The Best Brand of Yogurt You Can Buy

August 27, 2012   84 Comments

The title here is purposely misleading. I am just trying to get you to pay attention.

Best Yogurt Brand

I was recently interviewed by a leading newspaper in Canada (The Globe and Mail) about single serving flavored yogurts and I found myself getting angry.

Why? DId I not get enough sleep? Noooo...

I checked into some of the yogurt brands before the interview that I thought would be relevant:
Chobani - 19 grams of sugar
Fage - 17 grams of sugar
Dannon - 17 grams of sugar

That is over 3 teaspoons in 6 ounces of so of yogurt! Wowza.

Some of you know that I am not happy with Stonyfield and stevia see: What Is This Ingredient Doing In My Stonyfield Yogurt?.

That leaves me to conclude that I have to take matters into my own hands and just stop talking about packaged yogurt. Honestly, I will not eat the stuff and I am not trying to be elitist.

It is remarkable to me how an industry can take something that is relatively healthy and turn it into a kind of junk food. Yes, it still has nutrients - but you don’t need all that sugar. These yogurts can be considered dessert!!

Deep breath.

Since it is not my style to just WHINE all day long, I am offering a solution that uses the super cute mason jars that you can find at your hardware store.

Buy a case of jars, plain yogurt, and some jam and “make” your own flavored yogurt. Store them in the fridge for grab and go consumption and taste how great yogurt can be.

You will save money, the environment, and an unnecessary sugar bomb. How can you lose?

Now, I know that some of you like the “100 Calorie” size of these yogurts which I can completely understand. Not only do I not like single serving yogurt, but I don’t like “zero fat” either. I like the taste of low fat yogurt and I just keep my portion size under control.

Here is a recipe for how to make your own 100 calorie yogurt. It is not as large as your regular packaged yogurt because 4 ounces of low fat yogurt is 80 calories - but it IS tasty.

You may find that after eating those other yogurts that this homemade version isn’t sweet enough. Just add the amount of jam that works for you and slowly decrease it to get to a “snack” versus “treat” yogurt.

How do you deal with packaged yogurts?

Best Yogurt Brand

Single Serving Yogurt Recipe

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(for one yogurt)

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4 ounces plain, low fat, yogurt
1 ½ teaspoons jam (your favorite flavor)


Mix jam and yogurt in mason jar and store in the fridge. Eat whenever you need a healthy snack.

Nutrition Facts

106 calories, 1.4 g fat, 14.2 g carbohydrates, 8.0 g sugar, 6.5 g protein, 0 g fiber, 79 mg sodium, 2 Points+

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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Love and use this idea--also enjoy a little bit of maple syrup stirred in.

You said it Lisa! I'm with you. It's sorry how convenience has trumped good nutrition. Thanks for suggesting a reusable container as well.

Trader Joe's Greek Style 2% Lowfat Plain Yogurt has only 5 grams sugar in a one cup serving. So good!!!!! It's the lowest sugar content that I've found.

I love Chobani Yogurt and Trader Joe's Greek yogurt that only has 6 grams of sugar. I try not to buy the yogurt with fruit in it, I like it plan and then add fruit. Except I love Chobani's Blueberry Greek Yogurt! Dam that stuff's good!!

I have been using greek PLAIN yogurt for over a year. I add to my blender with frozen fruit and sneak in spinach or kale. Frozen berries always trump vegetables for taste. I add one stevia package, some chia seeds, fresh ginger, cinnamon, chia or flax seeds. If one wants to add a teaspoon of fiber to the mix.....

This is halthy and delicious.

I'm totally with you - we have sweetened Chobani 0% in the fridge as a dessert item and eat plain Greek yogurt as meals/snacks (w/our own add-ins), but I did want to point out that some of the sugar in yogurt is from the milk. For example, looking at the tub of plain Fage 0% in my fridge, there are 9 grams of sugar per cup, just on its own. That said, the mason jar idea's great - cute, easy, and a great way to wean yourself off the added sugar. Cut seasonal fruit is a great topper!

I have switched to plain greek yogurt but I add a package of splenda to it. It's perfect - it's just enough to take that super tart edge off. It's not perfect-would rather not have the splenda either, but can't take the tart of plain yogurt.

How do you feel about the Fage 0 yogurt? Is that ok?

I eat greek yogurt EVERY DAY, I really can not go on without it, its my protein source in the morning, I use it for overnight oatmeal, and mixed with quinoa, fresh fruit, nut/fruit butters. I but the 0% fat, plain yogurt, the fage only has 7 grams of sugar, which is the milk sugar. I can not stand the taste of normal yogurt anymore, its way to sweet for me.

I eat Fage 2% plain yogurt. It has no sugar added to it - ingredients are just milk and cultures. The package shows 8 grams of sugar but they are all just naturally occurring in the milk. I don't even find the need to sweeten it but you can always add some fruit or jam yourself.

You could make you own from a gallon of skim milk. Visit this blog to see complete directions.

It makes almost 7 cups of fantastic Greek yogurt.

Well said! I have discovered the most YUMMY yogurt desert. After realizing Ben & Gerry's Greek peanut butter banana yogurt has 6 WW points, I came up with this: 2/3 c. PLAIN Chiobani greek yogurt, mashed with 1/2 banana, a little agave (or Splenda if you wish) and topped with 1 Tbsp of powdered p2b defatted chocolate peanut butter. YUM! Only 2.5 WW plus points (the p2b serving is actually 2 Tbsp for 1 pt :) )

Thanks Joan M. for the blog. Will have to try.

I love non fat Greek yogurt with honey in it. Creamy and yummy!

I'm confused. If we are trying to get rid of the sugar, jam doesn't seem to do that. One tablespoon of Smuckers has like 12 grams of sugar. If I add jam, isn't that defeating the purpose of trying to do without all the sugar? Please explain. Sorry if I'm being stupid. Thanks.

This is a great way to go! I Love Chobani's 0% plain yogurt. As another commenter noted, it's a great source of protein. However, I did want to mention that I make my own yogurt, and no longer buy yogurt (unless I really need that tart flavor of Choban's plain). Making yogurt at home is so easy and so affordable - I can make 4-5 days worth of yogurt for the cost of one quart of milk! I bought my cultures here:, and the starter I chose does not require a yogurt maker. Just throwing this info out there as an option. I now have the ability to know and control everything that goes into my yogurt, because I made it! And let me tell you -- home made yogurt is the best-tasting I have ever had!

Lynn use teaspoon no added sugar jam for 4 - 6 oz. and mix well. Adjust if you need more, but if you keep trying to use it this way you will get use to it. I can't eat it anyother way now.

I've discovered another way that avoids the added sugar in jams, but it only works with certain things (like berries, which are my favorite anyway).

Take a little handful of berries (frozen or fresh). Microwave until you get berry soup. Add to Greek yogurt and sweeten a bit if necessary.

Works great for blueberries in particular. :D

I agree, I always put plain yogurt in a small container and add frozen berries, bring to work and by the afternoon they are thawed and juicy.

Remember that Lactose (in milk - in all milk) is a sugar, so about 7g of that 17g in Fage is simply because it's milk. Which means that is only 10g of actually added sugar for flavoring - so 2 teaspoons. So if you can add less than 2 teaspoons to your yogurt and flavor it yourself - you're doing yourself a favor. Add any more and ... not so much. That said, Cinnamon is a fanTASTic way to add a delectable taste to yogurt. Try Cinnamon and Vanilla (the liquid used for baking - just a small splash) and you've got calorie-free flavoring. Add some walnuts - out of this world - but account for the additional calories from the nuts. Add berries as others have suggested and you've got a bowlful of healthy amazing flavor.

Like some have mentioned, FAGE Total 0% (and I believe Chobani 0% Plain as well) only has 7 grams of sugar, as opposed to its flavored counterparts :) I LOVE the taste of FAGE! I eat it every morning with a 1/4 c. of KIND Granola, fresh berries, and cinnamon. It's also pretty amazing with a few dried plums (prunes) mashed up throughout.

Have you tried Siggi's skyr? It's an Icelandic style yogurt sweetened with fresh fruit and agave. I'm eating the Acai & Mixed Berries flavor and the 5.3 oz. container is only 100 cal, 0g Fat, 9g Sugar, and 14g Protein.

Trader Joes!!

Also, I am Greek-and grew up making my own...and this recipe is EXACTLY how we make it-with the full fat milk. ..which my skinny nurse sister-in-law says this is healthier and more satisfying....and we top it with a little bit of honey and a few walnuts. It makes for a great breakfast-or dessert!! :…

A lot of the yogurts also have 28g of sugar, which is way more than you need. You can also find 2% Greek yogurt with 6g of sugar so that would be a lot of added sugar. I use real fruit and plain 2% yogurt. Once you start weaning yourself off sugar you realize how sweet those things actually taste...

I am going to continue to play "devil's" advocate for companies that are using stevia as a sugar alternative. Stevia has been used as a sweetener for thousands of years. I know it's more processed now, but I think it's probably still better than sugar. I feel like people are bashing stevia and products with stevia just because they feel like it's "weird" rather than because there's any evidence that it's harmful in any way.

I have discovered a FANTASTIC yogurt. It is a Kroger brand called Carbmasters!!

60 calories, 1.5 g fat, 4 g carbohydrates, 3.0 g sugar, 8 g protein, 0 g fiber, 100 mg sodium

I like to use honey in mine :)

I first noticed the sugar in yogurt when trying to follow the American Heart Associations guidelines for no more than 24g (6 tsp) of added sugar for women per day. Wow was that a shocker. So plain it was for me with a little vanilla extract added, frozen blueberries and a few All Bran Buds (those things are sweet and a few go a long way). I then was horified to see the Yo'Baby yogurt was like giving my daugheter dessert. Really companies??? So she now gets plain full fat with frozen blueberries and loves it! Thanks for the great blog posts!

I have bought the Greek Goddess plain full fat yogurt for a long time. I add my own stevia - but it is not powdered. It is the liquid extract - Better Stevia from NOW products. I love it.

I buy Fage nonfat, and have actually acclimated my taste buds to eat it with nothing added.

I eat Costco brand (Kirkland) nonfat plain Greek yogurt it only has 7g of sugar in a one cup serving.

Since fresh berries are mentioned so often, I want you all to know of the ease it takes to grow your own raspberries. You do need a sunny location (--at least 7 hours per day of sun.) Purchase, or talk someone into giving you small plants of "Fall Everbearing" raspberries. They start to ripen in mid August, and will keep going until a hard frost. And, very easy to maintain -- just cut all the canes down to 2-3inches when the leaves are all brown and falling off. No need to grow long canes, etc. for next year's crop -- just cut 'em all. Very easy, and it keeps them from speading. Raspberries are such a "dear" price in the markets, and so easy to grow. They freeze well, too, if your crop is abundant.

Just wanted to thank you for putting into print what I already knew to be true...I very much appreciate your comments and suggestions. they very often smack me back into reality...keep up the good work

I'm a plain yogurt fan to the very end these days. Aldi now carries plain yogurt, both Fage 0% Greek, and their own plain regular yogurt so i stock up there whenever i go. I love mixing in my own stuff and my own sweeteners. Last night i had greek yogurt, little scoop of stevia, about 1/4 c of Ezekiel cereal (it's like grape nuts), and 1/2 c of frozen blueberries (heated up in the mic before adding... it makes that 'berry soup' that was mentioned earlier and is sooo good). BTW, has anyone else fallen in love with the new Nectresse sweetner? It's great. I use it a lot, as well. It's made from Monk Fruit. Check it out! And theres a $2 off coupon on their facebook page if you want to save some bucks on your trial run. SG, I'd love to hear what you think of it??!!

Skyr (Icelandic yogurt) is my favorite yogurt of all time. Here's the Siggi's brand:

Only 9g of sugar! VERY similar to Greek yogurt with 14g of protein. It's pricey but so amazing. :)

Sorry but I second Lynn's comment from above. Unless it's because jam is more of a simple sugar rather than an added sugar? Or am I talking out of my butt...sorry but I'm slightly confused too :)

Great article though!

Actually, GoodyGoody, Stevia is dangerous for people on high blood pressure medicine. That was stated by WebMD (a reliable source). Make sure you know as much as possible about any sugar substitutes you are including in your diet! In my house it is raw honey, sugar, and maple syrup. Stevia right from the plant (if you grow it yourself) is different than what is included in food products.

No matter what kind of sugar you are adding to the plain yogurt it is extra, unnecessary sugar. We as a society over use sugar so much that it has led us to being a country of the most obese, unhealthy people. MInimize your sugar intake and you will be making a step towards greater health. I personally make my own yogurt, besides the cost I like knowing what I have put in the yogurt and I find homemeade plain yogurt is less sour and just plain tastes better! I add berries to yogurt with cinnamon for a delicious breakfast or dessert. Either way I am eating whole foods without any added sugar. Remember sugar has no added nutritional value and is the main culprit of the tires you see around the belly! Here is a link for making yogurt at is so easy!…

2% plain Chobani and Greek Gods are both good options, they are low sugar and give you the good fat you need. I don't get the 0% craze anyway, fat is not the enemy we make it out to be, sugar is.

You got my attention! So much great fruit to add to yogurt, why bother wit stevia??? Also why not take it a step further since you have the jars? Making your own yogurt is easier than a trip to the store!

I just started making my own yogurt from grass-fed raw milk about a month ago! It usually cost me $5 to buy a quart of grass-fed yogurt, but when I make it myself it's $1.25 per quart. Plus, I can use raw milk. Also I must note that you need full-fat milk in order to get the benefits. Those are healthy fats! They are a vehicle for absorbing other nutrients, plus it will keep you fuller longer.

I always say that, because it's still true.

My absolute new favorite is Noosa, made in Colorado from "happy cows" :) 130 calories, 9 g sugar, 14 carbs. And it is the best I've had. I'd rather eat this than ice cream. Especially the strawberry rhubarb flavor.

I love Siggi's because they use agave, but they are high in calories of 170...

When I need something on the go I buy a single serve plain of whatever brand looks good (normally make my own) but I didn't think to check the sugar content - maybe plain doesn't really mean plain? If plain means "no flavor but anything else we want to put in it" I'll skip it and grab a cheese stick and grapes. Thanks for the heads up!

I found siggy's at whole foods. Its icelandic yogurtm texture just like greek but (if i remember correctly) 6g of sugar for plain and 9g for flavoored! Its so good, but a little tarter, and they have different flavors.

I don't eat it everyday though... like the agave because refined sugar gives me hot flashes!! Go figure!1 lol!!

Dannon Light & Fit has 80 calories and 11 grams of sugar. Anything under 10 grams is OK I think so not quibbling about 1 gram.

We're a Chobani household all the way...but....I once went to a Nutritionist who said that Dannon Light should be everyone's yogurt of choice. I think it has the lowest sugar (about 7 g).......

Aww hell, I just looked at my yogurt and it has high fructose corn syrup!! :( Damn you, why did you make me look?!? lol

I've tried this method before and I just didn't like it, but perhaps I will have to try again...

A little agave in plain, nonfat greek yogurt is great when you don't have the super-sweet fruit in season! Great for little tummies who can't have honey yet too. Costco makes a great greek yogurt.

Overheard someone in the grocery checkout line talking about your blog and I chimed in and said I read it too. :-) It made me smile.

I love to add chunks of different fruit in there for the extra texture and flavour - and vitamins, of course :)

Part of the reason you should eat yogurt is the probiotic qualities it offers. Anyone ever notice that 95% of the "yogurt" out there has "live culture" listed as the very LAST ingredient (after all the yummy stuff like gelatin and artificial sweeteners).

I've been around the country & would personally award Grand First Prize to Nancy's Yogurt as being the best yogurt from a commercial producer. It is a family owned business in the Pacific Northwest. When I relocated to a different part of the country I was left with Dannon or Stonyfield (both junk but cant always make my own)

Don't know if this is useful to anyone but I buy the Fage 2% with honey which the honey is in it's own little space in the package. The package says 29g of sugar but most of that is from the honey I assume. Since you control the adding of the honey I never even end up using half the honey.I put a tiny bit on the spoon and then fill the rest with the yogurt and each spoonful is very sweet and good.

Months ago I switched to using only Fage plain yogurt. I add a little stevia to sweeten it up and a bit of pure vanilla extract to give it flavor. I absolutely love it and I usually eat it with fresh blueberries. It's one of my favorite snacks. :)

Wow-I have a container of Oikos fat-free yogurt in the fridge and I had to check to confirm-yep 18 gm of sugar. Shame on me for not reading the label. NOW I remember many years ago while following the Adkins diet, I discovered that most food products labeled as no or low fat had an increase in sugar to compensate for the taste. I'm frustrated that I forgot that 'little' fact. Once again-thanks for a good lesson learned.

We make our own yogurt and sweeten it. My husband likes adding jam, but I like it with just a little bit of sugar, added at the last minute so it crunches a little. Lately my summer favorite has been a little brown sugar and unsweetened cocoa powder, with some blueberries on top. Sooo decadent.

I agree with the post regarding sugar content in the jam. I've been making my own flavored Greek yogurt with sugar free jam or jelly. Delicious!

I will only eat Tillamook yogurt. I think all other yogurts taste like fruit flavored pudding or something. They are just too sweet. I don't have any right now so I can't check the sugar content, but I'm sure it's less. Is this a local only thing maybe??? Since I live in Oregon and Tillamook is in Oregon....

I eat Greek yogurt every day. I bought Fage, Chobani, and Trader Joe's Greek Style Nonfat Plain Yogurt, and Trader Joe's Greek Style Nonfat Plain Yogurt with Fiber. Hands down, Trader Joe's Yogurts are more nutritious per ounce. 8oz 120 Cal. 22g Protein, and 6g Sugar. The one with fiber is 5.3 oz. 80 Calories, 13 g Protein, and 5g Sugar. I add Spenda and Vanilla Extract, strawberries, blueberries, and flax seed. DELICIOUS!!!

Need to try the Non fat greek yogurt with fresh fruits

i buy Siggis from icelandic style skyr, it's 110 calories, 11 carbs 9 sugars and 14 protein, a little pricy if there not on sale but they are the best I've EVER had. I usually find them in Whole Foods

I eat plain greek with frozen blueberries

I've been using Chobani, fat free plain yogurt for quite a while now. I put about 1/2 cup into a plastic container, sprinkle it with ground flaxseed or wheat germ, top the flaxseed with frozen mixed berries, and drizzle a little honey or agave on top. Leave it in the fridge overnight so the berries defrost and you have yourself a yummy concoction. My husband says it tastes like a dessert.

I just found Yoplait Greek 100 calories yogurt that Weight Watchers endorsed at Target and its 2 pt and 9g sugar. I'd be interested to know what you think of it.

I'd like to point out that FAGE has 17 grams of sugar, but you also don't have to eat all of it. That's what I like about the jelly in the cup; you can take as much or as little as you choose. I usually end up throwing the majority of it out, because I buy FAGE for the taste of the yogurt itself :)

I buy plain greek yogurt and sprinkle one packet of sugar on top as I eat it. One packet goes a long way and sweetens it just enough. Only 4 grams of sugar added!

This is a great suggestion and super timely.

@ Crysta: That's how we make berry syrup in our house, to use on pancakes or waffles. Microwave mixed berries, squish with a slotted spoon until it's syrupy, and use with or without yogurt on top of pancakes. My kids love it!

I buy Trader Joe's or Smart and Final frozen mango chunks. I purée the thawed fruit and use it as a topping for yogurt or cottage cheese. I love the taste and there is less sugar.

So...i am avoiding dairy and there arent many soy yogurts out there. I am embarking on a new venture...making soy yogurt! There are several yogurt makers out there. I am thinking of the eurocuisine yogurt maker. Snackgirl have you eber made yogurt?? Or ,more importantly, eaten home made yogurt??! Inquiring minds want to know!!

Evedryone has to try Siggis Icelandic style skyr yogurt. no matter what flavor you get it has o fat, 11 carbs, 9 sugars, and 14 protein. once you try this you'll never go back to whatever your eating now. On weight watchers it's 2 point plus.

My favorite is palin Greek gods yogurt . What do you think of that brand Lisa ?

Yes, lactose is sugar but if you make your yogurt or kefir at home just let it culture longer. The longer it cultures the more tart it gets and this means less or no sugar. The cultures in yogurt and kefir "eat" the sugar.

As we are diabetic, I make our own yogurt and kefir. It is so easy and only takes a couple minutes to prepare. This way I can control what goes in it and how long I culture it to remove the sugar.

Kefir is so easy to make and does not require any appliance. All you need is kefir "grains" and some milk and a couple of jars (I use a 1 quart for culturing and a 1.5 quart for storing.) Just follow the directions that come with the "grains". It is so easy and just takes a few minutes a day to strain and store. Kefir has about 3 times more probiotics than yogurt but I use both in my smoothies.

I use live culture plain Fage for my starter and make the yogurt in my oven with just the light on. It takes longer in cooler weather but in a few hours I have wonderful yogurt.

You can also use a seed mat to provide warmth for your yogurt.

If you get kefir "grains", buy the hydrated or wet grains instead of the freeze dried. This way you can start immediately making kefir.

I handle single-serving yogurt by mixing one four- or six-ounce serving with about a third of a carton of plain yogurt. That brings the grams of sugar per serving way down and it's still sweet enough for me. My four and six year old granddaughters like it, too.

I mix unsweetened applesauce with plain yogurt and sprinkle on cinnamon. Soo good!

I like to use FAGE plain yogurt as well with either fresh blueberries or strawberries or frozen, but then I add liquid vanilla Stevia drops. You will never miss the artificial stuff and is much cheaper when you buy the big tubs!

I buy the carbmaster yogurt, which is a Kroger brand. 6 oz has 60 calories, 1.5 g fat, 4 g carb, 0 fiber, 3 g sugar, 9 g protein and 95 mg sodium.

I use fat free plain Greek yogurt and add a cup of crushed pineapple. I have used a T of the jam I make w/strawberries, stevia (or local honey) and chia seeds.

Tillamook hands down is the best, heslthiest Greek Yogurt. It's made clean with no dangerous fake sugars and it tastes absolutely amazing. I can't go a day without it. Only thing, it's kind of hard to find as I can only find it in be grocery store near me. It's the same Tillamook as the cheese brand. It's truly delicious and so healthy.

On Aug 27, 2012, Judi said:

Trader Joe's Greek Style 2% Lowfat Plain Yogurt has only 5 grams sugar in a one cup serving. So good!!!!! It's the lowest sugar content that I've found.

What seems silly here is that she's talking about PLAIN yogurt, right? So I started looking up nutrition info, and found that even my favorite 2% FAGE Greek yogurt has 8.0g sugar for 7 oz. -- why is that???

Oikos is the best you can ever put in your mouth! if you haven't tried it u must try the Banana Creme for sure it taste like a desert! Wow!

I think 1/2 my fridge is filled with all kinds of yogurt.i just love yogurt. Awesome post you shared with us thank you so much it is very useful for us.

Just a thought , do you know how much sugar is in jam ! I’m confused

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