The Easiest Way to Eat the Rainbow (Carrots)

July 30, 2016   9 Comments

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “eat the rainbow”. Why not try rainbow carrots?

Roasted Rainbow Carrots Recipe

I fell instantly in love with these carrots when I stopped at a Atlas Farm near my town. I wasn’t looking for carrots (I was actually looking for coffee), but when I saw them – I knew.

These carrots are coming home with me. I am one of those sad people who has never had a carrot colored anything but bright orange – and here was my chance.

I know that roasted carrots is usually a recipe for fall or Thanksgiving but that didn’t stop me from buying them and showing them to my postal worker buddy (who was AMAZED).

Unlike my recipe for sautéed green beans and garlic (green) or my smoky roasted chickpeas (brown), these carrots gave me the opportunity to eat purple, orange, yellow – all in one meal!

You don’t have to sell these carrots to your family because they look so vibrant. I told my kids that they looked like candy (though they didn’t buy it).

I decided to roast them because I love how the sweetness of the carrots is enhanced by the time in the oven.

Yes, they were as good as I imagined they would be. I ate them with my fingers when no-one was looking and marveled at their beauty.

It is so much easier to eat healthy when the vegetable is stunning. I hope I find them again a bit closer to me!

Have you ever been inspired by produce? Please share.

Roasted Rainbow Carrots Recipe

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Makes 4 servings

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1 pound rainbow carrots, peeled
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


Heat oven to 400 F. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Slice the carrots in half, lengthwise, and toss on baking sheet with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Bake for 30 minutes until soft and sweet.

Nutrition Facts

For one serving = 77 calories, 3.5 g fat, 0.5 g saturated fat, 11.2 g carbohydrates, 5.6 g sugar, 0.9 g protein, 2.8 g fiber, 100 mg sodium, 1 SmartPt

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Trader Joe's has rainbow carrots pretty consistently. Love them raw with hummus too.

What is the consistency of the purple carrots? In the picture where it is sliced, it's not purple all the way through...

Thanks to Jen209 I will have to look at the Trader Joe's in our area for them!

Those really are gorgeous carrots! I admit to getting super excited by gorgeous heirloom tomatoes!

I have a friend who is an avid Gardner and she has gone totally gaga over these veggies.

Frankly I just don't get multi-colored carrots! Roasred, steamed, boiled or raw, I still prefer the flavor, texture and appearance of good old fashioned bright orange carrots. The other colors are sort of okay, but as far as my palate is concerned they just don't taste carroty enough. They look interesting on a platter, but my family always fork up the orange carrots first and have commented that we shouldn't mess with Mama Nature. As far as the purple ones are concerned, all I can say is pass the potatoes please! But that's just us! Try them if you haven't already done so. Personally I like my nutrients in the original packaging. I'm not saying the other colors do not have an interesting flavor but please don't hate me for preferring the real McCoy! Who knows - maybe flavor has something to

do with the type of soil they're grown in. I'm not above giving them another try using carrots from our local,farmers market.

@Anne - The purple outside is a little tougher than the inside. They taste like regular carrots. It is like an orange carrot wrapped in a thin purple outside.

Thanks for your question!

They look delicious and would be so pretty on the plate. Haven't seen them yet, but will look for them. Maybe Whole Foods?

I love the rainbow carrots - have been partaking of them for a while now. Along those lines, I grow a rainbow variety of Swiss Chard (stems are different colors) - that is equally as fun.

If you shop at some of the farms or farmer's markets in Western Massachusetts, you will see different types of carrots and other vegetables. It's worth it to get out and see what our local farms are growing!

30 minutes in a 400 degree oven - Lisa, how can you stand that with the hot weather we are experiencing? Must be cooking when it's cooler out!

Why are these so much more expensive than regular carrots? Do they take some special care during the growing cycle?

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