Weight Watchers PointsPlus Versus Momentum

February 7, 2011   131 Comments

A few weeks ago, I posted Why Did Weight Watchers Change Its Points Program? and this article has received 70 comments. Why?

Weight Watchers PointsPlus Versus Momentum

My guess is that change is hard. Weight Watchers old program, Momentum, worked for many participants and they are having trouble changing to a new weight loss program (PointsPlus).

Here is a comment from Gloria her about her experience with PointsPlus:

SOOO glad I found this site! I was getting so discouraged! I'm a lifetime member that got a little out of control the last few months, and want to lose a few pounds before a trip to Hawaii at the end of March.

Figured, if I started in January, NO PROBLEM. I was wrong. Started the PointsPlus program and have not lost 1 pound yet! Broke out all my old points stuff this morning and am going back to it for sure. Perhaps I can still salvage part of my goal for Hawaii.

I read all the comments on this site, and I respond to many. As for the Weight Watchers' post, I am completely LOST as how to respond to many of the threads because I am not a member of the program.

I found that I couldn't read all those comments without wanting to DO something to try to help the people so desperately wanting to lose weight.

I decided to try help these members who seem frustrated with PointsPlus and get some answers that might help guide them.

So, I e-mailed Weight Watchers and asked Karen Miller-Kovach, MBA, MS, RD (chief scientist and general manager of research & development for Weight Watchers) a few more questions to try to address the PointsPlus concerns.

Snack Girl: Could it take longer to lose the weight with the PointsPlus program than on the former Momentum Program?

Karen Miller-Kovach: PointsPlus, as well as the former Momentum program, are specifically designed to produce a safe rate of weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.

That being said, the process of weight loss is very individual and how long it takes you to achieve these goals dependent on many personal factors. The programs themselves, are both designed to produce the same rate of weight loss.

Snack Girl: Why is the daily allowance of points larger and the fruits and veggies are now counted as zero points? It seems counter intuitive to some Momentum members.

Karen Miller-Kovach: PointsPlus is a completely new system and many of the numbers have changed. While the daily PointsPlus Target is higher, the vast majority of the values for foods are higher as well.

Fruits and most vegetables, being the exception were specifically assigned to be 0 PointsPlus as way to encourage their consumption because not only are they nutrient-dense, they are really filling.

That being said, we recognize that these foods still have calories, so an adjustment was made in the daily Target to account for these calories to ensure weight loss.

Furthermore, a clinical trial was also done where individuals followed the program with this feature and the researchers found that it did not hinder weight loss.

Snack Girl: Do you think comparing Momentum to PointsPlus is helpful or should Momentum Weight Watchers participants just move on?

Karen Miller-Kovach: No, and in fact in can be harmful (to compare the two programs).

One issue that some members have run into is creating a hybridization of the two programs. This approach will not work.

It is also not helpful to spend time and energy trying to compare and contrast every element of the new program with the old one as it will not bring you any closer to your weight-loss goals.

Your time is much better spent trying to learn and embrace PointsPlus!

Thanks, Karen!

I believe that it is in Weight Watchers' best interest to put forward the best weight loss plan they can design or people will just stop signing up and will quit the program.

I hope the people who need to lose weight and get healthy find the thing that works for them - don't quit! My suggestion is to give PointsPlus a chance, perhaps a couple of months.

Then, if you aren't getting results, take what you have learned from it and try something new. Whatever you do, don't give up.

Any thoughts on the new Weight Watchers Program?

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For what it's worth ... I'm the author of a diet, health, and lifestyle book. In the end, diets do not changes do.

I like busting myths and the biggest one is: Eat Less, Exercise More. This taken for granted equation does not work because it implies willpower and deprivation...not sustainable. And if you eat a typical restaurant meal, you will have consumed about 1,300 calories. It will take about 2-hours to "exercise that off."

Look for foods and snacks that are tasty (there are many) and create the feeling of satiety. The magic ingredients for satiety -- fiber and protein.

If you eat fiber/protein every time you eat, you will be able to eat more! As for exercise, you must do it. However, not for weight-loss. It will assist in sustaining weight-loss (once you have lost weight) and it's necessary for overall health.

Here's an article where I try to bust a few myths:

In good health,

Ken Leebow

I embraced the change, because if I tried to stay the same, I'd never lose the weight. We can't become what we want to be (thinner, more adventurous, etc) if we refuse to open up and embrace new things. There have been many versions of WW and this one is the most comprehensive, complete nutritional picture yet. Why would you want to waste te fighting it? If you don't like the new system, and you really tried to be on board, then maybe it's not right for you anymore.

Ken is absolutely right. If we are going on a diet, then that means that you will probably be wanting to go off the diet at some point. Learning how you got to where you are is the answer. It truly is in what you eat. Processed, fried, sugary, high fat/cholesterol type foods and all candy/junk foods are loaded with salts, chemicals, and other "stuff" that contribute to weight gain. You have to educate yourself about reading labels and eating fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts...low/no fat cheeses, milk and yogurt. There is so much out there provided by Mother Nature herself.

While people get frustrated and want results sooner rather than later, I have researched and found an extremely highly nutritious, low calorie, low points too, and cost effective shake that is a meal replacement. I truly can't tell you how tremendous it is and the astounding results people are having with it, including myself in such a short period of time! I have done my research on this shake and I feel I would be doing people a dis-service by not telling them about it as it literally has changed and saved people's lives! Whatever we can do to change the eating habits of America is what I would love to see. Not enough education out there in our schools to even help our children.

Feel free to check out this economical, portable and highly nutritious meal replacement shake:

I commend all of you for wanting to change your weight and your health. We are what we eat and your longevity depends on it!

Yours in health,
Karen MacNab
Wellness Consultant

Super post. This is very important to me.

Thank you, Lisa, for going the extra mile to unravel these issues surrounding the new PointsPlus program.

I continue to be frustrated when I hear how people are struggling with it. Without knowing what they are really eating and whether or not they are really understanding the intended changes, it's impossible to give good advice.

I hope the people who are struggling will talk with their meeting leaders, and I REALLY hope their meeting leaders are educating themselves and giving out good information.

It's a great program! It is a change for the better, and the most important thing to remember is that it's a change for good.

Bravo to Julie!

If you are struggling with the transition, please talk to your meeting leader! He or she can help make things easier!

This is the most satisfying and freeing plan yet!

What finally worked for me on the new WW program is (and ok, it sounds weird) not eating fruit after lunch, and not eating more than 2 pieces per day. I'm post menopausal, and my personal trainer (who works with a MD who specializes in nutrition) said that sometimes women have more trouble processing carbs after menopause, so to limit the fruit (which acts like a candy bar in your body, fructose being a sugar) and not to eat it after lunch. Well, after not losing ANYTHING while strictly adhering to the new WW program, now I am losing between 0.8 and 1.2 pounds per week. I tried posting this on several WW community blogs and got shot down so I just stopped. But it worked for me. Sometimes you just have to tweak it a little because we are all different.

I never took part in the Momentum plan, didn't start WW til 3 weeks ago.... so it works for me so far, it is definitely a lifestyle change, one that i am committed too, so I guess I am not having as many problems as converts....16# so far..... hoping to avg the 1-2 pounds a week from here on out. My wife is doing the plan with me, soi this definitely helps out

Seriously, I do think it's the best plan out there. You CAN make it a lifestyle, it's not painful, it's definitely doable for everyone, and it works. There IS no quick fix for weight. Diet and exercise.

I began Feb 2010 with the Momentum Plan and had lost 48lbs. It was working great and I was at 26pts/day. Have not lost 1lb since trying to do Points Plus.

*It is very hard to follow and you MUST have the Points calculator available at all times=before you could look at a nutrition label and easily determine the pts. It is way too time consuming-I don't want to always have food on my mind- that was part of my problem to start.

*I always chose fruits/veg first anyway on Momentum. So this isn't new for me

*I tended to limit cereals/brown rice/whole wheat pastas/oatmeal because of hi points for small quantity. Now it is even more restrictive.

*I realize WW wants you to choose fruits for snacks and your 'rewarded' with 0 pts, but sometimes you want something that's not 'cold and wet'!

Snack Girl,

I really would love to know if the new program was tried on those "Less to Loss" people. I have only 5 pounds and they aren't coming off with Points Plus.

Thanks, Tara ... I'm wondering if you're the Tara from my WW meeting!! ha ha

To Becky J: It's change. There's going to be a learning curve. The unfortunate thing for a lot of people is that they didn't get to choose to make the change, and I think that's making it more difficult.

What I can't seem to get across to everyone is that I can eat a soup that is 645 calories with a piece of bread plus a smoothie in the morning that is about 300 calories,lunch of cottage cheese and pineapple for a couple of hundred calories and use only 20 or so points. That is over 1000 calories and I still have 9 pts left. I could probably eat another 1000 calories and just use the 9 pts. I cannot lose weight on 2000 calories a day. Add to that the 49 points I have for the week and and "free fruit" and it's a problem. I have been on Points Plus since the first day. The first week I lost alot of weight and after that I have steadily gained it all back. I have always lost weight on WW and have always loved it and I embraced the change but it is not working for me. I logged all of my food, only ate my 29 daily points, got a few activity points but did not use them and did not eat any of my weeklies. I was so excited at the prospect of having a few more points (I used to only get 18)and finally getting to eat fruit, which I love. For those losing, good for you, it's great to lose weight but for those struggling with this program, I believe that the calories have a heck of a lot to do with it.

To add to what I said above, I plan all my meals each week (breakfast,lunch and dinner) and log everything that I eat so I am very meticulous about tracking.

I agree, Shelley. A calorie is a calorie and your body has to do something with it-burn or store it!

I realize that WW wants us to understand that carb calories are hard to use and want us to choose higher protein foods (more filling)but if I wanted to do Atkins I would have chosen it!

Yayyy Becky, finally someone who gets it. I have posted this on the WW message board only to be ridiculed and pooh-poohed that I cannot be correct.

The points plus program does not work for me.

I agree with Becky. IT is terribly different and to tell long time or repeat users of WW that they should just "forget" the old plan is ridiculous. They've spent years and millions to ensure we all know our points values.

Even all of the Smart Ones frozen meals are higher in point values.

I'm canceling my online membership and just going to use the old printed materials I have lying around.

I was skeptical about the PointsPlus program at first. I was losing weight steadily on the old program for several months. PointsPlus was a challenge at first, but I've been averaging between 1 and 2 pounds off a week for the past few weeks. I love the new program because it has encouraged me to eat more fruits and veggies. In the past, I've been on "low carb" diets that treated fruits like poison. So it has been resfreshing to have a tasty option for snacking. I've also tried to treat it like a challenge -- I try to go to the Farmers market and buy really fresh, local produce and make new recipes.

So this thread is highly entertaining and I just have to throw in my 2 cents. WW is not necessary, in my belief, and this is only my opinion, but all u need to do is count ur calories. If its not working for u then ur calorie intact is too high. I've been using myfitnesspal for 2 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. U can eat whatever u want as long as u don't go over your calories! There is no reason to pay for WW. That's just my opinion tho.

Brandi, I agree; that is another way of losing weight that is equally valuable and good. However, this thread is about the WW program. And INHO, the "free fruit" is messing up a lot of people, because yes, it DOES act like a candy bar in your system, and even in the WW guide they tell you not to overdo the fruit. So you can eat tons of calories just in fruit daily.

Then, if you aren't getting results, take what you have learned from it and try something new. Whatever you do, don't give up.

Any thoughts on the new Weight Watchers Program?

Can we please stick to the topic of this thread and NOT throw in your own advertisements for your program?

I also had some issues at first...but finally realized that the points were too much of my focus. I based my food choices only and what they cost in points. But then I finally got it...that they say you need eat 5 fruits or veggies, 2 lean protiens, the correct type of oil, and lots of power foods. So I started including the power foods in every part of my day...I am not the lover of fruit many usually only have one or two a day...and add lots of veggies. Both my husband and I are on this and once we made the change to add the water, eat the food they told us FIRST....we started losing weight....and are much happier. I have only dipped into the a 49 extra points once...and that was for a birthday(extra 10)...and then back to normal eating and I lost as much that week as the week before. We are told in the meeting...if you are not getting the weight loss you want, adjust...add more vegtables. Make sure you are NOT including fruit juice or dried fruit as free....check your measuring...and adjust.

So great to find people struggling with the new PP program too. I had been steadily losing up until change. Now,I lose .8 then gain .8. Literally! Can't seem to lose and am becoming very discouraged. One of the women at my meetings is experiencing same issue. No weight loss since new plan. I should say that I do work out regularly (weights, zumba and groove) 4 - 5 days week and don't even calculate activity points anymore hoping that would help. hasn't. Seriously thinking of going back to old method. Frustrating because I am only 10 lbs. from goal weight. ugh!

Although it's a bit too early to determine how I'll do, I LOVE the new program so far. A few years ago I lost 15 lbs on the momentum program so when I gained it back over the last 1 1/2 years I decided to go back to WW. I was somewhat taken back when I went to my first meeting and found out there was an entire new program but I had prepaid for 12 weeks so figured I better embrace it. After reading the material and using the program for less than I week I think I will really like it. On the old program I was often hungry, frustrated, and felt like I was on a DIET....I think this was mostly due to not eating properly. Although I lost weight I didn't really like their old philosophy.....I felt like they didn't care what you ate as long as it was within your allotted points....they pushed ANY low point foods even if they were processed and full of additives and trans fats. On the new program I eat more, feel satisfied, and don't feel like I'm on a diet. The new program really encourages good eating and feels like a program I could embrace as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. It's been less than a week so it will be interesting to see if I've lost anything. It's hard to believe I will lose as much weight as fast but I'm willing to give up a faster weight loss for a slower loss that I can maintain long term....time will tell!


I too have been on weight watchers for both programs. I lost weight under the old program by trusting the system and I continue to lose weight under the Points Plus by trusting the system. I find that I now eat more fruits and veggies instead of empty calorie, but low point processed foods than I did under the old system. I think this the new program encourages a more sensible, healthier approach to eating nutrient dense food and not just eating low calorie food. WW is in the business of helping people lose weight, it in their best interest to provide us with the most effective program to do that. If the old program were better it would not have been replaced.

I feel that the new PP program would be a great 'weight sustaining' program but for weight-loss it gets an F in my book. I was on Momentum for about 2 months and dropped 10bs (about 1.5lbs per week) which was great for me. I wasn't loosing the weight too fast but it was at a rate that I could see/ feel change and not worry about every single thing I ate.

Since starting the new PP Program about 2 months ago my weight has been extremely inconsistent- gaining one week, losing the next, then gaining twice as much. Like Debi, I found myself not even including my activity points PRAYING for some change... nada. I love WW and the encouragement that I get from the meetings but I've only got 8 more pounds to go until goal and I've been sitting at this point since December.

To sum it up: I don't believe PP is worth my time, money, or stress. My mom and I are currently on eBay searching for old Momentum booklets.

To say that I'm frustrated with Points Plus is an understatement. I'm angry. I lost 30 lbs, relatively easily, on the old plan. Recently, when my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I convinced him that WW was a fool-proof way to lose weight. We both went on the new plan, with no bias against it. I with only about ten pounds to lose, and he with a lot more. We have followed the plan to the letter for two months. I have lost a total of ZERO pounds and he has lost exactly one. I am scared for him to continue to use this plan. He needs to lose weight and this plan has just been a huge waste of our time. It's bad enough that WW is duping people who need to lose weight, but for those whose health depends on it, it is dangerous to count on WW to help you lose. I have tried contacting WW for help, to no avail. Beyond disappointing.

What I've decided to do is to go back to the old points program that worked for me 5 years ago. I've kept off nearly all the weight I'd lost. I figure on the new Points Plus Program it would take me 9 months to lose the same amount of weight I'd lost before in 5 months. I went back to WW just to lose 7 lb or so before a vacation. So far I've lost only 3 lbs. My leader gave me a hand out stating that small women who are Life Time or don't have a lot to lose are having trouble losing on this Program so know you're not crazy even the WW Company know there's a problem for some people who don't have a lot to lose.

I only have 15-20 lbs to lose and have been on the program for 4 weeks and have only lost 4 lbs..... BUT I'm ok with losing it slowly. This is the first program I feel I can "live" with and hopefully maintain even after I lose the may take longer but I'm hoping I won't have to do this again in a year. I don't feel deprived and doesn't feel like I'm on a "diet"....I just love it.

Our leader did a recap of the new program at our meeting today and then opened it up for discussion. She even said it may take longer but it should be more sustainable. The majority of the members like it a lot better than the old program but some did say it was hard to make the adjustment. One lady who has been coming to WW's for 30 years said she has tried every program and said this is the best program ever...said she loves it so much she could "sell" it

Don't take this the wrong way Snack Girl, but I think the next question to ask the WW spokesperson after she acknowledged that "the process of weight loss is very individual" was why are they not making available a plan that works very well for some people when the new plan doesn't?

I tried to new plan. I took the extra time to follow it. I didn't lose weight. I cancelled my membership.

I'm going to piece together the old plan with calorie counters, spreadsheets to calculate points and targets, and there appears to be some phone apps I can use that use old points. I could just count calories but I think this will work a little better. When I pick up a label, I can roughly calculate points by dividing the calories by 50 (and then playing with Fiber and Fat).

If the new program works for you, great. Follow it. It doesn't work for me and it doesn't work for others and it's frustrating to be told that weight loss is a personal thing but you should ignore what works and follow the new plan because it should work better.

I know that when I step on a scale in a week, if I follow the old plan with what I eat and how much I exercise, my weight will be down. I'm tired of taking the time and stepping on a scale to make no progress.

Finally got word from WW. And the word is, basically, maybe I'm just doing it wrong. They claim that people are having a hard time getting used to the new plan, or maybe they aren't calculating their points correctly, etc, etc. This is not helpful information. WW needs to stop projecting blame onto their customers and start making changes to their ineffective plan. I have cancelled my membership and am even asking for my money back, though I'm sure I won't get it. I will also strongly discourage anyone from using this plan in the future.

I have also been a WW memeber for years. I lost all my baby weight and then some on the old points plan years ago and then my not watching, gained some weight back. I decided to try the new WW Points plan and get back on track with my weight loss and must say that I am very dissapointed. On the old plan I would lose about 5 pounds in the first week the new plan I lost .7 that is not even a pound! I even tracked everything I ate on the WW iphone app. Starting tomorrow I am cracking out my old WW books and getting started with the old program.

I'm following up my post from 2/7/11. I have followed the new program meticulously and even have turned in my tracker to my leader at her recommendation. Have finally hit "50", but you'll notice that is only 2 lbs in 1 month/10days. I have 30-50 lbs yet to lose and am very discouraged.....

I understand why the new program seems to be working-it's because the new members are showing a loss-but remember it's because they are eating healthier for once in their lives! I couldn't bear to go to the 2nd mtg of the year because I knew all the new members would be so excited about losing 3-5 lbs and all I could muster was .6! Oh, well, I must go on....

Thank goodness for this site! Used the old program 2 years ago to drop 15 lbs in 3 months time. Started the new plan 2 months ago and have lost 6 lbs. I know that is progress but compared to the old plan, it's nothing. Oh, and by the way, I haven't lost anything in the last 4 weeks! Nothing! I follow the plan to the letter and am very frustrated. Cancelled my membership today. I would be very interested in anyone wanting to share the old program materials on this site. IMO,the new plan does not work for those just needing to lose 15 lbs. or less.

Marina you can get all the 2010 Weight Watcher books and points calculator on Ebay for a decent price. Thankfully, I still have mine that I am now using. I hope that helps you.

I am sorry many are having issues with this....and for those that have made up their mind...and obviously your experience validates your feelings. But I did want to say that what WW said to you does have some validity for some people. I was counting it wrong, not understanding teh new program.....but once I spent some extra time with a leader going over the new program and my food journal it became clear I was still counting things similar to the old program. Both I and my husband made some changes and it has started working...I also wanted to say for any that are still on the fence. My doctor did not want me on the old program as he said it encouraged unhealthy eating as people could eat a lot of processed food and still be in the points...where this one makes it so many of those empty calorie foods are higher points now. I have started losing again but even when I wasnt' losing, my health numbers started heading toward that was a good thing.

I am a lifetime member who has neglected my weight for some years now. Upon rejoining 6 weeks ago, I too was excited about the new PP program. After 6 weeks, I have lost .6 pounds. I have followed and calculated everything to a tee. The ,leaders at my meeting were absolutley no help. They didn't even seem to know the program themselves. After writing to the WW people, I was told that I must make myself familiar with the new program. If the leaders are not familiar with it, then how the heck am I supposed to follow it. After writing to WW and advising them of my problem, they offered me a free snack bar for my trouble.(thought we learned years ago not to use food as a reward) this porogram is not working for me. time to go back to the old. I have since quit my membership as $19.00 a week is not worth it. I am so dissapointed, because I have always had success with WW. Seems its all about money now and not about losing weight

I've lost 80 pounds on momentum and made lifetime in May 2007 and kept it off. Over the holidays, WWers changed the program, I gained 5 pounds, I embraced the program since then, almost 3 months now, and have yet to lose a single ounce. I weigh in this Saturday, If I don't lose, I will toss the new plan and go back to momentum. I think WWers changed the program so that all members, including lifetimers had to buy all new materials.

Also, how can I (125 pounds) have the same amount of points as someone who is over 200 pounds, it makes no sense.... WWers FAILED ME.

I really don't understand all the griping --if you don't like the new plan and don't think it's right for you, you always have the option to quit and go back to counting your points the old way (WW didn't erase the part of your brain that knows how to do this). I really believe that all of this is just plain old resistance to change.

I've lost over 20 pounds on PointsPlus so far. My daily allowance of 29 points (plus 49 weekly points and additional activity points) provides plenty of room for non-produce foods, including occasional treats, nights out, and wine. And I've found everything very easy to count using the online tracker.

Weight Watchers didn't fail you. The diet merely evolved to make the most of the latest research and nutritional information. And it works if you follow it correctly.

I have to disagree with Dee. This new program does NOT work for everyone! Especially those of us who only have 15 to 20 lbs to lose. As you can read from other posts, even if you follow the PointsPlus to a T it does not work for everyBODY. I agree with with Shannon on this one that WW did fail some of us in that they changed a program that was working in order to make more money and have people buy new books, calulators, etc. They even paid for Jennifer Hudson to advertise for them. BIG BUCKS for WW. Don't you think? WW is in it to make money people it is a business and in a bad economy what better to make more money than change a program so that people with buy more. Think about it!!!

Dee..The reason for the griping is because WWERS said they WOULD NO LONGER SUPPORT the old program, so as I attend my meetings, I can not discuss being on the old plan. SO YES WWERs DID fail me!!

My daily allowance is also 29 points, and I weigh 120 pounds, I have the same amount of points as someone 200 pounds, as to which I was gaining weight. I went back on the old program and in a week I was down -2.2 pounds. I eat the same, but counted points differently, tell me why that is???

I followed the new plan faithfully for 3 months, my leader couldn't understand why I was gaining, if you looked at my tracker, you wouldn't know either.

I believe that WWers did not look at lifetime members in the new program. I'm glad the program is working for you, but as you near to goal, you will see the problem.

I too disagree. I followed the points plus plan to a T for 8 weeks and lost nothing. I have now talked to a nutritionist and to my doctor and they all say that fruit needs to be counted....too many carbs cause the body to shut down......WW you have failed us in this new plan

I can see it not working for someone who is only 120 lbs. I take it you already don't use any of your extra points but what adout if you count your fruit as 1 point and just add a little more activity.

I only have 20 lbs to lose to be at MY goal weight even though I'm already within (barely) the "normal" weight for my height. At first I was skeptical that it was just a promo to make more money but I truly believe it's a better plan....maybe not for everyone but surely for the majority! I've been on the program 9 weeks so far and have lost 9 lbs IS much slower than the old program for sure but I think it's more sustainable. I feel the points plus pushes you towards better eating and feel I can live with this program even after I reach my goal

I've been a wwer member for over 10 years, and have never had a problem with them changing plans, as they always worked.

For me, the old plan is the best. I eat very healthy, and don't each much fruit, I am a veggie eater. So counting points for fruit wasn't the problem.

Then why not reduce your carbs or/and take 1 point off a week until you start losing. You do get more PP points each day but then some foods (especially carbs) are more points so it evens out. WW has spent too much $$ to go back to an old system so you either have to use the old plan, find a way to adapt to the new program or quit altogether.

I don't eat many carbs. I am sticking with the old plan, it works. WWers will change there plan again, they always do, every 3 years

Bree, why would I quit? I've lost over 80 pounds on the old program. That makes no sense. Why can't people choose what plan they want to follow?

Shannon, sorry I thought you were trying to use the new system because the meeting follow it. I didn't mean you SHOULD quit...I was just saying that those are your only 3 options...adapt, use the old system, or quit. If the old program is working for you and you're happy with it then you should obviously keep using it. There's no doubt WW will change their system again but it's very unlikely that they'd ever go back to the old program. Congrats on your 80 lb loss

I too, disagree with Dee. I'm not resistant to change; I've never been a member of WW before - simply found the old materials on-line and followed the program myself 2 years ago. When I joined in January, I was excited to learn something new & commit to the new program - no resistance from me. But after 2 months and not seeing the results I got from the old program, I switched back. I thought, I'm older now, maybe I lose differently or maybe I just haven't given the new program enough time. Nope. I went back on the old plan and have dropped 5 lbs in 2 weeks. PP does NOT work for everyone. I have only 20 lbs to lose (10 now) and I refuse to take all summer to do it!

After reading all the negative PP experiences most of you have had, I was wondering if there is a place online I can find the old Points system? I need to lose about 15-20 lbs., but don't want to join the new PP program. Anyone care to help me? My email is

I was so dissatisfied with the new Points Plus plan that I have developed my own plan that is similar to the Momentum in that it counts calories- which are the units that lead to weight-loss and weight gain- not the other things Points Plus counts. Plus, my plan works better and faster. Please check it out!

Admittedly I've only read about half of all of these comments, so I may have missed it... But of all the people who said they're having problems with the PointsPlus program, I didn't see anybody mention the exercise part of the program.

I just started the program three weeks ago, and have been shocked to lose nine pounds without feeling hungry or deprived in any way at all. And this after spending the last several years losing and gaining back (a little more gaining back than losing) the same 15 to 20 pounds.

Talk to your WW people. Speak up and ask questions - it's part of the service we pay for. (If you're shy or embarrassed, ask them privately before or after the meetings.) For myself, I learned I have an unusually slow metabolism, so it is remarkably important to do the kind of exercises that will boost my metabolic rate.

The program is remarkably comprehensive - took me a little bit to catch on to what works for me. Don't assume the new plan doesn't work for you when maybe there's a little something that hasn't caught your attention yet.

I was on WW with the momentum plan. I am disabled and had to make adjustments down 3 points from my allocated. I was able to lose 18 pounds in a year, which is great for someone with a mobility impairment. When PP came along I gained 4 pounds the first month. My leader told me to cut back points, but I would hear that you have to eat them all. It was confusing. I started to count fruits and veggies. I still did not lose. I gave up membership and now follow the Momentum plan with a group on Face Book. It is working. I have dropped the 4 I gained and am on a structured but flexible plan. I can have a beer or even chocolate if I want. I know how to balance it all out.

I joined WW in June 2011 and lost 25lbs. on the old plan. Since the change to Points Plus, I have lost five pounds. I've talked to my leader, had my tracker checked, asked questions to the boards, you name it. I exercise at the gym three days a week and walk every day, like I did on the old plan. Points Plus doesn't work. Period. How are people getting the old points? I wish I hadn't used the online tracker.

if you are trying to use the old points system there is a lot of support on FaceBook. Look up Weight Watcher Old Plan, look up momentum.

I LOVE the WW points plus system!! I have never done WW before and in the first 12 weeks lost 15lbs! ...and I've continued to lose every week! LOVE IT! WW teaches you how to eat healthy satisfying food...

Hi, I lost about 31-33 lbs. 3 times with WW since 1998 (each after pregnancy). I have been Lifetime since '98. I also made a major lifestyle change in '04 after 9 years of NO EXERCISE WHATSOEVER, I joined a gym and within 6 months became a spin instructor (no one was more shocked than I). I am exercising about 2 hours a day, 6 days a week.

So . . . . about a year ago I had a sudden 10 lb weight gain in a month (I was still under the max allowed for my height and only 2 lbs. above my stated goal, but still that was 10 lbs. over where I wanted to be and above where I have stayed for the last several years). I was horrified and went back to strict points counting (at home, no meetings), but if I lost a pound I'd gain it right back the next day. so frustrating. This has been going on for a whole year, and I decided I can't take it any more (summer clothes too tight and I refuse to buy bigger ones) so I decided to go back to meetings and check out the new PP plan.

It is REALLY working for me. In the first week I lost 2.4 lbs, and now in my second week (it's been 4 days) I am down another 1.2 so far. I feel that there is so much to eat now that fruits are free. I am really aware now of carbs and am less likely to have a bagel now that it is 8 points instead of 6. In the past, if I had 2 points left at the end of the day, I used to choose a 2 point bar or similar snack. Now I will choose some fruit AND a lowfat vanilla yogurt. I have also changed my outlook about breakfast; I never ate it before bc I wanted to save my points until the end of the day. Now I am likely to make a 6 point breakfast sandwich (toast, egg white, laughing cow light cheese, onion, tomato, spinach--YUM). then at the end of the day I am eating fewer points (for example tonight's 3 point dinner was grilled tilapia with lemon and basil butter, and a huge serving of steamed broccoli and sliced mango, strawberries and blueberries.) dessert: 2 point yogurt.

I do not use ANY of the exercise points that I earn, but I did use ALL 49 extra points at a wedding the 2nd day I was on plan.

Anyway, this is really working for me after a whole year of failure on the old plan. I wish you all the best and just wanted to add my 2 cents because this plan IS working for me (a person with 10 lbs. to lose).

A final suggestion for those who are at a plateau. google "The Wendie Plan" take on WW (remember that??) and try out the concept with the new PP plan. see if it works--I like to follow it --weigh Friday, eat my big points day on Sat, and then have the remaining days up/down and by Friday I have lost.

best of luck!

I also lost weight on Momentum. I lost 105 lbs in 53 weeks - an average of 2.5 per week. I had a hard time switching over to the new PointsPlus Plan and didn't lose any weight on that plan. In the end, I went back to Momentum since it was what worked for me. I wish Weight Watchers had allowed both programs like they did with Flex and Core.

I recently rejoined WW after an absence of two years. I sympathize with those who are unhappy with the new Plan, but I must tell you that I am very happy with it. You see, I was really tempted by the Atkins/South Beach "low carb" plans but couldn't face life without bread or pasta! So I decided, I'll go back to WW and just "tweak" it to be as low carb as possible. What a pleasant surprise to find they'd already done this for me! I think it is great that they figure the Points values in ways other than calories. In the old plan, there were way too many "frankenfoods" (junk/processed foods) being given low Points values just because of their calories.

But even under the old Plan we were encouraged to eat more fruits and veggies. And even when I went off-Plan for a while (lost my job in 2009, along with so many others), I remember lots of good advice our leader, Flora, gave us. For example, she encouraged us to eat our "apple a day" and she'd say, "Remember, you didn't get fat from eating too many apples!" lol!

Having said that, I will say that I think WW should give longtime members who want it the option of using the older Plan if they prefer. Perhaps they could learn a lesson from Coca Cola and brand it "Classic Weight Watchers"! :-)

Agree with a lot of the comments on the new program. I finally found the paperwork for the old program and am going back to it. I am a lifetime with just about 5-7 lbs. to lose. The new points plus program just isn't working for me. In about 5 weeks I have only lost about 2 lbs. Some weeks I am up and some stayed the same. I am very strict and write down everything. I use only the 29 points and do not go into the extra points for the week. On the old program I would have been at my goal by now. I am definitely going back to the old program. I am happy I still have all the paperwork. I thought I threw it away. Good luck to all of you. It is so frustrating when you do everything right but the lbs. do not come off. I do agree that maybe the fruit has a lot to do with some people not losing. I love this site as I find some interesting ideas from everyone. Thanks.

I too, am so glad that I came upon "Snack Girl". I enjoy the clear headed comments and fresh ideas. I have used Points Plus for 5 weeks now with no success. I am a very healthy eater in my "other life" so wise choices are not hard for me. I am also a chef so it has been simple to eat the right portions and cook new recipes. I use my allotted points each day and usually use about 1/2 of my weekly extra points. All of the record keeping, weighing and measuring has bought me an extra 2.6 lbs. Oh, and I keep the fruit to 1 or 2 servings a day. I have become so frustrated that I have sought the advice of a nutritionist. After a little bit of math we decided that PP was allowing me to eat 1400 to 1500 calories per day, depending on the foods I choose. The Momentum Plan keeps the calorie count closer to 1200, the optimal number for a woman to lose a steady 1 to 2 lbs. per week. My nutritionist suggested that I use the old plan to reach my goal and then switch to PP for maintenance. She reminded me to focus on lean proteins. complex carbohydrates, and fiber in both plans. I believe all of this is information is well understood by WW. Their decision to switch to PP was driven by the current popular notion of the more fruits and vegetables the better and the simple equation that to lose weight people will need to subscribe to the plan for longer periods of time. After all. WW is a for profit business...

Hi Snack Girl,

I was on the new PP program from January 1 until last week, July 4th. I have lost 35 pounds, which to me is very slow. I have been frustrated with the fact that I have lost NOTHING the whole month of June and now into July. I tracked diligently, and didn't overeat the fruit. I have lost weight very well in the past on the old program, and I have started back on it to see if I can get to my goal. I am doing the Wendie Plan, which if you're not familiar, suggests that you mix up the points amounts during the week to fool your metabolism so it doesn't slow down. This is an individual that came up with this, and it has been given high marks by a lot of people who had been unable to get past a plateau. Good luck to everyone, and I'll let you know if I get any better results!

Robin Hager - Could you tell me how you incorporate the Wendie Plan into the program. I too cannot seem to lose the weight I want from PP. I have gone back to the old plan also.

Hi Lillian,

I will attempt to tell you as well as I can! If you are allowed, let's say, 24 points a day on the old plan and the 35 flex points, you choose a day that will be your "high" point day. I chose Sunday. On that day, take your 24 points and add 14-16 flex points. On day 2 add 0, day 3 add 7, day 4 add 5, day 5 add 0, day 6 add 6, and day 7 add 1. This will make your body "confused" about how many calories it is dealing with, and you will start to burn more fat. This is a pretty simplified version, but basically "it" in a nutshell. I think that is why a lot of people are shocked if they "blow it" one day and end up with a loss at the weigh- in time. I just started this myself, so I will let you know if it works. It is pretty discouraging to stick with the plan and nothing happens. I hope this will help you, too!

I have been on the PointsPlus program for about 2 months now and have lost 10 pounds. I only have 20 to lose, and I already workout 5-6 times a week (I'm a marathon runner who is recovering from an ankle fracture; hence the weight gain). I'm curious about all the people who are not losing weight, did any of you try the Simply Filling technique? That's what I was told to do given I already eat a healthier diet due to my training and my muscles' recovery needs. I've found that Simply Filling works really well for me, I don't count anything, and I just listen closely to my body's own signals. I think that some of the people having problems with PointsPlus may want to give it a shot.


I'm sure your level of activity has something to do with your good loss, but a lot of us don't get quite that much exercise. Simply filling works for those who don't have issues like emotional eating. In my case being full never stopped me from eating if I was nervous or upset. Having a regimented program that keeps me on track is the only way I can keep myself in control. I truly believe that those of us that have "dieted" all of our lives have really messed up our metabolisms. I have stuck to the program to the letter, and didn't eat but two servings of fruit a day. I walk for exercise and go up and down two flights of stairs at my shop all day. You would think that the weight would come off. People are truly different, and I'm sure we have to find what works for us as individuals. Congratulations on your loss!

Hi Robin - Thanks so much for answering my e-mail. This is very helpful for me and I certainly am going to try it. It makes perfect sense. I know one of the comments on this site was the simply filling program. I have also tried that and it did not work for me. Each person, I guess, does differently on these programs. I am an older person and a lifetime and this is the first time on WW that a plan did not work for me. PP, in my opinion, is not a good program, especially for me. I will definitely try what you told me to do. Thanks again. Lillian

I have read all the comments and post. I lost 50 lbs on the old points value where everything counted. I reallly felt good about it. This new points plus has really disappointed me. I have tried and tried and tried this new point plus and it is NOT working. I am going to get my old books and start their. I ate healthy on the old as well, I am going back today.

Hi mama g - I feel exactly the same way. I, also, did much better on the old program and have gone back to it also. The new points plus has worked for a lot of people but in my case it did not. WW definitely does not want its members to go back to the old system. I am a lifetime and have spoken to one of the reps.back east. She calls at least once every couple of weeks to see how I am doing. I told her I went back to the old program and she tried to steer me clear of this but to no avail. Good luck to you.

I really feel for everyone having problems with the weight loss, or the lack thereof on PP. I lost really well at first on it, too, but all of a sudden, it stopped. I have gone back on the old plan just to see what happens, but I'm tracking both ways just as an experiment. You know, I am sort of insulted by the new plan, because it infers that we don't have enough sense to eat things that are good for us without being "forced" to do so by the higher points value. As far as staying full, a good high fiber cereal keeps me fuller longer than fruit, yet the one has higher points and the other has none. That makes no sense to me. I don't spend my points on pies and cakes, but I refuse to give up pasta and potatoes and white rice. I don't eat a huge portion, and I just don't like some of the things that are deemed "healthier". That is MY personal choice. I still think portion control is more of the key anyway, and the main reason I joined WW was to make myself accountable for the food I am eating. I tend to be an emotional eater, and if I write everything down, it keeps me on track. I don't know what the answer is. I just know I am going to experiment until I find something that works for me, and stick with it! I hope everyone else will do the same. Good luck!

Thanks for responding to my email. Ifeel great since I went back to old points value. I love to account for what I eat. It is not alot of food, I am satisfied 101 percent. Good luck to you too.

I really would love to know how it turns out. Please post your results when you are done experimenting.

I will be happy to. I think my body is having a rebellion right now. I have been the same weight now for two months. However...I'm NEVER going to give up! Stay tuned!

I lost all of my weight (45 lbs) on Momentum and maintained the weight loss on Momentum. I even quit smoking and was able to maintain the weight loss with now problem. Once I switched to PP, I gained 10 pounds. I crave carbs like crazy on PP and have no willpower. I'm going back to Momentum today. I hope to lose at least half of this 10 lbs by Labor Day.

Patti, I am SO sorry about the gain. It is very discouraging to do what you think is correct, and it backfires on you! I have pretty much sworn off of organized weight loss plans, and I have decided to listen to my body and eat well and in smaller portions. I think weight loss plans make us think MORE about food than just following your own body's clues about hunger. I have to work on the emotional eating side, and I am writing down my feelings when I am tempted to eat when I'm not hungry instead of eating. I have to admit that WW has made me more aware of how important it is to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. I will continue doing this, but I will listen to my body instead of going by a "program". Best of luck to you on your journey. I am pulling for you!

Here is a really easy momentum tracker. :) Hopefully it is accurate, I think it is, I don't have my paper one with me at the moment, but I believe this one is right.

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to have found this site and all of these comments! I had great success on Momentum (the old plan) and lost 20 pounds in 5 months. I had a baby at the beginning of this year and had a lot of baby weight to lose. I was so excited to try the new plan....but here I sit 3 months later at the EXACT SAME WEIGHT! At my weigh-in this morning I broke down into tears. I have done it to a TEE. I truly haven't deviated from the program and track everything online. I even bought a food scale and weight all my meats. I have gained and lost the same 3 pounds over this time and I am SO incredibly frustrated! I have a good 30-40 pounds to lose and at this rate it will take me years. If at all. So I went in the search today to see if I am the only person not having success. So I thank you for all of your comments. I was truly beginning to think myself crazy. I am going to crack out all my old stuff and start tracking points today. I'll let you know how it goes!

I am really hoping that all of you struggling to "diet" will read a great book called "Diet Survivors Handbook" 60 lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self Care" by Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel. This book has changed my life. I have tried WW several times and once lost 140 pounds, only to gain back 100. I have been down on myself for so long, and have gotten sick to death of classifying food as "good" or "bad" or a day that I stayed on plan as a "good " day or one that a didn't as a "bad" one. What a crock! We have been brainwashed into believing those ridiculous weight and BMI charts and believe them as gospel, when they aren't. We are all different and we weren't all meant to be thin! Healthy...yes, but not thin! I could stay on my soapbox for hours on this subject. Please read this book, and get insight into the truth and give yourself permission to be something besides a slave to the pressures of a flawed society. Since I don't have to think about food 24/7, I have started losing weight again, but now on my own terms, and eating what I want, when I am hungry.

i agree with many ww users in that the new pp program seems to be more of a money making move. it makes absolutley no sense to me that at 130 lbs. i get the same amount of pp as someone who is 70 lbs. more. it is a known fact that as a person loses weight their body needs less calories to function. i work out on a daily basis for at least one hour, don't use my activity or weekly points and can barely lose 1 lb. a week. i plan to go back to the old program, which worked extremely well for me. ww corporate needs to allow people to use the program that works best for them.

I hope WW finally gets it--the message boards on look exactly like this one. I appreciate that some people like this plan because it doesn't feel like "being on a diet," but I think that is precicely because the number of calories is so high. I was having the exact same problem as everyone else here: one week down a few pounds and then the next week that was totally wiped out by weight gain. I also found that having to have the point calculator at all times absolutely made me feel like I was "on a diet." As another poster pointed out, I found that I spent all day long thinking about food. Mostly, though, here's what I can't understand: a piece of whole grain bread with 4g fiber, 2g protein, and 22 carbs is three points, yet a banana with 4g f, only 1g prot, and a whopping 31 carb (!) is zero. This makes no sense, and makes it very hard for anyone who actually does the math to have any faith in the new program. It seems to be a pedagogy of manipulation, designed to get us eating our fruits and veggies, which I resent--a lot. I like fruits and I like veggies; I don't need to be tricked into eating them. To the people for whom the plan works, kudos to you (sincerely), but that doesn't make the rest of us crazy. Anyway, I have gone back to the old points system, but I will continue to attend the meeting because a still like WW culture of support and accountability. Good luck to everyone!!

After returning to following the old (Momentum) program for one week, I lost 3 pounds. I tried the new plan on 3 different occasions and lost 1 pound then gained 4! I don't attend meeting anymore but do subscribe to the WW magazine and if anyone noticed, the before and after photos of people that lost a lot of weight were mostly on the old WW program read the fine print that they have in the magazine. Proof the new plan is not that effective for most of u's.

It is really clear to see that the PP program is not working for the majority of people on it. I am a lifetime and after reading these comments I agree it is not working. I have gone back to the old program and am doing better. It is slow for me as I am in my 70's and not as active as I

should be. I am losing but at a slower level which is OK for me. I, too, am not attending the WW meetings any longer as I have gotten really discouraged with them. I have always gone back to WW with good results

up until this new program. Good luck to all of you.

Wow. I'm so happy that everyone is having this issue. I used to be on the old program and lost tons of weight. Then I moved and got off of it for a little while and gained a little back. When I went back to Weight Watchers they were on the new Points plus plan and it sucks! For the first 10 weeks I lost around 13 lbs. Now the last 8 weeks I have been up and down and never just losing. I even tried working out everyday. Seriously 2 weeks ago I started working out everyday usually 2-3 times a day. And would you know I lost 1lb last week. That is it, and the week before I gained 1.8. I'm so over this plan. I have started tracking both ways just to see how it goes. Today has been interesting. The old plan says I have 7 points left and the new plan well I have 14!!! Explain that to me? I'm glad it is not only me. I was starting to get REALLY FRUSTRATED!!

I am so happy for you. I have not posted any comments since I have went back. I have lost 10 lbs and loving it. Good LUCK TO ALL you on the momentum, as Jennifer Hudson says it works.

I think Jennifer Hudson lost her weight on the Points Plus System

I too was on WW Momentum and lost 17 pounds. I slacked off and didn't do maintenance and gained it all back. On Momentum, I did eat fruit and and veggies. When I moved over to PP, I was excited because of 0 points for fruits and veggies. I tried the new PP and gained. I measured carefully and made sure I tracked everything to the letter. Nothing after five weeks. I'm so mad at myself that I threw out some of my Momentum materials. The only thing I have is the Momentum slider. So I agree that it does that PP does not work for everyone. Also, I believe Jennifer Hudson lost the majority of her weight on Momentum.

I use the Momentum plan. I have lost 11 pounds since May 31, 2011. It is a struggle. I use the old books from 2009. I use my slider on the go and have my points calculator handy at home. I gained weight on the Points Plus program and find the Momentum plan easier to manage and it is more successful for me.

I was very successful in losing weight on the Momentum plan,and was able to keep it off by just staying on plan, but have been totally unsuccessful on the PP plan. Last year, I lost 18 pounds on Momentum. I kept it off until I started PP. I have now gained over 10 pounds back diligently trying to make PP work. I agree with other posters regarding some of the stuff that doesn't make sense. A banana in the calculator would be 3 points, but it's counted as zero. I could eat 12 bananas and it would be zero, but 12 slices of bread would be closer to 30. My 24 year old daughter used to have maybe 5 points more than me each day based upon her age, activity at work, etc. Now, we have the same number of points, even though I sit at work all day while she is active, I am 25 years older than her, and I weigh less. I have tried working out more and not counting the activity points... still no weight loss. Funny thing... talked to my daughter the other day and she is frustrated she is no longer losing weight now that she's on the PP plan.. I'm giving up on PP before I regain all the weight I lost. I'm going back to Momentum, but will need to cancel my online account, because it's not supported. I feel like WW has women like me (not that much to lose, later 40's) out in the cold... Disappointed is an understatement.

Hi Suzanne - Don't get discouraged. Go back on Momentum. I am a lifetime and this is the first time I am so disappointed in the whole program. I too gained on Points Plus. I went back to momentum and am doing better. It is slow for me as I am not as young and as active but I can live with that. WW's needs to revise this whole system. They are losing a lot of members. I do not even go to the meetings as I have tried numerous times to talk to the leader about this but to no avail. The meetings were a great support for me. I have even tried a few different meetings and leaders but have not had much luck getting the word across that they need to do something different.

Good luck to everyone.

My sister-in-law & I were just discussing the problem with the new WW PP program. On the old program your points were gradually reduced in accordance with your weight. As you lost, you lost points so you would continue to lose weight (your body didn't need that many pts). At maintenance you would gradually add more in until you reached a happy medium and you learned where you needed to be when eating. On the new program a 190# woman gets the same daily points as a 140# woman & common sense tells you only one of them is getting the benefit. I lost 28#'s & got to lifetime within 5 months in 2008 on the old program (I did have some holiday/vacation gain but still gradually lost). I regained some & went back on the program last year & was on the program when it tranferred over to PP. I follow the program & exercise but still have not even gotten to my ORIGINAL LT goal. There is NO WAY I can eat 29 points PLUS 49 extra points PLUS all the fruits & Veg that I want & EVER get to goal! It is entirely too much for a 145# woman let alone a 130#! A heavier woman will lose weight at that level, however, when she does get to 150-153 she will only be able to maintain that weight with that point level. The new program needs too much adjusting for those of us who want to be 125-150#'s because at this weight you need to cut the 49 extra pts even though they state that you CAN eat them & still lose. The old program was much better & easier to follow. I don't think it was very fair to just drop the old program & not give their clients a choice. I understand trying to update a program but they really should have given us a choice based on what we like better. Some may like the new PP just like some liked the CORE program (I didn't like that either so I didn't follow that). Even with the old program you could do the standard or go to core (& they can't be interchanged either). I think they should bring back the old program & let their consumers choose. Although I do think its a money issue. They'll make more money on this initially since everyone went out & bought the new products but in the long run they may lose clients when they stop losing weight and get frustrated & leave (in our mtg we've lost 5 people). I know the old program worked so I went back to my old books,recipes and am going to stick with what worked for me. I will still go to the meetings because I do like the support.

The agree that WW should offer members Momentum and Points Plus. The changeover to the new has not been good for me. I'm a long-time members and I find this new program disappointing. Shame on Weight Watchers. We need choices here not frustration.

Hi Elaine - I totally agree with what you are saying. I have had the same issues and thank God I still had all my "stuff" from the momentum program. I am back to it and am holding my own. I am on maintenance now and the points plus program I stopped doing shortly after I signed up at WW's and bought the calculator which was a waste of money. I am a lifetime and we should have choices with WW. I am very unhappy with WW's for the first time in my life and will try my hardest to do this on my own from now on in.

Good luck to you in your weight loss journey.

I have felt all alone about my thoughts on the new PP plan, and this site has really helped me. I too went back to my old materials after not losing. We should have been given a choice - would have been a much smarter business move. I am using the weekly meetings to weigh in and keep me focused. I cannot speak about the fact I am following the old plan...but it works like a charm, and I am happy on the plan. Calories in vs. calories out is what it is all about. Weight Watchers has forgotten this, driven by a bit of 'PC' thinking regarding 'healthy' food choices. They could have offered the new plan with a name like 'the healty option', and the old plan could have been named 'less healthy option' ha ha...but I just hate to feel manipulated - WW you have been taken over by the food police....I am curious if the bottom line has been affected.....

WW is a business and for sure this new plan helped them financially. Every one had to buy new calculators and scales. I think you can't give a person who struggles with food addiction so much to eat. They need more structure. I know a lot of people who have stayed with the old plan.

I been on the new ww program,,but quit due to no weight lose.. I would love to see old program..does anyone know where I can see it?

You can buy the books for the "Momentum" program on ebay. I did and I'm doing the old program. The new program "Points Plus" gives one too mcuh food and, of course, we try to eat it and then we don't lose weight but they keep taking our money. The old program was much better and got better results. They should have offered both programs.

I know I've posted on here and I used to get updates, but can't find my posts! Ah, well.

I was on Momentum in 2010 and lost 33 pounds with about a 1 lb/week average. Regained half, maintained for awhile, then regained the rest.

Tried Points Plus briefly and did see results initially; didn't stay on it very long (as the saying goes, my head wasn't in the game).

Recently restarted Momentum and am happy to see results again. If I start feeling like it is a 'diet' (which happened last time), I may switch over to Plus since I have the info for both plans.

I notice now that P+ folks can lower their target daily point intake, if they were not losing at the 29-point minimum. Will be interested to hear how everyone does.

Probably late to the conversation, but here goes.

I lost a ton of weight on Momentum.

Was convinced to try PointsPlus. Followed it religiously. I only had 30 to go to goal. I'd lost 70 at that point. I came back to WW to lose the last little bit. First week, lost 3 lbs. Second week, gained. Third week, gained. Fourth week, gained. Now I did speak up about this, and the Leader said it was my fault, that it was because I wasn't counting right. Dude, I'd lost 70 lbs on WW counting points! I found that offensive. I was then told to up my exercise. Well, for that month I'd been doing a 30 day Hot Yoga challenge -- 90 minutes of Bikram yoga a day. I wasn't eating exercise points, just gaining.

SO, I quit out of frustration. And I sat down with DH and did a quick calculation. I used my old Momentum calculator and my new PP calculator for a simple Powerbar calculation. Note: I don't eat these, DH does. We used it simply as a quick example to compare how the points came out. On my Momentum calculator, the powerbar was 6 points. On PP, it was 3 points! 3 points! 190 calories and 3 points. SO if I was to eat nothing but powerbars for a whole day, on Momentum at 22 points, I would get 7 powerbars (around 1300 calories). On PP, I could eat 9 powerbars (around 1800 calories). Add in free fruit, say 3 apples (90 calories each) and I'd be eating around 2100 calories for that day. No WONDER I wasn't losing weight on PP.

Now of course I'm not going to eat 9 powerbars a day. My point is that it is clearly quite possible to consume huge amounts of calories while following the PP regime to the letter.

I threw out my PP materials and have recommitted to Momentum as it worked for me.

Now I just have to find old Momentum stuff online (food and eating out companions) and I'm all set. Besides, all of my favorite recipes are in my old points WW recipe books.

I'm actually excited about recommitting!

Hi.. there are about 300 of us that found this same thing to be true and have a group on facebook. Find me there.. we are a great support group.


I really am happy for you. You GO Girl

Hey there dakini, I can't find your FB support page -- I've searched under dakiniverona, no luck! Is a link possible? Very interested! xoxxo Miss Kimothy

I, too, am very interested in joining your group. I have asked to join FB. Its under WW Momentum right? I wait to hear from you.

Here is the link to my face book account. just send me a message to add yo as a friend, then I can invite you to the group. it is a closed private group.

I lost nearly 40 pounds with the very old 123 Success system. I gained some back and lost about 15 pounds with the Momentum and kept it off for a couple of years. The weight has crept back and I finally started the PointsPlus program. It did not work for me. I think it is the free fruit. I'm a vegetarian and eat a lot of fruit and veg anyway. With the old plan, most of my veggies were 0, but I had to count my fruit. I'm back on the old plan and have lost nearly 10 pounds. I wish the PP would have worked for me, but luckily I have piles of old Weight Watchers materials and my ancient slider to fall back on.

I just stumbled on this today and I am sorry but I personally hate the points plus program I was doing great on the momentum program i was down 20lbs then they switched to the new program, on 27 points i literally had to eat the most fattening food just to fill those points and even though there are a few things that went up in points the things I eat the most only went up like 1 point, i went back on the momentum main because i actually gained weight after starting points plus

I hate to say it.. but I have given up on WW and moved to My fitness Pal. Calories are easier than points (that was all bs marketing, if you ask me) and I have lost weight consistently since I began in January.

I am successfully following momentum on my own as pp did not work for me. If anyone would like to start a group who is also following momentum please contact me

I'm a marathoner, who lost 100 pounds on Momentum. I made lifetime, and was doing really well, fell off the bandwagon a few years back, attempted to re-lose the weight. Made lifetime again. Since I restarted Weight Watchers, I can't lose on PP. I have been on it for months, I have stopped eating my flex points and my activity points, and still am not losing weight-- I'm not satisfied at all. I went on the webpage, I was told that it was because I was not doing the good health guidelines (which is laughable, because if you are following the plan in order to eat within the plan you must do the good health guidelines, and you can't tell me that I'm not losing weight because I am not taking 2 tsp of healthy oils). So this week I switched back to Momentum (I too still have most of the stuff from momentum). We'll see, but count me in as someone who did not lose on PP.

Dakini-- actually momentum is calories/50+Fat/12-Fiber/5 (rounded up), so essentially it's counting calories, just easier to deal with single numbers than for breakfast I had 120 calories, for lunch I had 380 calories, and for supper I had 340 calories (KWIM?).

I too was a WW member with both programs and I agree the points plus does not work(for me) I have been counting calories and it works, because really the only thing that counts is what you put in your body that you can burn. WW simple filling plan was never mentioned in my meetings or even on line. I think WW should have let their members choose what plan they wanted to stay on, I agree that you can not go on both, that would be terrible, but way was Points Plus forced on us.

How will those of you that are going back to Momentum do that? In that, WW is changing the Points on all the products on the market, not just their own products. Will you have to use your sliders to check points on everything? I never did Momentum, so just curious.

I relate to Shelley and I'm glad to see I am not a freak. I have gained 30 lbs on points plus after loosing 75 on momentum. I workout 30 minutes per day 4 days a week. I'm still working at it because I want to get back to goal but I'm not at all sure I will. I hope WW realizes that this program is not for everyone and comes up with something that will work again for those having issues with Points plus.

Superb site at all! I just pleased to read about this entry. Really I was looking forward to read about it. Thanks for this allocation. :lol:

Robin, I never had a slider but I do have a Momentum calculator so I just dug it out and will be using that. These are still available on eBay, and/or people can google 'Momentum calculator' for other sources.

I say 'will be using' because I started/stopped again, then did some calorie counting, then nothing--but I have a trip coming in January that is providing incentive to get going again.

Just checked back in to see if people were still posting on this topic.

Good luck, everybody, whatever you decide.

I lost on the old WW program, 38 pounds to be exact, I stared the WW points plus program from day 1. We were all excited to get the free fruit and veggies etc. The first week I gained, after that it was all down hill! I quit going to meetings after about 3 months, I was wasting my time and money!

I am xtremely frustrated and desperate. Losf 80 pounds with Momentum. Gained already 40 with Pp and the leader continues to tell me " give it a try" . What I am going to try is to sue WW for their stupid commercial attitude, playing with the health of people. I have, obviously, abandoned the useless PP, the new trash 360o and am back to Momentm.

Just checked in to see if this thread is still active. I did lose the 20 pounds before my January 2013 trip; as of yesterday April 4, I've gained it all back. Not faulting any program for that; it's just what I did.

I am gearing up to lose again; another trip March 2014 is providing additional incentive, but I want to do it anyway and want to lose more than 20.

The thought of counting, tracking, weighing, measuring, monitoring, etc. is daunting, but I know if I don't track one way or another--points, calories, portions, whatever--I will not accomplish anything.

Was debating trying PPlus since I only did it for a couple of weeks quite awhile ago (didn't really didn't give it time), then went back to my old habits before getting serious with Momentum again.

Seems no matter what I do I eventually hit a brick wall with tracking and THINKING about it all the time--to me, any plan never really becomes my 'lifestyle' and is always a diet--less than ideal, but better than continued weight gain.

Anyway, hello everybody and hope you are all doing well, whatever you are doing!

I went to weight watchers from January 2007 -march 2008 lost 70 pounds the old program was easy to follow it was more structured I recently signed up beginning October and so far lost only 1 pound how sad is that,and fruit unlimited not!!!!!!!!!fruit has calories and lots of sugar and also why are foods that had 2 points like a roll have 5 points now,,and before there was 35 poinys additional for week now its 49 wow ,,I quit weight watchers now pulled out my old books going to follow that

I decided to get back on Momentum and have lost 15# again. Still have the P+ info on deck if I ever decide to make a change. If I ever rejoin WW, I will make sure to save all info for whatever the future plan may be since once it goes away, it is gone from their site for good.

I just started WW about 2 months ago for the first time. I may lose a pound on week, but then gain it back the next. After all this time and money, nothing to show for it. I eat a lot of grapes and a banana or two a day - now I wonder if this is part of the problem. My emails to WW support only give me stock, unhelpful answers.

Just checking in after a long absence; back on Momentum AGAIN. Curious to see there are no comments at all for 2014; this thread was so active I figured it would still be alive and kicking.

Hope everyone is doing well.

I lost 55 pounds on the momentum plan. Quit going to meetings since I was at 5 he high range of goal but gained about 20 pounds back. Lost about it 10 of 5 hose so I rejoined the year points plus started. Lost about 5 pour d's then gained it back and continue to go up and down. It does not work unless you have a lot to loose. Too many carbs with high sugar content and to many calories. No where as good as the Momentum an.

Hi Debbie,

My start back on Momentum in August was short-lived; I had a major life event which I allowed to derail me.

I do not blame the stressor; I made a very conscious decision to say 'the heck with it' and indulge myself, with predictable results.

So I'm back on plan--again (Momentum).

I, my daughter, and my sisters are loyal followers of the Momentum plan. It worked beautifully for all of us, and none of us can manage to lose weight with PointsPlus. I fail to understand why WW can't support all of their plans. It is not disloyal to the company if one of their former plans worked/works for us; just the opposite in fact. The whole thing is ridiculous. I follow Momentum and love it. We quit the meetings and online membership because they refuse to allow us to follow any other plan but PointsPlus. Their loss, in my opinion. Not sure why they are pushing this so much, but we are free to do what works best for us. I know that they lost a good chunk of their membership with the new plan, but I guess they are okay with that. I wish they would support all of their plans and respect their members enough to allow them to use any one of them. I love Momentum and we are sticking with it, with or without WW.

Hi Serena, that's great to hear Momentum works so well for you and your sisters. I got back on it again and lost over 18 pounds in 8 weeks and now I'm off it again for the time being (and have gained 3).

For sure, once they make a change it's 'out with the old and in with the new'-- I also think they lost many people when they switched to PP but I am sure a lot of new people joined around that time, so as you said they are okay with that.

Sometimes when I want to chack out older plans I do do find some info online, though it would be great if WW had an Archives section where all this info was consolidated (I don't think that will ever happen though).

Congrats on your continued success on Momentum.

My suggestion is to limit how much fruit you eat. I have had a problem losing weight on the new program also so I have been limiting my fruit to two a day. I'm hoping this helps.

I began my WW journey in 1998 with the 123 success plan. Lost 76 lbs in 15 months made lifetime I was good to go. Maintained for about 2 years then started putting weight back on by 2010 i had gained all the weight back plus 10. April 5,2010 I rejoined WW with 86 lbs to lose and they had gone to the Momentum program. In seven months I lost 50 lbs. November 2010 they changed to the Point Plus program I did not lose another pound till January 2012 (I was not giving up) Slowly I started to lose again took me 6 months to lose 20 lbs by now I was very frustrated with the program. December 2012 I had a devastating lose in the family and started gaining weight again. All of 2013 I continued to gain Kept my membership till February 2015 (to the tune of about 1800.00 over a four year period) now i have 106 lbs to lose. So I have decide to go back to the Momentum Program and see how that goes. Wish me luck

I am so glad I am not alone in this! I just found all my things from my momentum program and am starting them tomorrow. In fact, when I went back to Weight Watchers in 2010 to help me maintain my lifetime goal, the lady who was weighing me said, if the old system is working for you then I would stick with it.

And so that is what I will be doing. I have not found that points plus works for me and I have been very diligent both times I have tried it.

I am back on Momentum again as of last month. The last three years have been full of twists and turns with three bouts of unemployment and job changes, after losing my long-time wonderful job to outsourcing and offshoring. I allowed the subsequent professional, personal and financial upheaval to derail my weight-loss efforts (though I did lose a little in late 2015). I've looked into earlier plans which are similar, but Momentum is the one I know so I'm back again. Anyone else here doing Momentum--still, or again?

Hi all, I am so glad to have read these comments. I’ve been doing WW on and off since Success123 plan in 1999. The only plan I reached my 10% with, and additional weight (27 lbs total) was on the Momentum plan. It’s so great to know I’m not alone by reading these great comments. Thank you for Re inspiring me to go back on Momentum. I’ve always kept my ww materials, thankfully. I did modify a bit by hybriding-in some Core/Simply Filling foods, which personally helped me.

I too wish WW offered support for all plans. They would also make money that way, if that’s what they’re concern is. I hate that they always say about new programs ‘the latest science shows this new plan is best, etc.’!

We as members know what is best for us. I know choc or ice cream, etc., isn’t healthy but it’s what kept me on track, by not feeling deprived. A brownie was 5 pts approx, now on new plan it’s approx 14! The new plans are very restrictive to me.

Sorry for long post.

Good luck to all!

If anyone will even read this lol, since I think these other comments are from a decade ago. 🤩

Hi Cynthia, your comment showed up in my email this morning--I was sure surprised! Obviously I had checked the "email me when there are new comments" option, but it had been so long since I'd seen any activity on here.

I'm not sure when I last tried Momentum; I haven't been on anything for ages. I've lost a *little* recently and I do have additional incentive now due to medical issues that have come up in earlier this year (2021).

Not doing any plan right now or even tracking, just trying to add more of certain foods and ease up on others.

Hope you are having a nice Holiday Season, and I wish you a Happy 2022!


Thanks for your reply!

I’m sure it was an opener to see someone commented after lacking comment activity. 😂 I had googled Momentum vs Points Plus or something then the old comments showed up.

I wish you success in good health and happy holidays to you and a healthy & happy new year! 🤩💐


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