Top Ten Snacks For Your Purse

April 28, 2014   9 Comments

Snack Girl knows how hard it is to change a junk food habit. I have certainly eaten my share of potato chips and candy bars.

Top Ten Snacks For Your Purse

One of the big reasons we pick up these treats is that we haven’t planned ahead for our snacky time of day. Here it is 3 PM and I am standing in front of the vending machine (again). If you are lucky, there is something in that machine that is moderately healthy but most of the time we buy the Snickers bar.

A baby step toward healthier, is to make sure you have something you like more than the Snickers bar in your purse, backpack, car – wherever it is handy.

If you look in my purse right now, you will find change, scraps of paper, lint, and a square of individually wrapped dark chocolate (and a wallet).

  1. Square of individually wrapped dark chocolate – Ghiradelli has a product that you can find in the candy aisle of your supermarket.
  2. A baggie or tin of one ounce of your favorite nut (almonds, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.)
  3. A fruit and nut KIND bar.
  4. Put a clementine or tangerine on the top of your stuff in your purse (so it doesn’t get squished).
  5. Dried apricots or other dried fruit (like raisins) that you love.
  6. Try making your own lighter trail mix – see: DIY trail mix
  7. Whole grain crackers such as Triscuits to munch on instead of potato chips.
  8. Make some apple chips.
  9. Try some healthy jerky – see Salmon Jerky
  10. Make your own granola – see DIY granola

Please share your portable and healthy snack ideas.

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My favorite thing to find in my bag is one (or sometimes two) of the "everything but the kitchen sink fruit and nut bars." Having sent a batch with my son and his girlfriend on a recent trip, she is reported to have said, unbidden, "This is better than a SNICKERS!!" I wonder if they would fit in an old Altoids tin to keep them from crumbling....

What kind of bars do you recommend for those who can't have nuts? I did make your cereal bars from your Snack Girl To The Rescue and left out the nuts and they were fine. Nut flavored butter, spreads and milk are fine, just can't do the actual nuts! Open for ideas, I'm blank on this one.

I am rarely without a healthy snack! In addition to what you do, I like to have walnut stuffed dates with me. I use Medjool dates because they are large and soft and full of flavour. All I need are two and I'm good to go. I also like the little squeeze packs of assorted nut butters made by Artisano - you get a great pick me up anytime, anywhere!

String cheese is always good, too.

I put 8 mini wheats about 1 WW point into a zip top snack bag. Perfect for me.

PocketFuel! Blended nut butters in resealable pouches and also cold brew coffee in single serve packets! :)

@Sue Check our CLIF bars. They have several bars with no nuts and 23 vitamins and minerals. Check out their Carrot Cake bar, looks yummy!

My favorite purse snack is Nabisco's BelVita breakfast biscuits. They come in several flavors 4 to a package. My favorite is Golden oat, slightly sweet but satisfying.

For anyone who is diabetic, I recommend LEVEL bars and shakes. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals, low carb and 12g protein and low in sodium. They were developed by a Type 1 diabetic and are suitable for everyone.

When looking for energy bars, be careful in that some are loaded with sugar alcohols and high in carbs with no nutrient content.

My research shows CLIF, LEVEL, and Atkins are very good.

Erythritol has been recommended as the best tasting sugar alcohol without the harsh side effects that other sugar alcohols have.

QUEST bars have stevia and erythritol and high in protein and carbs (3g net carbs) that give the muscles energy. BUT, they don't have the vitamins and minerals of the bars listed above.

KIND bars are o.k. but don't have the vitamins and minerals of the others and don't mention what kind of sugar they use in their product and there are only 3g of protein which is very low.

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