I Love You More Than Bacon (Maybe)

July 29, 2010   12 Comments has been devoid of bacon until today! Bacon is not known as a healthy food, but it inspires me to song.

Bacon Cantaloupe Bites

How do you make it healthy? My suggestion is to not eat a lot of it or very often. Use it as a condiment (like ketchup), and you could get your bacon fix without going whole hog (sorry, couldn't help myself :)

I have covered Cantaloupe already - but is amazing to remember that you can eat 4 CUPS before you approach the calories in one Snickers. It is sweet, and when in season, a dream of deliciousness.

And, we are in season right now! My cantaloupe showed up from my farm share yesterday - hurray! I usually pair it with an Italian cured meat called prosciutto -but I didn't have any so I tried bacon.

Bacon rocks.

One hundred of the 141 calories in this recipe is due to the bacon (and 18% of your daily value of sodium). One strip EASILY makes ten bites and so you get to have some meatiness with the healthy sweetness.

It has a sweet, salty, and fatty THANG going on that is quite addictive. Which is why I suggest only cooking one slice of bacon.

My kids actually ate the "bites" in this photograph almost before I could finish shooting it. Can you see the little hand reaching in?

This is also a great party snack. It can be made ahead and refrigerated and served room temperature or cold.

Bacon Cantaloupe Bite Recipe

1 slice bacon
1/4 cantaloupe

Cook bacon in pan or microwave (using paper towels). Cut bacon and cantaloupe into 10 small pieces. Spear bacon and cantaloupe with toothpick.

Anyone else got some healthy bacon ideas? Please share.

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Yea, bacon is awesome. It is the only meat I really miss since becoming a vegetarian.

Madness! I never would've thought to have bacon with melon. Sounds amazing; I'll have to try this when I get the chance.

there's definitely something about eating the sweet and coolness of a fruit with a salty meat! I did that a short while back with sandwhich ham meat slices and strawberries. my housemates all thought I was crazy, but i loved it!

WOW ~ I know I'd LOVE this because it's sweet, it's salty, it has BACON! Great idea - thanks for sharing!

How about using Turkey bacon? I know it doesn't really taste the same, but for those who don't eat pork it could be a good substitute and it might be a little healthier anyway :-)

Love Bacon! Especially when grilled! It get's so much more of the fat out and because the grill is slanted, the fat is constantly rolling off and the bacon isn't sitting in it like when you pan fry it! I use bacon in salads like here:…

But I will certainly be trying this! Always with the great ideas Snack Girl! lol

WOW! That sounds so good. I would never have thought about it though. I'll have to give it a try.

Yum! This looks so awesome! I knew I wanted a good reason to buy and cook some bacon!

Just found this site, thanks! I will be back soon. Starting my weight loss journey today.(30 pound)

I heard center cut bacon is a little better than regular bacon...similar to calories as turkey bacon. THough I don't think it crisps as nice as regular bacon. I will have to try this...I love bacon. Probably my favorite meat.

Could u plz make more bacon related snacks

I found that bacon and cantaloupe went goo together accidentally. Had left over bacon and bowl of cantaloupe and was snacking on both before putting them together. Thought I would Google it and found this. I guess I'm not that weird.

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