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November 8, 2010   22 Comments

Snack Girl's daily snack conundrum comes down to convenience. What can I grab to shove in my face when I'm hungry?

Wasa Crackers are a Healthy Snack

Most of the snacks featured on this site will take you less than 30 seconds to prepare. I know it is EASY to grab some sort of packaged energy bar - but is it satisfying?

How about the snack featured here? I just sliced a fresh tomato and placed 1/2 ounce of Jarlsberg cheddar cheese on it. I grabbed a Wasa flatbread (35 calories) and put it all in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

Doesn't it look yummy?

If I have more than 30 seconds to make my snack, I might add a little bit of mustard to the tomato. My snack features a fruit, a little cheese for protein and fat to keep me satisfied, and a healthy cracker.

Wasa crackers are from Norway and can be found on the bottom shelf of the cracker section in your supermarket. Some of their crackers are 100% whole grain, which makes them very crunchy compared to a Ritz cracker (see my article here: 3 Reasons to Avoid Ritz Crackers). They are low in calorie (40 calories each) and don't contain a lot of added fat or sugar.

I featured a Wasa cracker in my Flaming Frito video, and it didn't burn! I think it is because it isn't as processed as the Fritos and it certainly has less oil.

My snack is about 90 calories and will hold me until dinner time. You could serve a variation on this for a great party snack.

I just love the combination of tomatoes and cheese!

What do you put on your crackers?

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I love Wasa crackers and that sounds delicious! I love to put banana peppers, tomatoes,and then top it with sliced turkey for a quick lunch or afternoon snack! Also great with soups

I can't wait to try this, thank you!

I buy Wasa crackers as well. I like to top them with grilled eggplant and a red pepper dip. I find both of these, premade in jars sold at my local Middle Eastern market. Sometimes, I add a few fat free feta crumbles. I find those at Trader Joe's. The good thing about this snack is that you can pile a lot of eggplant and red pepper on top of the Wasa cracker!

In the same section as Wasa crispbreads are the GG bran crispbreads (dark brown) which are TWELVE calories apiece and contain 5 g fiber each. I love to eat 2-4 of the GG brand a day as my body needs a LOT of fiber... If I ate a minimal 25 grams a day my digestive tract would come to a standstill.

I'm going to make your recipe using those. They're a little too bran-tasting by themselves, but good with things like bruschetta toppings, peanutbutter and banana, tzatziki etc. on them--something with flavor and moisture! Wasa are low in calories but don't really have enough fiber for me...

I love Wasa too! Here are some ideas I use for what to put on them:

1. Wasa + salmon slice + tomato slice + apple slice + cinnamon

2. Wasa + mustard honey mix

3. Wasa + cream cheese + slice tomato or bell pepper slice

4. Wasa + thin cheese slices + cucumbers + salad leaf

5. Wasa + zacusca or eggplant paste

6. Wasa + yogurt mashed potato mix + cucumber slices

7. Wasa + apple slices + cinnamon

Oh, and a word of caution. I tried to toast a piece of Wasa once and it went aflame! Melted some of my plastic toaster...

I eat Wasa (I call it vasa) with Laffing Cow. Either one alone = winner!

Where do you find Wasa flatbread... I have never seen it before...

I love wasa too! My favorites are:

Wasa + Laughing Cow wedge

Wasa + cottage cheese + crushed red pepper flakes

Yummy and filling!!

LOL I thought I was the only one who talks about eating as "shoving food in my face"! I am eating Wasa right now, the Multigrain with cottage cheese. I'm going to have to try it with crushed red pepper flakes next time!

wasa sourdough crisp bread, thin layer of peanut butter topped with slice banana. YUM!

Laughing cow cheese and sliced "go to" dessert!

I have been "Wasa"ing since I started work in the real world- why, because it is so easy to make a meal on the go:

I prefer Multi-Grain over any, but I haven't tried them all.

1. Cottage cheese, grape tomato slices and sprinkled with cracked pepper.

2. Garlic & Herb Laughing Cow cheese, LS Chicken or Turkey slices with tomato slices.

3. Peanut butter and honey with sprinkles of oatmeal. (Sweet, savory and filling dessert.

I love these because it is easy to eat them in moderation compared to a box of wheat thins and they are too bland to just sit and eat plain.

I love them with hummus! sooo good & filling.

We spread a little Neufchatel cheese, top with cucumbers, fresh basil, tomatoes. Good stuff! Kids are even digging it.

I had some wasa crackers with some salsa dip! Next time I think I'm going to put some FF cheese, microwave them and top with salsa! Yummy AND filling!

I have been eating for many years...the best....

I make extra firm tofu cooked with herb & spices sandwich ....morning meal .......

great anytime...

Sorry, but Wasa (pronounced vah-sah, the use of the "w" is archaic)isn't and never was Norwegian. I have been eating Wasa my entire life and which accounts for more than half of the time Wasa has been in business. Founded in 1919 by Karl Lundström, Wasa is associated with the name of the Swedish king Gustav Vasa and was picked to create an easily recognizable brand for all Swedes. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, it is now owned by Barilla Foods

Surprisingly, food can be the choice to cut down on saturated fat naturally. Various nutrient factors required in your diet to obtain a healthy living being.

I would like to know where I could by was a crackers can you give place and phone numbers please and thank you so much

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