Challenge is Half Done: How are We Doing?

June 18, 2010   18 Comments

The Snack Girl Challenge is half way finished. Six weeks down and 6 weeks to go. I am going to lead off with my numbers this week.

Challenge: Week 6

How did I do?

Six Weeks

173 pounds - (-4 pounds)
38 inch waist - (- 4 inches)

It seems my lucky number is 4! (going to play the lottery right now!)

I lost 2 pounds and 1/2 an inch for the second week in a row. It feels like a miracle, and I kept checking last week to see if those 2 pounds were real or just a scale failure. But, yes, I have lost 4 pounds and it took me six weeks.

My goal is 10 pounds by July 31st and I have a shot!

The real success will come if I can keep them off, and I won't be like Oprah who heralds her success (and then gains it all back). I promise to be honest if I gain them back because this is not about losing weight - but about creating new habits.

So, why the photo of the shopping cart? Notice all of the parking spots around the cart. Well, a new habit that I am adding to my fitness regime is to park FAR AWAY from the shopping mall or supermarket.

I used to live in a city. Every day I would walk somewhere to do my errands. My post office, supermarket, dry cleaner, and hardware store were all a short distance away. I would then carry all the stuff I bought back to my house.

Not any more! Now, I live in a place where I have to drive EVERYWHERE. That exercise that I used to get as just part of my day is gone. What to do?

Park out here in "no people land". The benefits include less dings on my car, and a reduction in use of fossil fuel. It doesn't take me much longer to go to a store because I save time looking for a parking space (and stress too!).

My final addition to my new habit is to NOT use that shopping cart. Unless I absolutely have to, I leave the shopping cart behind. Why?

1. I will buy less stuff (too easy to chuck stuff in a cart).

2. I get exercise carrying the stuff that I do buy all the way back to that car.

I do this at the grocery store all the time. I bring my own bag with handles and then I fill it up with food as I run through the store. My store has this automatic scanner that you can use to scan stuff as you shop.

It is kinda fun to see how much I can carry.

How do you add exercise to your day?

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Okay, so every time I try to leave this comment I have, I get this error saying The word "u-g" is not allowed here. What is that? I have no words that are anything like that...?

I'm down 21 pounds from the start of the challenge. I didn't measure to being with but I'm wearing smaller jeans and shorts I fit in to 8 or so years ago back when the effects of working the graveyard shift was only beginning to take its toll.

This month has had a bunch of stressors and they have impacted my exercise but, for me, the important thing is it hasn't made me eat over my daily calorie goals. I've now lost 50 pounds on my journey and I have about 80 to go yet. This month has really tested me an given me real hope I can do it!

I went away last weekend and ate out lots but didn't gain any weight. Haven't lost any more since I started - still at 4 pounds. Trying to step up the exercise and pay more attention to my diet.

It's funny... I park way out in the lot. There maybe a handful of cars at most and by the time I come up, someone will have parked next to me. Never fails. I don't understand when there's 200 other spots to choose from. Anyway, this is one of the ways I get more exercise too. Good for you!

I am down 22 lbs and feel stronger everyday. This is the first time in 11 years (since my son was born) that I have been below 200 lbs. Truthfully, my desire for sweet stuff has not totally gone away, but it is much better. And I find myself turning my nose up at cake and cookies, but am still interested in some swedish fish...but I resist.

Go Snack Girl Go

I have to confess, I have fallen off the wagon. I work full-time and am going to grad school part-time (2 classes). In my spare time (what little I have), I sleep because my schedule is exhausting...have not exercised in weeks! I even have my exercise clothes laid out with my shoes near by in hopes that I will put them on! I even have the DVD in the player cued to Jillian. I still have another month of classes before I get a month break and then the insanity of the school season begins: full-time work, two classes, and 16 hours of internship a week-I don't know if I am going to make it! I need some tips and inspiration, quick!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, your food will be a bit fresher b/c you'll need to go to the market more often! So very European! And we wonder WHY the European's (well, a majority of countries anyway) are smaller and healthier (except for that whole smoking thing ;) Great idea, Snack Girl!

I haven't measured but I peobably haven't reduced inches that much.

I haven't been doing that good.

I am down 2 lb's, so I guess I have somewhat moved foreward.

Basically my get up and go, got up and went!

This week I gained after taking my GS troop camping. Too many s'mores I think! But even though I was very very slowly losing weight, I could see a huge difference in my clothes after the first week. So I knew I gained when my 'not-so-tight-anymore' pants felt snug again. I'm working on getting back on track and am dying to try the 63-calorie corn on the cob recipe that was posted this week.

I am down two pounds! OK this may not sound like much but I had just lost 10 from doing the Self (magazine) challenge before I started this one. so it's big for me, I was at a bit of a plateu so I'm very happy! If I can lose two more I will have surpassed my goal. I've been working really hard at exercising and keeping an eye on what I eat. But, importantly I'm not killing myself over it. I have declared thursday a "fat" day as I know we get catered lunch and it's not usually healthy, BUT I've made sure that Thursday night dinners are really all about veggies and nothing else to help balance it. I'm still drinking wine and have the occasional cupcake and the best part is I feel good, and apparently need all new pants - NOT a bad problem to have! :)

I joined too. I have lost about 4 pounds. I think this is about the long term- about knowing we have to eat differently for ever. 10 lbs in three months is a goal most of us - 20, 30, 40, or like me, almost 70 can do. The important thing is to change our habits forever. So for me there is no end to this.

I am down 4 lbs but sometimes I gain back half and then lose it again in a few days. Having a wedding in the family this wk end and last nite had a delicious large meal, but I am holding my own as of this morning. Tonight will be another feast--with CAKE! often does your son get married???? I went to a few Zumba classes and did some sweating. Those are fun! FYI, my dad has been battling lung cancer and I make wkly trips (5 hrs) to spend half the week with him .... this make this a challenge...stress of an extreamly ill parent...and weddings, other son is on military deployment......however, my pants are getting droopy in the butt! I previously lost nearly 30lbs. This is my final 10. Much more difficult. Thanks for all the support, it helps! Good Luck Everyone!

Hang in there Pattie! You definitely have a lot on your plate but you're doing great. Don't even stress about anything you eat at wedding, your son only gets married once. If we are all in this for the longterm changes we need to accept splurge days or we'll never stick with it. Enjoy the wedding!

I'm doing so badly... only 2.8 pounds from goal and I find myself engaged in destructive behavior. Help!

I started a new job in the school cafeteria right after we started, but activity, smaller portions and drinking water all day made me loose 4 lbs!!!

Ellen - I'm with you. I feel like since I"m almost there I deserve to eat more cupcakes. NOT good. Lets motivate each other, we can do it!

I just got back from being out of town for a week and a half. I only gained back about 2 lbs, which I thought was pretty good considering I had to eat out the whole time and was not able to get much exercise. I did choose to walk 1/2 hr to the restaurant where I was meeting a bunch of other conference-goers instead of taking the water taxi across the inner harbor though. It is good to be back to my exercise routine this morning and back to reasonable food again. Hopefully that 2 lbs will go away again quickly.

Skipping the shopping cart can help. Whenever I want to avoid buying to much I just go with whatever I can carry in my arms. This is especially effective in stores like BJ's (or Sam's / Costco / Priceclub, as your region might have) where the packages are so big that you can only carry a couple, maybe five, at the most.

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