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October 27, 2009   10 Comments

What is your biggest snacking challenge and what is your best solution? A quick comment or e-mail could win you this cool reusable snack bag from Snack Taxi. Check out their site if you just want to buy one:

Share Your Snacking Challenge

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My biggest snacking challenge: If I get hungry when I am traveling it is really hard to resist my favorite junk foods. For example, on the drive between my house and the airport, I pass about 10 Doughnut shops. How many times can keep driving past before I just stop and have one? It doesn't matter if I'm just running errands in my car, taking a plane, or just walking to the local store, if I am hungry I usually end up eating something I would rather not.

My solution: Bring a snack with me that I love. As long as it is delicious, I can avoid the Doughnut and I will feel better than if I ate 240 calories of junk food. This solution is pretty obvious, but it takes planning. Here are some healthy snacks to try.

I can honestly say that I bring a healthy snack with me 50% of the time - although I always pack a healthy snack for my children.

Please share your challenges and solutions in the comments or send me an e-mail: lisa@snack-girlcom

What will I win?
This sandwich sized snack bag from Snack Taxi.

How do I enter?
Please either comment on this post below or send your entry to lisa@snack-girlcom

Am I eligible to enter?
Anyone with a valid e-mail and a U.S. mailing address is eligible.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The winner will be announced on November 18th. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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my biggest snack challenge is at night. I can do OK during the day, but when I come home from work, I really want to snack. I also want to snack more after dinner too.

I find that the combination of the time of day when I am home, and the abundance of food available is a tough combination for me.

so, my solution is to figure out what snacks I am going to have ahead of time and only have them in the house, ready to go. it takes some planning, but it seems to work. if I know I want chips this week, I'll have a portion of veggie booty or tings in a small bag (so I don't eat the whole large bag...) I'll have a bag of microwave popcorn (smaller size) in the front of the pantry for another day. and after that I'll purposely clear out all processed snacks and make sure there is a fresh apple!

on October 28, 2009

My biggest challenge is boredom eating, I will just sit and snack. I try to not have junk food in the house, if it is not there I will not eat it.

on October 28, 2009

I'm a big night time snacker for sure! I try to stop and think "ok am I really hungry or just eating out of habit" I'll normally drink a big glass of water or diet caffeine free soda... and then if I'm still craving something and feel hungry I go ahead and chow it :)

on October 28, 2009

My biggest snack challenge is Kettle Chips, especially the ones with pepper on them. My solution is not to buy them and only eat them at other peoples' houses.

on October 28, 2009

Mom, you can't win. I love you - but you live in France and your my mom - there have to be some rules around here!

on October 28, 2009

My Biggest challenge when it comes to snacking is all the nibbling I do making or cleaning up my kids meals. I try to eat a handful of almonds if I am really hungry and can't make my own food right away.

on October 30, 2009

I am such a snacker. seriously, I crave chips all day long. I just have to remind myself to wait for a real meal. It's hard.

on October 31, 2009

Hello, Foodbuzz friend! I'm so happy to finally visit your awesome website - the wealth of snack info here is incredible!! Such a great question about snacking challenges... My biggest challenge always occurs if I'm grocery shopping while I'm hungry - I wind up putting way too many "oh my, this looks good" things that we don't really necessarily need into the shopping cart! I try to solve the problem by putting a banana into my bag before I go grocery shopping, for preventative measures... :-)

on November 1, 2009

My biggest snacking challenge is mid-afternoon at work when I forget to pack (or have already eaten) nutritious snacks. It's always tempting to go grab junk from the 7-eleven across the street. But, I take the opportunity to take a work break and walk half a mile to the grocery store and buy a piece or two of fresh fruit. Healthy snack, exercise, work break - couldn't get better than that.

on November 6, 2009

i am always hungry since i workout in the morning and night for fitness training reasons. i always try to have healthy snacks such as fruits and veggies. but sometimes i like healthy bars because they don't go bad at all!

on November 6, 2009

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