Can A New Drink Change Your Life?

October 18, 2010   43 Comments

Recently, a reader sent me a strange message about Almond Breeze. She wrote that it had CHANGED HER LIFE!

Almond Breeze Almond Milk

Wow! I am impressed by that sentiment. So, I went ahead and bought some to see if it would change my life. Frankly, I didn't expect to like the stuff because (true confession) I don't like soy milk.

What is Almond Breeze? It is water, almonds, and some added calcium and vitamins and it tastes like regular milk (from a cow). I was especially motivated to try Almond Breeze because of Bill Clinton's transformation. He stopped eating meat products and lost 24 pounds.

Almond Breeze does not contain lactose, saturated fat, cholesterol, gluten, dairy, or casein. Basically, it is what you would expect of a plant product versus an animal product.

Every morning, I make coffee and I add milk. Sometimes, I will grab some cereal and add milk to it. Almond Breeze (without sugar added) has only 40 calories for 8 ounces versus skim milk (90 calories for 8 ounces).

Also, the nutritional facts look pretty great - 30% daily value of calcium, 4% daily value of Iron, 25% daily value of Vitamin D, etc. Almonds are incredibly nutritious so it is a logical leap that almond "milk" would be nutritious too.

How did it taste? Ummm, really good. I was blown away by the fact that I liked it more than milk in my coffee. It added this yummy, nutty flavor that I appreciated. When, I tried it on my cereal, I was surprised by how good it tasted.

In both cases, coffee and cereal, they already have a "nutty" flavor element so the almond milk worked. I gave up the calories and the saturated fat and I didn't even notice.

Thank you, anonymous reader!!! You have changed my life! Perhaps with the drop in calories, I will drop a few pounds with out noticing :)

Check out Almond Breeze for more information and locations to buy it. It costs about $3 for a half gallon.

Are there any products out there that have changed YOUR life?

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It wasn't me that emailed you, but it could've been. I love unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze - aside from coffee and cereal, it's really good in smoothies, and I use it in my oatmeal too. Yay!

You can also find it in the non-refrigerated section in a box. That's their original packaging before the cold 1/2 gallon. They make a chocolate flavor too (in the non-ref). It's not bad, but not my favorite either.

I love the vanilla unsweetened too!

Almond milk is the best! I became vegetarian over a year ago but only recently found Almond milk. My partner and I are trying to be as vegan as possible now, and with the recent discovery it has been much easier. It's nice to not lose out on the calcium and nutrients or the taste. We've been using it for cereal and oatmeal and actually prefer it to soy milk which is too gritty for our tastes.

My daughter and I are both lactose intolerant and we were not too fond of soy milk. I bought some almond milk a month ago, and we LOVE it!!!!

a couple of years ago i tried the almond milk (the original carton non refreg one) and didn't really like it. maybe it was 'cause it was too liquidy? I ended up going back to my Vanilla Soy Milk (which I know has added sugar and more calories, but well, it's a compromise right? A bit of extra sugar in the morning vs milk with the fat, or worse yet, not eating breakfast at all... ^^;; ) maybe i'll give Amond milk another try though, especially since i noticed recently my taste keeps changing from what it used to be :D

We recently tried almond milk after learning that dairy was causing my daughter's migraines. She loves almond milk and the rest of the family hasn't noticed yet that I'm not using regular milk in recipes. :)

The company I work for farms almonds. I talked to a rep from the processor that supplies the almond "milk" manufacturers with the "almonds" that go into almond milk. It's basically the crumbs that are left after all the nice looking almonds are sorted out. So when you buy almond milk, you are paying $3 a half gallon for almond crumbs and municipal water, mixed in a factory. These crumbs used to be worthless, but not anymore!

We discovered that we have an intolerance to dairy and gluten a few years ago and now have a variety of 'milks' that we use. Rice milk is another really good milk. I love the taste and use it in just about everything that calls for milk. My son also drinks it regularly and loves it-doesn't even know the difference. I also love almond milk, but only use it when I want a nutty taste. I use it in recipes like pancakes, bread, etc. But I've found that I can't really put either in my chai tea because it looks like it's curdling (although I know it's not, maybe only separating under the heat). So I use vanilla soy milk in my chai tea, about a 1/2 per day, so I don't feel guilty for all the added sugar. You guys should explore other milks as well, all are a good substitute-coconut milk, hemp milk. All are yummy!

I love soy milk! I have a coupon to try Almond milk. I can't wait.

I have tried many other "milks" on the market. I don't like the taste of most of them but I LOVE almond milk & coconut milk! I just wonder if anyone has tried to make almond milk at home. I would like to find a recipe for it.

We have been using almond milk for a few least I do and I love the nutty flavor. My vegan daughter uses rice milk. It is a little different and has a slightly different texture (thinner). Almond, coconut and rice milks are actually better for you than soy....healthwise that is. Any type of processed soy may contribute to hormone disruption and some cancers. The only way we eat soy beans is raw. You can get them frozen too and it makes a great addition to salads. With a pinch of sea salt, it is an addicting treat to watch movies by!!

I haven't tried the Almond milk yet, but frankly, I'm not a huge fan of milk in any form.

HOWEVER, you asked if any other products had changed our lives? OMG, "Better 'n Peanut Butter." Each 2 Tablespoons of this stuff has only got 100 calories, 2g fat, 0g sat fat, and 95mg sodium, VS 190 calories, 16g fat, 3g sat fat, and 150mg sodium (Jif Creamy, taken from Nutrition Facts on the label)! Some of the stats are not as good as regular peanut butter (only 4g protein, vs 7g for Jif), but if you're trying to lose weight, NOTHING satisfies like peanut butter! And if you use Walden Farm's Calorie Free Chocolate Dip instead of jelly on your PBJ, you just might think you'd died and gone to heaven!

Go to Trader Joe's to buy it it is much cheaper there!!!

I used almond milk in my protein shakes this summer instead of milk. Less calories and better for you...Then I tried it in my coffee and no on my cereal and oatmeal...fantastic!

I love soy products but stopped using as much soy milk because Silk, the biggest producer, sold and no longer uses organic soybeans--which means that some of their soy could be "frankenfoods"--no thanks. Sometimes I buy Trader Joe's vanilla soymilk (organic) as a treat though.

Almond breeze is great and it doesn't curdle in one's coffee like some soy creamers.

Life changing: powdered peanut butter which is partly defatted peanut flour w/ a little salt and sugar so it tastes like peanut butter when you reconstitute it. There's even a chocolate flavor... 50 calories for 2 Tbsp which makes the equivalent of a tablespoon of peanut butter...

I've tried almond milk, both pre-packaged and homemade. I've never liked it. Way too watery. Then again, that was about two years ago. In any event, I'd only try the unsweetened stuff if I did. I can't stand sugary things.

I might try making some again. I generally stand by the belief that I can probably make it just as well, I might be able to make it better, and it will probably cost less. (Plus, I'll be able to have the leftover almond bits to use for...something. I'll think of it later.)

The Almond Breeze "milk" is some yummy stuff! I'm rather partial to the vanilla.

I just have to 2nd the Almond Breeze unsweetened Vanilla - A BIG Yum from me for over 3 yrs.

Also, PB2 - Powdered peanut butter rox my sox off!~ Love it in stir frys, smoothies, and as odd as it sounds, on steak with sambal chili paste! So good! I buy it al my local Prime Fitness club!

Almond milk is okay but it's thick. I like rice milk better because it's more water-y.

I really enjoy this Almsond milk too. I love non-fat cow's milke & even unsweetened Soy Milk as well. Too bad the almond milk is low on Protein.

I love Almond Breeze! We drink it, cook with it and make smoothies with it. My daughter is allergic to dairy and soy so we have used almond milk for quite some time and everyone (even my hubby) loves it...plain though, not Vanilla since we cook with it (I'm Vegan as well) :-)

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