Snack Girl’s 1,000th Post

April 10, 2013   67 Comments

Here it is, dear readers. Yes, today is my 1000th post.

1000 Posts!

(and, no, that is not me jumping up there - I can get one inch off the ground if I am lucky)

Man, that went fast!! I have been here faithfully writing about healthy eating since 2009 and today, I thought I would sit back and smell the roses.


All right, back to work :)

My first month in 2009, a grand total of 900 visitors showed up to Snack Girl. Back then it was called Snack Snoop and my friends were kind enough to visit a couple of times to make me feel good (I do not have 900 friends - some people found it by accident).

I changed the name from “Snack Snoop” when people kept calling it “Snack Poop” (whoops). My husband came up with Snack Girl and it has stuck.

Last month over 240,000 visitors stopped by. To say that I am absolutely thrilled by the following is an understatement.

Below is a list of my favorite posts of the 1,000 that I have written. Yes, some have been repeats, but most are original. I hope you have enjoyed this site and that you will share it with your friends (and come back again and again).

We won’t always agree, but we can learn from each other.

My 10 Favorite Posts (not in any order):

1. twohamburgers2b McDonald's Burger Left for Two Weeks

2. greensmoothieb This Green Smoothie Does NOT Taste Like Grass

3. homemademicrowavepocornb DIY Microwave Popcorn: Healthy, Yummy, and CHEAP

4. monsterb The Worst Snack You Can Drink

5. brownieballxmasb Give the Gift of A Healthy Snack (Your Friends Won't Even Know Its Healthy!)

6. roastedbroccolib My Friends Use To Laugh At Me...And THEN I Made This Broccoli Recipe

7. pepsieggb What Happens When You Mix Pepsi and a Hard Boiled Egg?

8. newenergyb A Grab 'N Go Breakfast With ZERO Added Sugar (and you will love it)

9. massagekaleb Twelve Superfoods For $1 or Less

10. Lunchables 2013 The Scary Truth of Lunchables

Do you have any favorite Snack Girl posts that you want to share? Help me celebrate!!

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Mazel Tov!!! We are all so lucky you took on this task!!

Keep it up!


Congratulations! I love your blog and I look forward to reading a 1000 more posts!

Congratulations!!! :)

Congratulations! You are the voice of reason in this over processed junk food world! Happy the day I discovered you!

Congratulations on your 1000th post!! I love reading all of your posts. Keep up the good work! Here's to 1000 more!!

Thank you Snack Girl. I use so many of your recipes and am always sharing your tips. Under the guise of humor you are helping us keep ourselves and our friends and families healthy. Well done!

Congratulations! You do a great job - thank you for everything :-)

Congratulations! Your recipes and food reviews really help my family to eat healthy!

What an accomplishment! I hope you celebrate it in style! Congrats Snack Girl!!!!

Congratulations on your 1,000th post - that's a great accomplishment!

Aww-congratulations Snack Girl! And thank you for helping me on my journey towards healthier eating! That header picture is awesome and hilarious at the same time!

We just hit 800 something posts so we are gonna be joining you hopefully this year.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you thousands more!

Thanks for taking such great care of all of us!

Congratulations!! Keep it coming!


Congrats, Lisa.
I look forward to your posts,
and wish you continued success.
Here's to the next 1,000 (+) posts.
Have enjoyed many of your recipes, most

recently the cheesy broccoli egg muffins.

Even my teenager loves them!
They were an instant hit. :)
Thanks for all your work to offer
healthier options for better living.

Bravissima Lisa! Your voice is a pleasure that keeps growing, your model shines bright. Kisses and hugs.

Congrats!! I LOVE your blog and thank you so much for all the research and work that you do!

Congratulations!! Can't wait for the next 1000!!


Snack Girl I discovered your site three weeks ago and have been in heaven catching up on the 991 posts I missed. This blog

makes me so happy. Did you know my boyfriend went late night snacking on roasted broccoli cause he was craving something salty and FORGOT he has Munchies Mix! Sorry what??? So you might want to add me to your list of friends. Congratulations on 1000!

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