, " I can't give up my morning scone at Starbucks. It is the highlight of my day."

Yeah, I know those delicious things are addictive.

Me? After trying Weight Watchers, it became clear why I was missing my daily PointsPlus value. The two foods that tripped me up were beer and cheese. If I could just stop drinking beer and eating cheese, I wouldn't have any trouble getting to my target on most days.

So what have I done to address my muffin top? In the last 2 weeks I have covered light beer and lighter cheese. While these options aren't as tasty as the higher calorie versions - losing weight and living longer are very important to me.

In the case of the lighter cheese, it turns out that soft cheese have less calcium than hard cheeses - so I am just trying to decrease my regular cheese intake without giving it up all together.

My preference is to keep my cheese portion size small versus losing the taste and calcium of higher fat dairy.

If drinking Corona Light versus regular beer can give me a few more years on the planet, I'm going to do it.

I guess what I'm saying is that YOU know when you overindulge. Just try one simple step to change your habit. Then after you master that habit - move on to the next one.

I know this won't work for everyone. But, I thought it might be helpful to share what works for me.

How are you going to reduce your muffin top? Please share.

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I feel your pain!! One of if not my favorite food is CHEESE!! Like you, weight watchers is helping me to eat it in moderation. I like the cabot 75% reduced fat cheddar. I also drink beer. I went to the light beers a long time ago! Now I drink the MGD64 and on rare occasions treat myself to a regular beer. I can live with these changes for my health and hope to keep this attitude. Love reading your posts. Thank you.

Lightening up on those favorites is a great idea - but exercise will also really help reduce muffin top. Both cardio and strengthening (remember, there is no such thing as spot-toning) - whatever you can manage . . . start small and work up!

Portion control and journaling. I use the LoseIt app on my IPad and document EVERYTHING! It's quick and easy with the app. Also, I have increased my fruits and vegetables, and have discovered Cabot's reduced fat cheddar. I recently bought the same food scale featured on your website and love it - feels good to get rid of the tippy little postal scale! When I eat out, I plan by checking the nutritionals for what I am going to eat, and document it on LoseIt beforehand.

Drink LOTS of water! I've got some tips here about it:…

Lisa, it was like reading my thoughts! Wow, you are in my head. I have also narrowed my problem down to beer and cheese. Makes me sad just thinking about it. But on the bright side, I have taken active steps to cut cheese out of the food choices during the week. I do provide one dinner with cheese. This makes me happy in two ways, I am happy while I am eating cheese and I am happy because I haven't eaten cheese the rest of the week. Beer seems to be a little harder than cheese to cut out, who knew...By doing this, I and others have started seeing results, yeah! I guess everything is a balance in life after all. Thanks for writing the post!

I know all about muffin tops.. I've joined ww online and started to do some exercises. I'm pround to say that I have dropped 10 pounds in 5 weeks.

Help! I do not know how to follow WW, I do not know how to count my food points....

Cheese was a big one for me too - I found Trader Joe's Monterey Jack sticks - full fat cheese, wrapped in 2-point servings. I suspect I pay a bit more for this than if I just bought a block of cheese, but it's nice to know I have a grab-and-go option. (I like string cheese too but I kind of got burnt out on mozzarella after a while.) Also the wax-wrapped Babybels are a good option. I agree though - find your triggers and work with them!

I definitely agree exercise is also an important part of the soltion but before weight watchers, I exercised and still had a huge muffin top and more. Have been going to WW for a little over 4 months and am down 45 lbs. Like most things in life as with cheese and beer, moderation seems to be the key. I use the light and reduced fat but am careful not to deny myself completely. I think that can be a set-up for failure also. Love Chris' comments regarding "reading her thoughts and sadness." Like Chris, it makes me proud that I am learning to control and moderate these food items in a healthy way. Best wishes to all, it is certainly an adventure to be healthy and change eating habits!

I have been working out for 2 years including long distance running & weightlifting. My belly is where all of my fat is. I don't think low-fat or "light" versions of food are the way to go. Usually they are loaded with more sugar. I use full fat but in moderation. I did not start to lose my muffin top until I seriously reined in my portions. Even though I was eating healthy I was eating enough for 3 people. It was hard at first but then it got easier.

Great post. I appreciate a good challenge and I, too, have been thinking about more ways to "healthify" my life. For me, it's saying "no" to the office treats and sweets. I actually just wrote about this on my blog yesterday. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

Love your posts! For me, it is WINE and CHEESE. Oh so good together. I try to limit myself to only one glass of red wine and a small slice of Tillamook cheddar. Lots of cardio and strength training too to offset the calories. My muffin is finally decreasing:-)

I didn't have muffin top, than Christmas came and the muffin top hasn't left my side! For me, I have been trying to cut WAY back on white sugar and stick to natural sugars if I must have any. I have also been doing lots of ab work! I'm trying so ghard but that pesky muffin doesn't want to leave!! Arrrr!!

that is very true.

Any thoughts on stress belly-fat? Other than lowering stress (not really an option right now), how do I get rid of that?

Like Shelli, wine is my drink of choice (although I love a nice Sam Adams every once in a while). I know some people have a glass or two with dinner or to unwind every day... What abuot only having a drink on the weekends - definitely helps me keep to my points during the week, then I use all my "extra 49" during the weekend - my toughest time...

We have to be very careful about how we look at this message. Fats -- in general -- are NOT why we're fat. Sugars are why we're fat. Foods that turn rapidly into sugar have created our current obesity epidemic. Our over-consumption of sugars, sugar substitutes, sugary drinks, dairy, processed grains, breads, cereals, pastas, processed snack items, etc. all contribute to the problem. Remember that there are actually healthy fats such as from avocados, olives, and coconuts. The body -- especially the brain -- needs healthy fats.

@Sunnie - You can go online to join Weight Watchers or join a local group which you can also find online. There are other options though if you don't want to pay. @SnackGirl had a post about it not long ago. As for me, my weakness is ice cream. I love the stuff. It should be easy enough to stop eating, but I always crave some sweetness and ice cream is top on the list for me.

@Janet - have you tried the frozen banana option? I found that quite satisfying as a way to keep ice cream eating in check. Thanks for your comment!

@SnackGirl - I have tried it and actually forgot about it - thanks for the reminder. I seem to end up throwing bananas in the freezer before they rot cuz I can't seem to eat them fast enough. My plan is to use them for banana bread, but I think the banana "ice cream" is a better option. :)

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