Snack Girl's Favorite Things: Holiday Gift Ideas

December 5, 2011   6 Comments

Snack Girl cannot let Oprah have all the fun with her "Favorite Things" list for the holidays. My only problem is that I don't like "things" that much.

Snack Girl's Favorite Things

I am one of those rare people that finds shopping a chore and I don't like spending money. BUT, I do love kitchen gadgets and supporting people in their quest to be healthier.

So, i have been thinking about it and there are some items that I really enjoy having around - that make my life easier and keep me from eating junk food.

1. For all your chopping and dough making needs - you have to have a food processor. I have had my Cuisinart 7 cup food processor going on 10 years now and I use it all the time. It makes cooking so much easier - and the containers fit in the dishwasher (on for $100 - see below).

2. How about sending your family or friends some Florida oranges? The New York Times featured this family farm in Florida that will ship you beautiful boxes of oranges or grapefruits: AL's Family Farms (starting at $35 including shipping).

3. Make them a whole nut gift basket and include a cool nutcracker see: A Nutty Solution To Holiday Snacking

4. Buy them a nice container of popcorn and a microwave popcorn popper (see below) for the healthy eating enthusiast that loves to snack.

5. Instead of baking and giving away holiday cookies - make my No Bake Brownie Balls! See: Give the Gift of A Healthy Snack (Your Friends Won't Even Know Its Healthy!)

6. Give them a gadget to make their own FAT FREE potato chips that taste delicious. See: The Healthiest and Tastiest Potato Chip In The World

7. Buy your friends a really nice bar of dark chocolate. SweetRiot supports fair trade and sourcing cacao exclusively in Latin America, which directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices and direct trade. They are selling a cool 90 Chocolate Square gift cube for $30 - see SweetRiot Store.

8. If you have kids - buy them some cool DIY gogurt containers. See: Make Your Own Gogurt For A Healthy (and Green) Snack.

9. Give the coffee lover in your life a "Photo Mug". You can add your own photo - and the coffee lover gets a reusable container that they won't lose because they adore it! Check out Kodak Gallery.

What are your gift ideas for the healthy eater?

Some of these products were received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

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I am working on my Dear Santa letter, so I appreciate the advice on the food processor (something I have been wanting). I also want to get my family a juicer. Does anyone have suggestions for a machine they like?

I love these - especially the popcorn idea! For teachers and coworkers, I like to buy hand soap for the kitchen (Bath and Body works Kitchen Lemon is my fave) and wrap it in a tea towel or something nice like that with a small whisk or cookie cutter or spatula from the dollar store... makes a great gift for anyone. Also, a gift of pre-mixed ingredients to make a favorite cookie, bar, brownie, granola bar, etc. is great you - add instructions on how to finish off the recipe on a recipe card. You can layer them in a jar or disposable ziploc container like sand art. That way they can make a treat later after the holidays are over! I plan on making some of the cranberry muffins SG gave us the recipe for earlier and adding those to my gift baskets this year. Aldi had cranberries for 50¢ a bag after Thanksgiving, so i stocked up. Merry Christmas to all! <><

Rosemary--I love my Jack LaLanne juicer. I did a lot of research before purchasing it and I've never looked back. It's really great, and they go on sale quite often (still around $100, but better than $140!). My favourite juice is carrot-orange-lemon. The biggest expense with a juicer is that you need a LOT of produce.

There are two kinds of juicers, the kind that puts everything through a sieve to take out the pulp and fiber and gives you just the liguid (like store-bought), and the whole food juicer. I have had both, and although I liked the flavor of both, I know the whole food juicer is much better for me. The extra bit of fiber can be a different feel in your mouth if you're not used to the pulp, but you can mix it longer to smooth it out and make it less pulpy. It's more filling, has ALL the same nutrients of eating the fruit/veggie and so it take less to satisfy me.

Good luck on your choice Rosemary!!

@rosemary like jill i love my jack lalanne juicer. I got mine a few years ago, and sadly, since i got my blender i don't use it nearly as much. This is probably because of the cons of the juicer: many pieces, confusing to put together the first 100 times. Although it IS dishwasher safe and produces awesome juice. They have made a newer model though, and i don't know if its as hard to use. Be aware that it does not give all the benefits of juicing though because it uses a sieve to strain out the skin,seeds, etc. So all in all i recommend the jack lalanne juicer.

Hi Snack Girl, I love your blog. Every time I read the articles I feel like I know you. Keep up the good word.

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