Weight Watchers 360°: What’s New in 2013

January 3, 2013   57 Comments

Weight Watchers has launched a new product for 2013. How is it different?

Weight Watchers 360

The good news is that you can keep your books, PointsPlus calculators, and favorite recipes from the past PointsPlus program. Weight Watchers has not changed any of their algorithms or adjusted their eating plan so all the PointsPlus program materials will work with Weight Watchers 360°.

What is new is that they are not only trying to offer you advice on your food habits, but tools to keep track of them as well. The 360° concept is that you are going to look at food intake, mindless eating, how you organize your kitchen, celebrations, healthier breakfasts, etc. to aid you in weight loss.

If you have ever been to a Weight Watchers meeting then you know that the leaders are always giving advice on how to tackle your bad habits. Now, Weight Watchers has added some online tools using adult learning principles to help keep you accountable and build NEW healthy habits.

There are 16 different routines that they have constructed to help you get healthier and they are offering advice on how to design your spaces (kitchens, workplaces, cars, etc.). They have also added a section just for men (I guess the program is too female focussed for the guys out there).

For me, habits around eating have been as important as what I eat in aiding in my weight loss. Also, there are a ton of great applications for our cute handheld devices for helping you form new habits. While I still use the old pad and paper because I am old, I am sure WW has come up with some cool apps to support your healthy shifts.

Weight loss really isn’t just about the food. Weight Watchers has said that for years and now has created online tools that will help you be accountable. Think of Weight Watchers 360° as an upgrade on their PointsPlus program, not a big change that will make it hard for you to follow something new.

I still love that they emphasize eating fruits and vegetables. You can't go wrong eating healthier food.

The real question is whether Weight Watchers helps people lose weight and keep it off. There is a recent published scientific study done by independent researchers (not funded by WW) that has shown that their new program is effective. Weight Watchers isn't cheap so if you take the dive, be sure to commit so you have a chance of learning from it and losing weight.

Have you tried Weight Watchers 360°? What do you think? How about PointsPlus? Please share.

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I have lost 65 lbs. at WW. I think it is a great program but like anything, you get out of it what you put in. I agree that you really need to be committed if it is going to help you lose and then keep the lbs off. I'm not to maintenance yet but I think it will probably be the most difficult of all but also probably the most important. We have ALL lost weight but keeping it off is another story all together!! Good luck and by the way, it is well worth the commitment. I have 40 lbs to go but already feel so much better. I am off several meds and all my labs are better as well.

My "just graduated college" budget's cannot afford WW at the moment, but my colleague has lost 80 pounds with the program.

I have lost 50 pounds in the last year with WW. I think it is a mind set. Once I realized it is not a diet but the rest of my life I found it easier to do. I still have 10 pounds to go to goal and then maintenance. I highly recommend WW. That first step is the hardest and after that it actually becomes fun. Every little goal is a challenge that you CAN meet and before you know it your health, your confidence and your life are so much better.

I lost 40lbs. Feel great and look great. Weight Watchers helped me understands potion control and kept me accountable for what I was putting into my body. I HIGHLY recomment it to anyone beginning the weight loss journey. If you do the plan and stay on plan, you will lose weight AND keep it off.

I am a lifetime member of WW. Maintenance is extremely challenging if you don't make this a lifestyle change. Fortunately for me I LOVE fruits and veggies and whole foods in general. This puts me in the Power Foods user category and also the older Core Plan. I don't feel deprived - still have a glass of wine and a dark chocolate every evening. BUT - as we age, exercise is critical. I am 64 and enjoy deep water aerobics classes 3 times a week. Finding some aerobic activity that is fun is crucial to a success story. There are no tricks to losing weight - just smart choices. Good luck!

Nice post, I really don't know much about weight watchers and I have been intrigued by there program. Thanks for sharing!!

I just went back to WW....I had lost 65 pounds, but then I lost focus. I never gave up, though, so here I go again. This newest plan has a slightly-different focus, but it all makes sense. I'm not a veggie fanatic, but I'm working on it! Nothing is "off limits" which does help with cravings (in moderation!). To restate what's already been said, if you work with the plan the plan works for you -- I've lost 9 pounds in two months, hope to lose 9 pounds in the next two months, etc. To me the monthly pass makes the most economic sense, and a good leader is essential - if you don't "click" with the first one you meet, you should try another one. I love my leader, but the woman who fills in for her is SO scary...!

I am a Lifetime member of weight watches. I have been involved with weight watchers for 34 years. Like most of us, I have rejoined a number of times. Losing the weight was not a problem and the program works well, however keeping it off seems to be my problem. The most recent joining was last Jan with the mew points plus prog. I lost 30 lbs, but since then I have put on 20. What's my problem? I think it's my husband. He has such a sweet tooth for cookies, candy (M&Ms) and cakes. Constantly buying these items which undo my healthy habits. No willpower.

I've never done WW, I've always done calorie counting and today with the tools online, I can watch calories as well as carbs, fiber, protein and fat with little effort and no mind numbing calculations and flipping through calorie books! The comment I'd like to make though, is that any eating change needs to be a lifestyle. It's about frame of mind and accountability. They offer "WW at Work" where I work, but they are in sessions. This seems to indicate that watching your weight is only in sessions. I know WW helps millions of people reach their goals, but staying in WW can become quite costly and when there's no one to be accountable to, it's so much easier to fall off the wagon. Maybe WW should add weight maintenance accountability sessions at a reduced rate.

I have lost 60lbs on weight watchers and have only invested $60. I just bought 2012 the delux kit on amazon. Spent $.99 on a small notebook to journal my food and I have been doing great. 40 lbs to go to goal.

I have lost 38.5 pounds on Weight Watchers and am now at my goal weight, transitioning to maintenance mode. It works beautifully if you actually follow the program and stay disciplined about it. That old thing that your teachers used to say, "you're only cheating yourself"? 100% true. You only hurt yourself by cheating, and it just takes longer if you do. And you do have to get used to the idea that you might not feel full to bursting all the time, and that it's actually okay not to feel full to bursting all the time. You don't starve, you eat real food, and the flex points make it flexible enough to accommodate those times when you don't have complete control over what's available to eat.

I lost 60lbs with weight watchers (and running) two years ago and have since kept it off. When ever I feel like in going a but over board with eating, I jump right back on to point tracking. I've been over weight my entire adult life and WW is a big part of that.

LIfetime member here, who just got back to goal. I lost 126 pounds to get back to goal. When I work the program, it works for me. I love WW, especially the Simply Filling Technique, which is what I follow (stresses cleaner eating). I feel like I can eat this way for the future!

I feel a little ridiculous commenting alongside the people who have lost 60 or 100 lbs, but there are also those who just need some encouragement to adopt healthier food choices and lose that little bit. I have been watching my weight slowly creep up ever since I hit 30, but last year I had had it, and it was buy new clothes or lose 20 lbs. Well, I joined WW online and did the points plus program. The weight did not want to leave at first, and losing a pound or two each week felt slow at first, but the 20 did come off, and has stayed off, because I learned healthier habits. Reading SG's blog is also a big help. I have learned ways to cook and try different vegetables that I would never have eaten before. My family is benefiting, too, since I am the cook in the house. And my clothes fit again.

Another successful Weight Watcher member here at 130lbs lighter and now at Lifetime. I reach my goal weight in Sept 2012 and I already know that if it wasn't for WW continuing support for those at maintenance I would be gaining what I lost! I think the monetary amount that I have invested is priceless for a better health and much cheaper than surgery, where you can still gain the weight back!!!! Weight Watchers WORKS!

I lost 60 pounds with WW over 4 years ago. I met my Lifetime Goal within 1 year and have kept if off ever since! I tried everything else. This planis for real people with real lives. The flexibility and the knowledge you receive will set you up for success as long as you are committed to being the Best You you want to be! Love WW!!!!!!

Ten years ago I took off 40 lbs. with W.W. "Core" plan. It worked very well with me because I love vegetables and fruits, and at the time, you could eat all you wanted. I've kept the pounds off, and the best advice I heard was to just not bring into the house what you know is your temptation, and do keep handy what you know will satisfy your cravings -- for me it's low fat yogurt, popcorn (from scratch) -- with a sprinkle of garlic salt and grated Parmesan or Romano cheese, and for my sweet tooth, fat free meringue treats.

You won't be healthy eating a bunch of fruits and vegetables. You need a well-rounded diet; LOTS of healthy fats are absolutely crucial. I wrote about this just a couple days ago: and I swear, I did not know that WW was calling their new program 360°!

For those who are unable to sign up for WW (for various reasons, one of them being money...) try My Fitness Pal. You can access it online ( or if you have a smartphone it has an app too! Super helpful and helps u keep track of what you're eating, you can literally search any food (even from a restaurant) and it will find the exact time (also with a barcode scanner) I've done weight watchers before and definitely got the hang of it, and what it's intended purpose truly was, but I found the points system to be a bit of a hassle- I prefer counting out the calories myself, as well as monitoring how many grams of carbs I'm eating, sugar, fat, etc. (Yes, I know WW already calculated all that for you via points... But everything works different for everyone. I like actually knowing what's in the food I'm eating.)

I lost 80 lbs but have gained most of it back due to injury and loss of focus. I now employ some of the WW tips but use a free online tool called Loseit and formed a FB support group with my friends. I find that if I have support and write it down, I can be successful without spending money. WW is a good group but I found that the community was judgmental and didn't want that in my life.

I have never used WW, but my husband and I have both been using the LoseIt! app and website since last June (it's free!). He has lost 67 pounds and I've lost 42 so far (18 more pounds to my first goal!) We're both still going strong and determined to build habits for a healthy lifestyle and not just while we're losing weight. It's similar to WW - you just count calories instead of points. Very easy to use and a great online community for support! I know several people who have done great with WW, I'm just too cheap to pay for it :) But if that's what works for you I would say it's money well spent.

I have joined WW many times. I even lost 77 lbs at one time. If you don't stay committed it won't work. I didn't! Uggh! My physician told me it was the best program offered. I lost my job 5 months ago so I can't afford to rejoin but I am working on living a healthy lifestyle consistently. It is day 3and I am feeling successful! I am using many of the tips and tools that I learned from attending WW meetings. I highly reccommend Aw to anyone interested in living healthy.

I (re)joined WW a year ago, just in time for the Points Plus Program - I think it it is the best program yet! I needed a jump-start, so I did Seattle Sutton for 2 months prior to rejoining and have, between the two programs, lost about 55 lbs. I am finally confident I'll keep it off because I've learned to actually enjoy vegetables and find filling ways to cook them. Now I actually think about portion size; and the addition FF plain Greek yogurt into my diet has made a huge difference. And nordic walking! There is NO WAY that weight is coming back!

I lost 135 pounds with WW an have been working as a leader with them for 7 1/2 years. The plan really does work if you work it and I am loving the new 360!

I've attended WW a number of times over the years. I re-joined this past April and have lost 35lbs on the Point Plus Program (now 360). I love the program and truly feel this time that I've changed my attitude towards food & will keep the weight off. The program is not that expensive - $16.80 per meeting plus groceries which you have to buy anyways! It's worth every penny - I am thrilled with how I look and feel and have not felt that way about myself in years.

I joined WW online. I tryed meetings years ago and found its too difficult to fit in the time along with work outs and work, and child care. So far so good, although slow. But new tools to help, can't be bad, right?

I am a lifetime WW member but much older now and "off the wagon". Years ago when I lost the weight and became a lifetime member, the program was MUCH more challenging if simply because resources were so much more limited than in today's world. However, one thing remains constant, whether you admit it or not, the group support is the key and attending the meetings is essential to success.

I have not tried WW, because honestly I can't afford it. BUT, I believe in their points plus system and thanks to an app called Points Plus Diary (that only cost $1.24) I am able to follow their program and have lost over 100 lbs. It's all about accountability. I am still about 40-50 lbs from my goal (only 1 size away from my size goal), so I'm far from done. Especially since this is a lifestyle change, I will never truly be done. Calculating points for me makes sense and works, because I am not a calorie counter. Online support groupls are helpful for the accountability too.

Weight Watchers is a lifestyle program, not a diet. I have lost 30 lb with WW. I'm a total believer in the program. I have followed it and met with success. I'm not sure the new 360 stuff will make a big difference for me, since the principles are staying the same. I love my FB support group, and I love the weekly WW meeting I attend.

I lost 80 pounds on WW and am now a leader for them. It's the real deal! I lost weight on all the other programs, diets etc but KEEPING it off was never part of their programs - It IS at WW!! It's definitely worth the money because my health and happiness is worth it!!!

After reading this post I re-read 3 past posts...looking for a free version of Weight Watchers, Jason's story of his 39 lb loss and Ashley's story of her 40 lb loss. I am always, always inspired by these stories as well as Snack Girl's blog (a guilty pleasure of mine to which I am quite addicted to). I am 35 yrs old & have been wanting for many years now to lose weight & just be healthier all around. But recently I have come to realize that I'm actually terrified of the weight loss battle. That sounds silly to all I am sure but it is the honest to goodness truth. I'm trying to figure out why I am so scared...maybe I'm afraid I will fail or maybe I am afraid I will succeed? I know its doing something for myself and as a mom its hard for me to be selfish, maybe that's part of it. Does anyone understand where I am coming from? And if so have you felt the same way? How did you overcome it? Sorry to bear my soul but I learn so much not only from the queen, Snack Girl but also from comments left by other readers and I have trust in you guys. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you for hearing me out. Have a great day!! Happy New Year to all!!

Honestly I don't see the big deal with Weight Watchers. Why not just count calories on your own? No need to spend so much money having a program do it for you. I don't know, I guess I can't judge since I've never been on it personally but those are just my two cents. I do like their new commercials though. They're inspiring. :)

Weight losss is a lifestyle change and a scary journey at that. It truly cost me only $1.24 for an app that works off the WW points plus system and I've lost over 100 lbs. You do need an android phone in order to use it though. Your post just remined me of me before I found that. Anyways, if you would like to talk more I do have a blog that shares my story at Feel free to contact me there and I'd be happy to share my e-mail or facebook info so we could chat more. The toughest part is getting started and support and ideas are always helpful.

I find "points" a simpler way to self monitor than trying to decide between calories, carbs, fat, glycemic indexes, etc. I personally couldn't stand the WW meetings and chose TOPS (down 35 lbs so far, see if anyone is interested). Its all about repetition and relative consistency!

I work for WW and love the program. I lost 82 pounds on the WW program and have kept it off for 2years now. It is a lifestyle change and not a diet. I had all sorts of health issues and I was on 8 meds four just to be able to breath. Now I am off all and a size 4.

I lost 65 pounds with WW years ago. I have gained some back and lost again. All of my own doing. The program works......if you follow it. It's difficult with all the temptation out there and if you're not moving your body somehow, even more so to keep it off. WW is the most "normal" lifestyle of proper eating. the rest is up to you. It works if you can motivate yourself. I have never found them judgemental.

I found some resources that have helped me Sparkpeople ( is a great wellness resource, offering tools and information to help you make healthy lifestyle changes in diet and fitness as well as offering articles on skin care, mental health, and more. Membership is free and allows you to use their online food and fitness trackers, create personalized meal plans, and access expert advice via articles and message boards. Meal programs are customizable, allowing you to tailor suggestions to your health goals, such as “low sodium” or “high protein.”

Joined WW the other day, free registration,meeting fee and what I was talked into cost me $58.00, just for 1 day. It is a very good program that works for many people, I just can't justify paying $14 a week, or $9.00 a week(with per paid monthly pass =$42.00+a month) to get a bravo star each week. Counting points seems easy, but u have to buy an awful lot of products in order to do this. Their online site, ETOOls, is only available if u get the monthly pass @$42 a month, or by subscribing to online program at $55 for 3 months, than a fee of $48 a month after that. WW to me is BIG Business. I'm trying My Fitness Pal, and seems to be working, I track each day ( u have to do this on WW), I get a run down on all nutrients, fats, carbs, sugar n protein. I like it and its FREE. There is a support community also. I think I'll keep my money in my own pocket.

Just wondering if anyone here has ever tried TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Successfully)? I belonged to a neighborhood TOPS group when I was in high school and remember it fondly, but it's been many years. I know from Google that they're still around. Anyone familiar with them today?

For those that can't afford Weight Watchers, but may be able to do without the meetings, I bought old WW guides on eBay and was pretty successful in following those on my own...

I joined in Nov. Loved the idea of eating all the veggies and fruit I wanted! O points. Yay. I've lost 15 lbs so far. It's averaged out to a little less than 2 lbs a week. I love the tracking tool online. It helps me really see what it is I've eaten and also how much I need to eat to lose weight. I'm on 26 pts a day, but with the extra 49 they give you every week, I've never gone over for the week. That's what I like, I can go over for the day, but make it up the next day or just use some of my 49 pts or the pts I accrue through exercise. It's help me see what portion size is truly what you need. I used to eat everything on my plate, and take seconds sometimes. Now I ask myself, do I really need that last bit to satisfy my hunger? If the answer is no, I leave it (unheard of in the past!). If the answer is yes, then I eat it. So far it's working. The true test will be the maintenance phase.

I started using ww almost two years ago and have lost all the weight I wanted to and have successfully kept it off. Unlike most diet plans, it's about figuring out what works for you. They have "rules" to following plans but then say that they are just suggestions to guide you through the program. My experience is that it's all about trial and error. I will say there were a few bumps along the road (I never gained a significant amount of weight back, but there were times where I felt like I was at a standstill even though I was doing the exact same thing I did when I was losing weight). All of that being said, I got through the plateau by switching up my workouts and really paying attention to only eating until I was full. I can truly say that it isn't hard for me to stay on track because it's such a habit. It really is a lifestyle change and you must fully commit to it for it to work. (This means don't listen to the criticism of your family and friends because trust me, they will criticize. Just remind yourself of your goal and how good it will feel to acheive it and maintain it.)

I think ww is great. Unlike many other companies and programs you are forced to buy shakes, vitamins, or food on a weekly and monthly basis. Ww can be cheap they give you tools to be able to do it at home and you can actually grocery shop to you liking and not to what they produce. They do however have their own brand but work with many other brands as well. I truly think this is the way to go I have lost weight with ww and love it. This is not A DIET what so ever. and i feel it is not expensive. The groups are great but you don't have to do them. You can buy your delux books and do it right from home and buy the foods you want to eat. However the more junk you buy the more it cost you in points. Its like a challenge or a game. Love it.

I am a over weight woman needing to lose weight

For me there are several issues: one is, what do we know about those for whom WW does NOT work? For me personally, I have some physical limitations which make vigorous exercise painful and therefore not very possible. Does it work without exercise? I dont think so. I will also say that I have tried the program several times since it was changed from the old "exchange" program, and each time I felt exceedingly frustrated. I believe I was following the program, and controlling my portions, and it still was not working. Another issue: as we age, our metabolisms slow. What does WW say about that? and do they track those who drop out, what do we know about those people? surely all are not sneaking M and M's in their cars.

I have used WW on & off. Lost 20-30lbs each time. Each time eventually stopping as I was not able to go to the meeting a or just did not want to pay anymore. I was not motivated by the talks...

I have been using a free weight lost system to track all my calories & exercise plus the app. I can see myself utilizing this for a long, long time. 7.5lbs down and I feel in CONTROL!! Plus it it's free!! The only thing I would recommend is to take measurements so you are not discouraged if the scale does not change.

Can someone explain to me how this program works. Does WW take your weight, height etc and determine how many calories, carbs, protein etc you need..and place that next to a point scale? I've been in the habit of counting calories lately but have found that I get bored with not enough option and complete structure. I'm interested in trying the program. But I want to know how everything works and how this program is going to be customized for me.

I'm a lifetime weight watchers member and just gained the same 15 lbs. back (again) - back to meetings and tracking because I know it works!

If it works, how come so many repeat customers? what about the data on those for whom it DOESN'T work?

WW really DOES work but you have to stick with it. I lost 30 lbs. 2 years ago on WW and have since gained it all back. I have tried several other ways to lose weight but they have been unsuccessful. I'm going back to WW this week!! They DO take into consideration your height and age, which helps to determine how many points you are allotted for the day. It's amazing how we all beat ourselves up when we fail but we can't let that stop us!!

I am a Lifetime member for over 30 years. i have all the paper work and Lifetime pen to prove it so just wondering if I have to pay? Years ago Lifetie meant nevr having to pay to go back again? Just wondering. I know what to do and only have 9 pounds to ose but would like to join if still free for lifetime members.

WW is the best way to go about losing weight. Other diets often succeed for awhile, but usually involve depriving yourself of many kinds of foods or buying expensive food from a particular distributor. WW is not a diet, it is a way of eating for life. I lost 40 pounds last year and have kept it off for 8 months. I would recommend incorporating exercise into your life as well. I had never before tried ANY diet, so for this to have worked for me the first time around was truly amazing.

I loss 47 pounds 5 years ago, got to my goal weight & put it all back on. Wish I had done better after getting to my goal. I've been back twice for a short time.

Great Post ! it really helps :)

I'm also a big fan of…

I'm 23 years old. I just had a baby in September and I'm looking forward to getting rid of some weight. I've tried following weightwatchers prior to pregnancy but was not a member. I lost 5lbs in a little over a week and felt amazing anout what I eating. I was never hungry and I could wat what I wanted (basically). I'm unable to become a member at this time due to financial constraints. We shall see how it goes. I have sixty pounds to loose.

I'm doing the new WW for the second time this year. I lost 8 lbs before my wedding and seriously gained at least 5 back the week of the wedding alone. I probably ate 60 points on my wedding day. Now I am up 10 lbs again and trying to lose it. I have been on WW 3 weeks and lost maybe 1.5lbs. Or that is just water. My pants don't fit any differently so I doubt I have lost a thing. I am sticking to the points except for wine. I have 2 glasses a night. That is only 250 calories but on WW it's 10 Points. My Boca burger on wheat is 300 calories and 6 points. How is this making sense?

So most days I eat fruit, vegetables, chicken breast and Boca burgers, and wine. No sugar or desserts. You'd think I would have lost some weight. I know, cut the wine out. But then each day is a depressing landscape of rabbit food and bad gas. Maybe I am losing 1/2 lb a week and just don't know it yet. That would be exciting.

The program is a bit costly but effective.

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