Six Easy and Delicious Watermelon Recipes

July 3, 2014   6 Comments

Snack Girl recently attended a last day of school party and she brought slices of watermelon.

Top Watermelon Recipes

The watermelon I sliced up was LARGE but I didn’t get a piece. While I was schmoozing with the other parents, a small hoard of children devoured it!


When I was a kid, I avoided watermelon because it had the consistency of Styrofoam, tasted sour, and had seeds that I had to spit out. If this is what you think of as watermelon, well let me inform you that watermelon has changed.

The watermelon I bought was from Florida and it was sweet, had the right amount of crunch, and almost no seeds (at least that is what I heard since I didn't get any). Yum!

Watermelon is only 40 calories per cup (take THAT ice cream) and has 9 grams of sugar. It has 18% of your daily value of vitamin A and 21% of your daily value of vitamin C. Don't miss it because it is inexpensive and delicious this time of year.

  1. A Seriously Cool Appetizer Featuring Watermelon
  2. Do Something Different With Watermelon
  3. watermelonlemonadeb One More Thing To Do With Watermelon
  4. watermelonsoupb Chill Out With Some Watermelon Tomato Soup
  5. Like Mojitos? Try This Light Summer Dessert
  6. watermelonfetab Got Watermelon? Try This Awesome and Simple Recipe

What is your favorite watermelon recipe?

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I have just realized that I can take watermelon/feta/basil cubes to lunch in my cooler pack.....

Why just serve to friends in the evening? I think it would even make a good b'fast.....

Hmmm. So cooling and yummy.

I live in Florida and you are right, it is much better now than when we were kids. Seedless watermelons are the best! We slice them up with dinner and my husband will often slice one up in the morning so I can eat some when I come back from my morning walk. It makes the miserably hot summer here one tiny bit more bearable.

I've never had the experience of less sweet watermelon with seeds! In fact, I miss the seeds and if I can trust my memory [I'm in my 60's] it was sweeter way back then....

But, I still find seedless sweet and refreshing, and eat it for breakfast too. Last week Stop And Shop had a sale on round watermelons 3.80 each But the center was white-ish, sort of dry, which I just ate around. I got another one for 6.00 this week and it is just perfect. All the rinds end up on my feeding rock under the birdfeeder, for critters, chipmunks, squirrels, ground-feeding birds, every single rind gets eaten or carted off somewhere--it's a very entertaining sight! They all like the refreshing watermelon too.

Yum, Yum, Yum, we LOVE watermelon in my household and I am always trying to think of other ways to serve it besides just sliced up so thanks for sharing! These recipes look fantastic!

Okay I am buying one at the Farmer's Market this weekend!Ya'll made my mouth water!

I'm sad I'm just seeing this post now... it's past watermelon season and I would have loved to try some of these recipes. This year's watermelon crop was so awesome. :(

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