A Magical and Healthy Packaged Snack

January 21, 2011   179 Comments

Snack Girl has a confession to make. She has begun to receive MANY snack samples in the mail.

Sahale Snacks

My new notoriety can be a good thing. First of all, I have made a new friend - the UPS guy. He chuckles whenever a new box of food arrives.

Also, when I get a lot of something and can't (or don't want to) finish it, my local food pantry gets a gift of unopened snacks.

But, the best part of receiving all these samples is that I find some new yummy stuff!

These Sahale Snacks really surprised me and caught my attention. Their "Soledad Almonds" include apple, flax seeds, date, balsamic vinegar, and red pepper.

Will this combination of tastes work?

How about their "Valdosta Pecans" with sweet cranberries, black pepper, and orange zest?

I gotta tell you. I was fearful when I opened the package, but they were both delicious. Like, "I'm going to buy them for myself delicious"!

The Valdosta Pecans in a 2 ounce package contained:
130 calories, 11 g fat, 9 g carbohydrates, 1 g protein, 2 g fiber, 50 mg sodium, Points+ 4

and all the ingredients were simple and recognizable. The 2 ounce size is absolutely perfect because it is the right amount for a quick snack between lunch and dinner.

These are a great option for putting in your purse, backpack, or briefcase when you are running around town. They aren't cheap ($2 per package) but they are delicious.

You can buy them at Starbucks, on Amazon (below) or find them at a store near you using their Sahale Store Locator. Find them on Facebook at Sahale Snacks.

Sahale Snacks is giving away a $20 package of snacks to a Snack Girl reader.

Comment below on your favorite spice and nut combination to enter.

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

What will I win?
A box of Sahale Snacks (5 ounce size) including Sing Buri Nut Blend, Valdosta Nut Blend, Glazed Cashews, Glazed Almonds ($20 value).

How do I enter?
Comment below on your favorite spice and nut combination.

Additional Ways To Enter:

  1. Follow Snack-Girl on FaceBook.
  2. Comment below on your favorite spice and nut combination.
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Snack-Girl can follow and count all the additional entries using magical website tools.

Am I eligible to enter?
This giveaway is offered to US residents only.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The two winners will be announced on January 28th, 2011. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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those Valdosta Pecans sound amazing. I'd have to contain myself though since I'm on Weight Watchers. So a little at a time. (I have to keep repeating that)

Wasabi almonds are my favorite, followed very very closely by candied cashews. So good!

I think the Soledad Almonds look good.

I have been a Sahale fan for some time and love their smaller bags. I love salty sweet so cocoa/cayenne or chili/cinnamon always works.

I'd have to say cashews and anything...right now I have a trail mix with cashews and dried cherries. Love it!

Those almonds sound amazing!! And that 2 oz pkg would be heaven sent for me! :)

I'm with Lauren--cashews are the way to go! Any spice will do. :)


I love very spicy almonds with dried chilies. I'm also a big fan of the wasabi soy almonds offered by Blue Diamond.

The almonds and cashews sound super tasty!

I love the combo of cocoa and chili powder. Sweet and spicy!

I think I tried this brand's slightly sweetened cranberry kind and was blown away. I think those were the best "flavored" nuts I've ever had!

Candied spicy pecans are also fantastic - I used to work for a small company that made them and they were so addictive... I gained some serious weight that summer ;)

I love them too, I have tried the almonds and pecans.....they would make great gifts too!

I saw the valdosta in a big bag at costco....must buy it next time!

I like almonds and good dark chocolate, that a spice right?! LOL

I was pondering a package of Pomegranate Cashews just yesterday in line at Starbucks -- but, now that I've been to the website and read your review, the Valdosta Cashews are even more tempting!

I love almonds and bet those would be great!

Glazed cashews sounds yummy!

I'm a follower on FB!

The Sing Buri Cashews sound amazing! Can't wait to try them!

I think both the almond and pecans sound amazing.

I am a huge fan of almonds- I don't think there is a single spice I wouldn't enjoy with them!

Fave spice and nut combo. Hmm... almonds with cinnamon.

Cashews and anything...!!

It's probably not the healthiest combination - but I love the maple and honey cashews in the Whole Foods bulk bins!

I don't have a particular nut and spice combo that I like. However, I love walnuts dipped in honey. Very yummy!

It's tough to pick a favorite, but most any nut with a spicy kick is great, like Sahale Snacks Ksar pistachios or their Southwest Cashews sound fabulous!

The Almonds with Cranberries, Honey, and Sea Salt sound yummy. I love almonds!

I have tried these. I like them all but the Sing Buried is my favorite.

The almond vanilla latte sound heavenly. Or maybe that is because I love vanilla lattes!

I love any spicy nuts! I have also had salt and vinegar almonds that were delicious. I think the Soledad Almonds look good, or the PB&J Almonds!

The "Soledad Almonds" sound incredible. I love the sound of hot pepper combined with the sweetness of dates and apple. The zing of balsamic sounds like the perfect finish. Can't wait to try them. Yum!

squash seeds with cayenne!

Another vote for the Valdosta Pecans here!

I love chili lime cashews very much but the Soledad almonds you mentioned look wonderful :)

I love to roast nuts and seeds and season them with cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumkin pie seasoning.

I must have those Valdosta Pecans right NOW!!! Yum! I think I'll try these!

I love anything with cranberries. Pecans and cranberries sound awesome!

I'm a pecan and cranberries lover! But they all sound good!

I love cocoa roasted almonds. Cashews and any spice are my favorite nut also.

I'm not sure about combining spices with nuts, but it's something that sounds worthy of giving it a try! Glazed cashews would be my obvious first pick, but you never know!

I think the "Valdosta Pecans" with cranberries, black pepper & orange zest sounds tasty! I have seen the pecans in the store but have not yet tried them. Now that I know they are "Snack Girl" approved -- I'm going to get them this weekend. (But I still want to be entered in the contest!)

almonds and cinnamon, the best combo ever!

I love marcona almonds rubbed with cayenne and a dash of cinnamon. A friend got me hooked on them. I love their Valdosta nuts, I put them in mashed sweet potatoes.

"Valdosta Pecans" with sweet cranberries, black pepper, and orange zest sound awesome!

Almonds with brown sugar...mmmm, nothing better. I just wish it weren't sugar. haha. Walnuts are amazing too.

I love almond with cracked pepper on them and I also enjoy cocoa Roasted almonds

I like salted pecans

I'm obsessed with good snacks these days, and love nuts of all kinds. But the flavors are all the same! So this sounds super exciting for me.

I did find some Indian flavored snacks recently that I like a lot - I was looking for wasabi peas at my grocer's and found Bhuja Crunchy Seasoned Peas. Subtle Indian flavors, and the heat builds slowly. YUM.

Fan on facebook

I am allergic to almonds, which really sucks because Sahale's Parmesan and Herb almonds sounds amazing, but given that I would say I would definitely want to try the glazed cashews with vanilla and pomegranate. Sounds mind blowingly good!

Follow on twitter @lindalatina

I made almonds and pecans over the holidays with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. The ginger really made them delicious! :)

Favorite combo - cashews with garlic powder, seasoned salt and cayenne pepper

1-I really want to try the Soledad Almonds :) The sound delish :)

2-I already follow you on FB (Samantha M)

3-I already follow you on Twitter (@violettfem)

4-I tweeted the offer (@violettfem)

I'm with Anna.....sounds delish marcona almonds rubbed with cayenne and cinnamon

Honestly...they all sound delish! Bring 'em on!!!

Cashews get my vote.

I think the Valdosta Pecans sound so good although almonds and cinnamon makes a tasty combination too!

Valdosta Pecans on a salad.....YUMMY!

I love cinnamon on nuts! yum

Sing Burl nut blend is what attracts me. As a nut snacker, I like variety, and this sounds like a winner. Thanks for the review, I'll check them out at starbucks!

I love my nuts spicey.

I've never tried any of them. Never even heard of this kind of snack food. But sounds interesting. Strange to think an odd combination would taste good. But I'd try it. I like cinnamon flavor and salty foods. But I don't think that would be a good combo. Sweet and salty are good.

wasabi almonds and cinnamon pecans

I can't wait to try the Valdosta Pecans because they are all some of my favorite go-to flavors. Imagine sprinkling some on a salad! ANE thanks for including the PointsPlus value!

I think all the almond varieties sound delish!

I love wasabi almonds. Funny thing? So do my 5 and 6 year old. Didn't think they'd like them, but they insisted on trying them.... Who knew?

I know it's common and slightly boring but cinnamon and almonds ALWAYS hits the spot for me!

Love finding new healthy snacks. All the flavors sounds really good to me. :)

oh wow these look great! the Valdosta Pecans and Soledad Almonds looks YUMMY!

i love almonds.. right now i am loving bear naked chocolate cherry trail mix and it has chocolate covered almonds soo good!

I love the cashew ones!! My mother in law always sends them to us over the holiday.

Valdosta Pecans? Glazed Almonds? Who can choose, they all sound so good. But anything that includes orange zest will always get my vote in the end.

Any of the flavors sounds good!

But I'm specially interested in the wasabi almonds...

One of my favorite snacks are wasabi peas...

I love almonds and spicy! Yum! I really can't wait to try the Sing Buri Nut Blend. That looks delicious. Thank you for posting the PointsPlus!

They all look so good. I'd love to try the pecans - orange and cranberry are a great combo and I already put pepper in everything!

These all sound fantastic but the Almond PB&J mix sound quite intriguing.

I hope to win!

The pecans sound amazing!

Sing buri nut blend! Can't wait to try them!!

I love everything that is in the Valdosta Pecans so that would be my first choice and then would sample a different one each time I purchased. YUM!

Yummy! I think the pecans sound great! I LOVE cinnamon and almonds!!!

I want to win the contest but I can't comment on my favorite flavor! According to the Sahale website, no one in my small town sells their products and I would love to try them.

The Glazed Almond! I love almonds, probably my fave nut (after that it's Cashew and Pistachio!) and a major weakness for me sometimes LOL

Almonds and Cinnamon are my favorite combination!!

The Soledad Almonds are fabulous. As a fitness professional I will be recommending these to my clients as a quick, convenient and yummy snack. It's the perfect amount of calories for a snack plus you get some protein and fiber, which makes it the perfect balanced snack. I'm very excited about these. Thumbs up on this. If I win I'll distribute amongst my clients to try.

cinnamon and pecans!

Right now my fav is cinnamon and pecans but I see alot of combos here I'm dying to try. Sweet, salty, and spicy all together is so good.

I don't have twitter or facebook (:( sorry I'm in the technological dark), but I love your blog!

And If there was some magical way that I got picked, I would definitely love the almond pack - Almonds are such a super food!

I bought some Masala Pecans at the Boulder Farmer's Market that were amazing, and the packaging was biodegradable.

Well, my mouth is watering over ALL of them! I don't think I *can* pick a favorite. I really really want to win, but if I don't, I might have to go hunting for them.

I am a facebook follower.

Almonds and cinnamon.


The Soledad Almonds sound yummy!

These snacks sound interesting. I work at Sam's club giving out samples I wonder if they will be carrying them soon.

These sound amazing! I love cinnamon sugar + nuts. Or spicy cayenne & rosemary.

Their "Soledad Almonds" include apple, flax seeds, date, balsamic vinegar, and red pepper. This really sounds good I would love to try this.

I am really into trail mix at the moment so ill buy a bag and add a small bag of M&M's just for that chocolate factor.

I love love almonds. Smoked, cocoa, salted, plain...

The Valdosta Pecans sound wonderful!

I like the almonds one they are great. I like the cocoa ones best

Mmmmmmm...pecans and cinnamon....heaven!

i like wasabi and almonds!

I agree with the almond lovers. Sweet or smoked or roasted with black pepper. Yum!

cinnamon almonds!

Sesame cashews or cocoa almonds are my absolute FAVES!!!

Okay, hand them over! I'm having a major craving for some now. I love flavored cashews and almonds!!! You have such a hard life know with all of those snacks coming your way. LOL!

My favorite general spice/nut combo is cinnamon almonds. Yummm.

marlatiara at yahoo

i'm partial to cinnamon and sugar on anything, especially almonds

hot sauce and soy sauce on almonds or salt, pepper, and cayenne on cashews.

I love cinnamon and sugar almonds. They are yummy sprinkled on a warm bowl of oatmeal.

Definitely just cashews and salt... I am a total purist.

I love walnuts, sprinkled with cinnamon. Yummy!

hmm either pecans or the alomonds sound really good

The Valdosta pecans sound heavenly!

I follow on Twitter: xofroggiegrlox, I liked on FB, and my fav combo would be anything with almonds! Plus Im a college student so winning this would be amazing!!!

Sing Buri Cashews! I don't even know what that means!

I think the Soledad Almonds sound divine. I am an almond nut... lol And as an almond enthusiast, these sound amazing.

Those look super good!!

I love cocoa covered almonds. So yummy!

For after school snack this week, I offered my children a mix with pecans, walnuts, and dark chocolate chips. It was a hit! One son added craisins and pumpkin seeds.

I like any glazed or toffe type of nuts the best! sort of cinnamonny and sweet.

Valdosta pecans for me!

The Valdosta Pecans is my FAVORITE, the pepper makes it just the perfect spicey-ness, amazing treats!!

I follow Snack Girl on Facebook!

I'm partial to cashews and cinnamon

I love spicy nuts. Anything with cayenne floats my boat!

I love cinnamon & spice (because I'm naughty & nice!) on almonds (love that calcium & fiber!)

I love exotic flavors. The Valdosta with balsamic and black pepper would certainly tingle the wild side of my taste buds along with the southern comfort of Pecan is a must try

The glazed nut cashews with pomegranate+vanilla would be pretty tasty!

I adore almonds, but I think I would like the Sing Buri cashews. I really like thai flavors.

I like my own recipe for cinnamon-roasted almonds...simple, yet delicious!

Cashews with Pomegranate & Vanilla = YUM!

Following on Facebook and Twitter & tweeted your link: @DSinAZ

Glazed cashews with pomegranates sounds yummy!

My favorite nut/season combo is walnuts + cinnamon. So sweet!

Mmm... I have always thought cayenne and cashew might be interesting.

Those Soledad Almonds sound amazing! I love pecans with cinnamon; almonds with chili/lime seasoning. Pretty much anything but peanuts!

I follow you on Twitter (@kimslittlelife)

ack! i can't choose btwn cashews & pecans!! I make an awesome sweet & spicy nut though w/ cayenne pepper & cinnamon!

These snacks are so yummy!

Oh, yum! These sound delish! I love about any combination of spice and nuts! :)

I now follow you on Twitter. (SweetsLady)

The Sing Buri Cashews are amazing!

Taget's salt & pepper cashews are by far my favorite combo. The pepper & cashews sounds delicious!

Oh thank you for posting a review of the nuts. I saw these a few months ago when I was shopping for christmas gifts at my local Target. The pepper on Pecans sounded like a jazzy version of "Stuckey's" Pecans if you know what those are- traditional candied Pecans covered in brown sugar and cinnamon. I like the price its about the same as a bag of cranberry trail mix I saw in my Publix. I was thinking of making some Trail mix with Rice crispies and puffed rice after I saw @HungryGirl on The cookie channel show how she makes her granola.

i have never tried these before but they sound great! i love spicy things with a lot of flavor! yum

The Valdosta kind sounds great. I love sweet spicy combos on nuts. Yummy! Chocolate/pepper, maple/chile, etc are good on nuts. I've experimented some on my own, but have never tried these.

cinnamon and sugar nuts... mmm

I am a fan on FB!

Honestly, I'm so unadventurous when it comes to nuts and spices, that I am ashamed of myself. The only falvoured nuts I eat, are salted. Which, being pregnant, isn't too good for me. ;o)

But I have to say those Sing Buri Cashews look AWESOME!

I LOVE Sanhale snacks. Soledad almonds are my all-time favorite snack!

I LOVE the Valdosta! The black pepper with the cranberries make a delicious combination.

I love pecans with brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice and a little cayenne pepper. Love the sweet and spiciness.


I'm a fan on FB. (Debby Matay)


Socorro rocks.

I love the Valdosta! Yummy!!!

The Sing Buri cashews are my favorite spice and nut combo!

i love the sing buri nut blend and really want to try the PB&J one that they have.

I have had the Valdosta a few times and absolutely love it. I have not tried the other types as yet although they look terrific. They are not an inexpensive purchase and I am afraid to buy something and then not eat it. Although if they are anything like the Valdosta they must be terrific. Thank you for considering my entry.

Im a college student so I dont have access to Sahale snacks on campus. I would like to try anything with almonds or the Valosta. I follow on twitter: xofroggiegrlox liked on facebook and retweeted

I imagine this to taste like almonds in a peppered orange seasoning. SQUEEE i want some :p

Pecans and anything. I'm a sucker for pecans, I can't pass them up.

I found the Valdostra Pecans at my local Harry & Davids and fell in love. just a perfect snack. crunchy, sweet and that lovely bite of pepper. The Buri cashews would probably be my second favorite.

I am from Valdosta, so I especially love the Valdosta Pecans, but others are good too.

salt'n'pepper cashews OR salt & vinegar almonds (loved these when I was pregnant) chile pecans OR cinnamon pecans

I eat plain almonds as part of my diet. Any of these flavors sound yummy!!

Valdosta Pecans sound amazing!

They all sound yummy! I love the addition of pepper/w the sweet!

& I'm a fan on FB!

cocoa flavored almonds! yum:)

I love the smell of the fresh candied nuts that are usually found in kiosks at the mall. The almonds are my favorite. I think the vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar are great but would be even better like Mayan hot chocolate, if cocoa and chile were added to that combination. It might work well with skinned hazelnuts too.

i love pecans with pumpkin pie spice and brown sugar!

This sounds amazing.. those pecans and cashews look delicious!

The Emerald cocoa roasted almond 100 calorie packs are my favorite!! The almonds are a little smaller so you get to eat a lot of them for not a lot of calories!!

Hi! I like the Valdosta Pecans combo, sweet and a bit spicy, they sound really delicious! Thanks so much for recommending them, I can work them into my Weight Watchers plan easily and it's nice to have some great items that someone has tried themselves, so thanks again :)

oh my goodness do those looking amazing! I really want to try the cashew, especially :)

Hard to nail down the fave nut/spice combo - pecans and cinnamon is pretty darn good.

I like you on facebook.


I really like the Sing Buri cashews that Sahale makes, it would be fun & thrifty to try to recreate them at home.

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