Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 35

Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 35

March 6, 2010   2 Comments

Here is the big reveal! My of you have been asking me to cut it open. As you can see, it hasn't rotted on the inside.

It IS very dried out and it cracked when I cut it open. Even with the ketchup and cheese, the burger didn't rot.

I PROMISE to get a control burger going (homemade bread, burger, real cheese) and see what happens.

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omg, it can't be real!

on March 6, 2010

I guess the bun has lots of preservatives because the buns I buy from the store mold after 2-3 weeks.

If McDonalds is using fresh bread, then why does it have so much preservatives if there's no need for shelf life?

on March 12, 2010

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