Can You Cook Frozen Salmon on the Grill?

May 28, 2019   8 Comments

Can you cook frozen salmon on the grill? The procrastinators and the people with a hard time remembering to take fish out of the freezers need to know.

Can You Cook Frozen Salmon on the Grill?

I have spent a lot of time on the subject of frozen salmon since I am so forgetful. How to Cook Salmon from Frozen and How to Cook Salmon from Frozen Without Thawing in the Oven are both excellent posts for those who don’t have time to wait for their salmon to thaw.

Now, it is time to see if a grill will destroy frozen salmon or will it be perfect? It wasn’t hard to find out!

Frozen salmon is so easy to work with and it is in every freezer section (even Aldi!). When you look at the nutrition of salmon you can see why registered dietiticians advise eating it. Look at all that protein with almost zero fat! The fat you will get from fish is the good fat AKA Omega-3-Fatty acids.

Fish has it all.

I love the frozen packages that are in a single serving size. The packaging makes it easy to pull out just what I need and not waist any fish. We all know salmon is expensive so we don’t want to make too much of it.

When it is frozen it is a bit tricky to get out of the package. Run it under some cool water and then use a set of scissors to free it.

I took the frozen fillets and brushed some extra virgin olive oil on the outside in an attempt to keep the fish from sticking to the grill grate.

My grill is a Weber Spirit (see Amazon link at the bottom of the page). It has two sets of burners so it allows the kind of cooking that makes it possible to grill frozen salmon.

You want to go with indirect heat. I am afraid of what would happen if you blasted the salmon with a flame. I heated my grill, turned off one set of burners, and placed the fish on the side without the flame.

This way the fish could cook both inside and out without the outside becoming a charred mess.

It did work (and it was delicious) but I still think it would be better to remember to thaw it. The skin did not get crispy as it sort of steamed instead of seared (and that made me sad).

Have you tried to cook frozen salmon on the grill? What happened?

Frozen Salmon on the Grill Recipe

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Makes 2 servings

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2 frozen fillets of salmon
2 teaspoons olive oil


Heat propane grill to high for 10 minutes. Brush salmon fillets with olive oil. Turn off one set of burners and place the salmon skin side down on the off side. Cover grill and cook for 6 minutes. Flip the fish and grill for 6 minutes more until the fish is opaque. Serve with lemon.

Nutrition Facts

For a four ounce fillet with olive oil = 190 calories, 11.7 g fat, 1.7 g saturated fat, 0.0 gcarbohydrates, 0 g sugar, 22.0 g protein, 0 g fiber, 50 mg sodium, 1 Freestyle SmartPts

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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"not waist any fish" ... a Freudian slip? LOL!

As long as the fish is packaged airtight, it can be put in a bowl of cool water and allowed to defrost. It takes about 15 minutes to half an hour depending on the thickness. If you are cooking it on the grill, get a grill pan made for this purpose and make sure it is non stick or spray it with cooking oil. There is no need to try and cook frozen fish. By the time your coals are ready, your fish will be thawed. If you are using propane, just have a little patience.

Thanks for the advice letting me know that you could put it in cold water for 30 minutes then cook it, when it is frozen thank you so much

@Kathleen - Normally, I would fix that type of error but I think it is funny so I am leaving it in. Thanks for pointing it out!!

How about cooking it in the microwave?

Have you ever cooked frozen salmon on an electric smoker? Curious on thoughts of how it might turn out. We thawed some in the fridge as per directions on the bag but they turned out to kind of melt, so we threw them away. So I’m hoping to put them in the electric smoker from frozen to avoid that happening.

I'm going to try flipping the skin onto the active burner at the end for a minute and see if that crisps it up.

Here is a trick I learned in Florida to cook fish on the grill.

1. Get your grill grates extremely clean.

2. Fire up the grill and get the grates hot.

3. Pour 3/4 cup olive oil in bowl. Or use your favorite oil.

4. Use tongs to hold piece of cloth that is 5x5 inches, and soak the cloth in the oil.

5. Using tongs, rub the oil soaked cloth on the hot grill grates. This gets the grates super clean. Re-oil the cloth as needed. Do not be stingy with the oil.

6. Put your fish directly on the grates using indirect heat.

7. When it is time to flip the fish, slide a metal flipper under the fish. The fish will “release” from the grill when it is ready to be flipped. If it sticks, give it another 30 seconds and try again.

8. I do not flip salmon. But I do prep the grill grates the same way.

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